My favorite YouTube content creators #VidCon

With — VidCon being held this weekend and me being a huge Youtube watcher I thought I would tell you about my favorite YouTube content creators and channels, and it goes like this

  • Defranco Inc
    Defranco Inc is amazing, they are a part of Discovery Network which I follow most of their channels (D News, Rev3Games, Revision 3…etc) but DeFranco wasn’t always a part of them and I used to be a part of the Defranco Nation and the Source Federation long before that, infact I was one of the very early SourceFed subscribers I believe it was under 10,000 back then
    Favorite Shows : Philip Defranco Show, SourceFed News, #TableTalk, New Movie Thing Show
    Channels : Philip Defranco, Sourcefed, SourcefedNERD, ForHumanPeoples
  • Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube
    Am a real foodie and cooking enthusiast and I love my cooking shows but am not willing to sit in front of a screen for an hour to watch the making of a recipe and here what FoodTube come in. Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube is not just great because they give you great recipes and cooking methods they are great because they do it in such a way which is quick and easy and pleasant to watch, with more than 10 world class chefs all having at least a video per month you can never go wrong with Jamie Oliver
    Favorite Chefs : Jamie Oliver, Gennaro Contaldo, DJ BBQ, Antonio Carluccio
    Channels : Food Tube, Drinks Tube
  • Rhett and Link
    Awesome content come in many shapes and form and R&L do it right, they have a 10+ minute morning show called “Good Mythical Morning” and a continuation to that called “Good Mythical More” with songs and funny ads and many more under their banner Rhett and Link do present the very best on YouTube
    Favorite Shows : Good Mythical Morning, The Mythical Show
    Channels : Rhett and Link, Rhett and Link 2, Good Mythical More
  • Machinima
    if you are into gaming then Machinima is your home, with tons of trailers, reviews, news, talks and many more you can’t go wrong with them.
    Favorite shows : Inside Gaming
    Channel : Machinima

    Honorable Mention

  • Food Wishes
    Food Wishes w Spiral
    I’ve been watching this channel since 2010 and I never miss a video, it is amazing not just for the recipes but for the fact that Chef John is really funny! I suggest you check it out even if you are not into cooking

well there you have it, a good list to go with enjoy and don’t forget to like and comment down below 😉


How com George R. R. Martin is so relaxed about the show catching up to the books?


Warning — while the following might not contain any spoilers of any kind if you don’t want to know any extra information regarding the state of the books or the HBO show you might want to avoid reading.

Season 4 was concluded on sunday with an epic episode and with it the show made a very bold and dramatic change of events. originally A Song of Ice and Fire was two trilogies the first one to be concluded with A Storm of Swords and the second one to start 5 years after that with A Dance with Dragons however, George changed his mind during writing the 4th book and made it into 7 books with the story being 2 phases, and now Phase 1 is completed with Season 4 with some chunks of phase 2 being included in and some of phase 1 being cut or possibly moved to phase 2 (Books readers know what i’m talking about). what is worrying everyone who follows the story closely is the show passing the books, and rightfully so a while back we heard that George did the two showrunners most of the events that will take place in book 6 and 7 including the ending, now bare with me! based on the events of season 4 and the number of changes that happened from the books it is quite obvious that the show is taking another route and if that is the case maybe we will also see a somewhat different ending….and george is ok with that?


this is quite troubling for some of us who are taking the books as the main story line and this will mean for us that the show will spoil the ending of the books for us, but I also see this as perhaps a different theory to what is going on, I think what is happening here is both George and HBO’s plan to keep the books and the show at a pace how you may ask? in October 2012 he told a reporter that he wrote 400 pages of it, in february 2012 they applied a portion of book 6 to the publisher in order to renew the contract and GRRM’s manager said in an interview that GRRM wrote more than those and we also keep hearing that GRRM is camping in his house removing himself from doing a cameo in the show to focus on the books and still not a word of book 6 and 7 hitting the shelves, so what is the deal here? perhaps he did wrote them both of them actually and he is just not putting them out like that. he might want to keep the books under lock until the show keeps up and then release the 6th book which based on the news is a huge volume that will take at least 2 seasons to do and when they are done with that put the last one in for another 2 seasons and after that climatic movie that is in talks to do, this is just my thought on the matter quite frankly as long as he can put out amazing stories I don’t mind him taking too long.

Long live George R. R. Martin!

