Weekend at Destiny’s (Full #DestinyAlpha Impressions and more)

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When — I got my Alpha invitation I was jumping from happiness, a weekend with my most anticipated game of the year is really a sweet deal so I nursed that download all the way and waited for it till 5:00am, I played the first mission that the Alpha throws you in at that time, I was instantly surprised by how pretty the game looks granted it does not look as some of the heavy hitters like The Witcher 3 or The Division but still a very good looking for a cross gen game, and it sounds good too the effects the gun shots everything sounds really good, the snow effect and when you first ride your sparrow it is a sight to be seen really Bungie did a masterful job (like they always do), the gameplay does feel identical to the Halo games which if you are not familiar with it means snappy well controlled shooter mechanics that almost make you feel like you fighting with swords not with guns because while you are fighting enemies you are dodging and melee attacking and throwing grenades and rarely taking cover unless your health is really low and soon you will get a hang of it and you start taking down four enemies at once and that is one of the most rewarding gameplay experiences you can get and Bungie know how to deliver it properly, and one more thing Bungie does very well is the enemies that come at you does not necessarily carry guns but some of them come with swords and energy shields and so on, you can find all that here and that makes you always on the move and always shooting and stabbing and  energy pulsing depending on your class, perhaps what makes Destiny so different from Halo is the fact that you don’t control a premade character but a Class of character that you can personalize and customize by yourself and to suit the way of your fighting style

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all 3 classes were available for the Alpha testers and I tried them all, the level Cap for the Alpha is 8 and I hit level 8 on each class trying all of the alpha gives, which by the way I think it is like %2 of the game, here is my impression of each class

  • Titan : My first choice and to a point I was disappointed with this class, see in Destiny you are never really safe and you usually get killed fast if you don’t move and quickly handle who ever is shooting you, the Titan is supposed to be the Tank class of the game and Tanks don’t move that much so they rely on the armor which for the first 8 level is not as useful, you are not That protected and you can’t move much either, this is why I was slightly disappointed with the Titan even though I still like his armor better than the other classes.
  • Warlock : to my surprise what is supposed to be the Caster/Support class was my favorite, the Warlock is agile and powerful he has the most powerful Super and the best grenade, also the melee has 2 effects damage and kind of stunt am not sure of this since I can’t find a source but am pretty sure when I hit those who I couldn’t kill with one hit they got stunted so this was cool, plus he has some pretty cool helmets.
  • Hunter : My hunter was a she so I will refer to this class as a she unlike the rest, the hunter is the Sniper of the game and she is very fast and agile, easy to sneak around and jumps really high to get a good vantage point, the Super is quite powerful if you can hit something with it which I missed few times, because the super takes a while to charge so you better make it count!

the game also comes with 3 races (Humans, Awoken, and Exo) they all look very similar aside from the face and I don’t know if they have their own storyline or something which I really hope they do, I am very interested in knowing how these races came together and how did they end up being alliances, the biggest part of Destiny’s story is still remains a mystery and the Alpha does not shed any lights on it .

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lets talk gameplay modes, the Alpha comes with one Story mission which you barely figure out what is going on and it is the first thing you do and it was quite challenging to take down the final boss in the story mode at least for someone who just started so there was that, after that you go to the Orbit and you have 5 choices, either replay the story mission which am hoping it will be a part of the full game, or go to the tower which is like the town or social hub of the game, or go to Explore mode or do the Devil’s lair Strike, or join the PvP mode The Crucible, let us talk about each one shall we

  • Story Mission : it is quite short, 10-20 minutes tops and you get to take on two type of enemy species The Fallen and The Hive, and the sweet voice of Lord Tyrion “Peter Dinklage” Lannister guides you through it, and despite what everyone says that he is not really Acting and it feels like he is just Talking I do disagree, his character is a robot and why does he have to show emotions? either way it is very nice the inclusion of his voice to the game, and at the end of the mission you tackle a Hive Wizard which is quite difficult and if you are not careful you will get your ass kicked
  • The Tower : after you are done with the wizard you will be teleported to the Orbit again, this time you go to the tower which is home to the Guardians you can buy Armor, Weapons, and Encrypt some of the loot you find in missions that Encrypting, and fix your ship and sparrow or just dance around other guardians that came to the tower too, it is a nice place really with a very pretty view and did I mention when you are here you will be in 3rd person view without the helmet on, it looks very much like Mass Effect and I did think it was a nice touch to the game
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  • Explore : this is where you will spend most of the game, you have the Old Russia map all to yourself with quest lying around granted the quests are quite limited (kill bunch of enemies, kill bunch and collect such item, scan this, kill this badass enemy, inspect this computer) pretty much these, but when you go around the map you see other players doing other kind of missions and it is a very nice feeling, one time I saw a player who was just sniping enemies while sitting on top of a cabin just for the sake of it, he was level 8 so he wasn’t gaining any more levels I think he was just enjoying it, once in a while a public event occurs and it is really cool to see all of these players going toward it on their sparrows and going at the enemy, can’t wait to explore more of Destiny’s vast world!
  • The Devil’s Lair : The Devil’s Lair is Destiny’s Strike missions, which to MMO veterans is Dungeon/Raid missions, if you are level 8 and you are with 2 other capable players you can go through Devil’s Lair in 30-45 minutes, but it is difficult to do it while under level 6, I didn’t get a lot of rewards at the end of it am hopping this is just an Alpha thing and there is some loot in it.
  • The Crucible : I only did this mode once, am not an PvP guy and I suck at it but am going to do it again tonight, only one mode is available now and that is