Weekend at Destiny’s (Full #DestinyAlpha Impressions and more)

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 6.12.16 PM

When — I got my Alpha invitation I was jumping from happiness, a weekend with my most anticipated game of the year is really a sweet deal so I nursed that download all the way and waited for it till 5:00am, I played the first mission that the Alpha throws you in at that time, I was instantly surprised by how pretty the game looks granted it does not look as some of the heavy hitters like The Witcher 3 or The Division but still a very good looking for a cross gen game, and it sounds good too the effects the gun shots everything sounds really good, the snow effect and when you first ride your sparrow it is a sight to be seen really Bungie did a masterful job (like they always do), the gameplay does feel identical to the Halo games which if you are not familiar with it means snappy well controlled shooter mechanics that almost make you feel like you fighting with swords not with guns because while you are fighting enemies you are dodging and melee attacking and throwing grenades and rarely taking cover unless your health is really low and soon you will get a hang of it and you start taking down four enemies at once and that is one of the most rewarding gameplay experiences you can get and Bungie know how to deliver it properly, and one more thing Bungie does very well is the enemies that come at you does not necessarily carry guns but some of them come with swords and energy shields and so on, you can find all that here and that makes you always on the move and always shooting and stabbing and  energy pulsing depending on your class, perhaps what makes Destiny so different from Halo is the fact that you don’t control a premade character but a Class of character that you can personalize and customize by yourself and to suit the way of your fighting style

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 6.12.27 PM

all 3 classes were available for the Alpha testers and I tried them all, the level Cap for the Alpha is 8 and I hit level 8 on each class trying all of the alpha gives, which by the way I think it is like %2 of the game, here is my impression of each class

  • Titan : My first choice and to a point I was disappointed with this class, see in Destiny you are never really safe and you usually get killed fast if you don’t move and quickly handle who ever is shooting you, the Titan is supposed to be the Tank class of the game and Tanks don’t move that much so they rely on the armor which for the first 8 level is not as useful, you are not That protected and you can’t move much either, this is why I was slightly disappointed with the Titan even though I still like his armor better than the other classes.
  • Warlock : to my surprise what is supposed to be the Caster/Support class was my favorite, the Warlock is agile and powerful he has the most powerful Super and the best grenade, also the melee has 2 effects damage and kind of stunt am not sure of this since I can’t find a source but am pretty sure when I hit those who I couldn’t kill with one hit they got stunted so this was cool, plus he has some pretty cool helmets.
  • Hunter : My hunter was a she so I will refer to this class as a she unlike the rest, the hunter is the Sniper of the game and she is very fast and agile, easy to sneak around and jumps really high to get a good vantage point, the Super is quite powerful if you can hit something with it which I missed few times, because the super takes a while to charge so you better make it count!

the game also comes with 3 races (Humans, Awoken, and Exo) they all look very similar aside from the face and I don’t know if they have their own storyline or something which I really hope they do, I am very interested in knowing how these races came together and how did they end up being alliances, the biggest part of Destiny’s story is still remains a mystery and the Alpha does not shed any lights on it .

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 6.12.36 PM

lets talk gameplay modes, the Alpha comes with one Story mission which you barely figure out what is going on and it is the first thing you do and it was quite challenging to take down the final boss in the story mode at least for someone who just started so there was that, after that you go to the Orbit and you have 5 choices, either replay the story mission which am hoping it will be a part of the full game, or go to the tower which is like the town or social hub of the game, or go to Explore mode or do the Devil’s lair Strike, or join the PvP mode The Crucible, let us talk about each one shall we

  • Story Mission : it is quite short, 10-20 minutes tops and you get to take on two type of enemy species The Fallen and The Hive, and the sweet voice of Lord Tyrion “Peter Dinklage” Lannister guides you through it, and despite what everyone says that he is not really Acting and it feels like he is just Talking I do disagree, his character is a robot and why does he have to show emotions? either way it is very nice the inclusion of his voice to the game, and at the end of the mission you tackle a Hive Wizard which is quite difficult and if you are not careful you will get your ass kicked
  • The Tower : after you are done with the wizard you will be teleported to the Orbit again, this time you go to the tower which is home to the Guardians you can buy Armor, Weapons, and Encrypt some of the loot you find in missions that Encrypting, and fix your ship and sparrow or just dance around other guardians that came to the tower too, it is a nice place really with a very pretty view and did I mention when you are here you will be in 3rd person view without the helmet on, it looks very much like Mass Effect and I did think it was a nice touch to the game
    Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 6.12.03 PM
  • Explore : this is where you will spend most of the game, you have the Old Russia map all to yourself with quest lying around granted the quests are quite limited (kill bunch of enemies, kill bunch and collect such item, scan this, kill this badass enemy, inspect this computer) pretty much these, but when you go around the map you see other players doing other kind of missions and it is a very nice feeling, one time I saw a player who was just sniping enemies while sitting on top of a cabin just for the sake of it, he was level 8 so he wasn’t gaining any more levels I think he was just enjoying it, once in a while a public event occurs and it is really cool to see all of these players going toward it on their sparrows and going at the enemy, can’t wait to explore more of Destiny’s vast world!
  • The Devil’s Lair : The Devil’s Lair is Destiny’s Strike missions, which to MMO veterans is Dungeon/Raid missions, if you are level 8 and you are with 2 other capable players you can go through Devil’s Lair in 30-45 minutes, but it is difficult to do it while under level 6, I didn’t get a lot of rewards at the end of it am hopping this is just an Alpha thing and there is some loot in it.
  • The Crucible : I only did this mode once, am not an PvP guy and I suck at it but am going to do it again tonight, only one mode is available now and that is Control, you have 3 points that you need to control in an all out combat with vehicles and turrets and so on, not my kind of thing but I will try my luck one more time

so that is it, that is Destiny Alpha for you and my very positive impression, if you are not convinced about the game yet I don’t know what might convince you perhaps you should see a therapist you sick son of a bitch! and if you are convinced I will see you when the game launches dear Guardian.

E3 2014 and What I really love so far

So — the big event is here, and the biggest part of that event was as some call it Day Zero of the event which started on June 9th, with Microsoft’s big event titled “Xbox Game On”, clearly Phil Spencer knows what he is doing because I think so far this is the very first Microsoft event that I gave a shit about the conference was games games games! for a second I hoped there will be some talk but the games just keep coming, while most of them were multiplatform 3rd party titles but great focus on XBOX ONE and not a single mention of the K-Word (If you know what I mean), after that we head over to EA’s they were kinda underwhelming because most of their games weren’t ready to show but I got one of my wishes from the conference which is BioWare’s new IP and we know absolutely nothing about it so there is that 😀 and am guessing this game is targeted for 2016, then to UbiSoft which for the 3rd year in a row they steal the show Far Cry 4 looked like a dream come true and the new Assassin’s Creed looks amazing, The Crew and Division both are taking my breath away and so on, did not care much for the new Rainbow Six since am not big on multiplayer shooters


after that was Sony’s and they started the show with Destiny, it is clear that Destiny is using Playstation 4 as it’s main platform and that is great for Sony, Call of Duty is using Xbox as a main platform I mean they promote it they show it they have booths for it and beta starts sooner on PS4 plus Alpha (God please I want my Alpha code), next they showed bunch of games from Little Big Planet 3 which I have no interest in to Abzu and many other good looking games, GTA V was announced for PS4 , PC and XBOX ONE and it does look amazing just like Last of Us look amazing as well, and the last thing they showed was the teaser for the next Uncharted game, Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, am very excited for that and looks like a Playable CG, but what really made me happy at the event was the fact that No Man’s Sky is coming for PS4 and looks like it is exclusive for PS4 and PC so another thing I wished for, and then there was this :

the-legend-of-zelda-wii-u Z2_thumb ZeldaRWT_medium

So yes, i’m sold i’m getting a WiiU…in 2015, am not interested in Smash Bros on WiiU I have no one to play it with and so I will buy it with this, and I don’t care if the main character is Link of Zelda or someone else I want this game, an Open World Legend of Zelda game with eye popping graphics and what looks like something Futuristic? perhaps this will take place after all the other legend of zelda games? I don’t know I just want it! and yea there was no Next Level Games metroid and that is ok clearly they didn’t have anything to show,

so this sums up the day zero of E3 for me,

cheers 😀

E3 2014 and what am looking forward to

The — Big day is June 9th, 2014 as millions will look to Los Angeles for what is still considered the biggest gaming event of the year Sony and Microsoft are going head to head with their conference and somehow the fanboys made it into a competition which no one cares about except them and a lot of new games will be announced (or at least we hope it will be) and new footage and interviews with the developers who want to show us what they have been doing for the past year, it is a wonderful time really and I am very excited to live stream it all this year, the following are a list of things that am looking forward this E3, beware some of them are still rumors and not exactly real but am looking forward to them anyway :

  • Next Level Game’s Metroid (Rumor)
    the developers behind Luigi Mansion’s excelente sequel formally announced that their next collaboration is with Nintendo, and there was a rumor last week that the title is Metroid for 3DS, for me that was enough and they made $39 at that point (unless if the game is a pinball game or something) very excited for that!
    Happy times if : a 2.5D classic metroid game for Nintendo 3DS
    Sad times if : any other take on metroid, space battle or even FPS the world needs a classic metroid game, or a Wii U game
  • No Man’s Sky
    HelloGames stole the show at VGX with their reveal of No Man’s Sky, then the small studio went through some rough time with their office being flooded, it is safe to say that No Man’s Sky will be at E3 in some form but am not expecting anything major this game is slated for Q4 2015 so the road is still long but I do wish to see more of it
    Happy times if : they showed some gameplay, talk a little about why you would want to explore this game what is the objective and also they announce it is exclusive for PS4
    Sad times if : they showed another trailer like the one above at Microsoft’s conference and announce it will be exclusive for XBOX One
  • BioWare’s New IP
    they have been very quiet recently and I don’t think they are only working on the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age Inquisition, I do believe there is a 3rd game  in works at BioWare, if they are doing the Fantasy with Dragon Age and the Sci-fi with Mass Effect I am really hoping they tackle another type of universe
    Happy Times if : Steam Punk? I don’t know really I just hope they do something
    Sad Times if : they are making the next Star Wars RPG -_-
  • Telltale’s Borderlands
    Needless to say I am excited for this game, and since it is going to debut this summer (After The Wolf Among Us am guessing) and since we won’t hear anything about Game of Thrones and therefor I won’t waste my time even thinking about it Tales from the Borderlands
    Happy Times if : a July release date on PS4
    Sad Times if : a December release date on PS4

So here are just four things am looking forward to, am sure #3 is just a figure of my imagination but a man can dream, there are also a lot more that I want like what the next Uncharted looks like, The Last Guardian (HAHA) is real?, Destiny’s Beta date and next Division details, but am sure we will get those (Except for Last Guardian)! June 9th, 2014 9:00am PT is where it all go down!



Watch_Dogs (Review)

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Ubisoft — ‘s huge 2012 E3 reveal went through a lot, from last year’s delay to this year’s controversial graphical dump down this game did not have the smoothest road to the shelves, but how does the final product holds together? well let me tell you in one word : it is ok! and that should be fine, Watch_Dogs does not set the world on fire, it doesn’t even tries to I think for the most part the game feels like a prototype for Watch_dogs 2 (which is definitely on the way  now we know the game sold 4 million copies the first week) the game does a lot of things from hacking, shooting, driving, mystery solving, investigating, stealth and many other things but it doesn’t do any of them exceptionally to stand out as the Hacking game, or the Stealth game and so on, however it does them well enough that you will be enjoying the blend while at the same time wishing it did it better than that


Lets talk the basics, Graphics is very good and yes not as good as they showed it the first time especially during day time, but when it rains the game looks it’s best I love the storm effects and the wind effects and the rain, Sounds very well music and sound effects are very well done, the voice actings are great except for Aiden he does sounds like batman, character designs are very well and diverse and I am deeply in love with Clara btw  she is so HOT! and Jordi is so well acted and so funny that he helps keeping things a little lighter than the rest of the cast and serious story, the story is ok it is not amazing and it is not as bad as Rev3 said it is you get to see all the ends connect together by the end of it and all the characters play a role very well.

18100_clara-lille-in-watch-dogsNow lets talk Bad side, I think the bad side of the game is the “GAME” factor, which for the most part did ruin the experience for me, the mission designs are quite bad and they are various but still quite bad, sometimes one of the enemy units call for backup and backup appear out of thin air for the most part I had to use my grenade launcher to clear out armies of enemy units while I was chasing a guy or trying to hack into a server, and the further you go into the game the worst it become and the last mission was exceptionally bad and frustrating, but the fun gameplay did make it bearable otherwise I don’t think I would have finished it by now, the game is long and that is a very good thing since it is never boring thanks to again the very fun gunplay and stealth mechanics, Multiplayer is great and enjoyable although I wish I could target a friend of mine and hack him instead of hacking random people which is not fun at all for someone like me who doesn’t enjoy competitive as much as other people


in the end, Watch_dogs is a good game filled with missions and content that could keep you busy for week and hopefully a start for UbiSoft’s next franchise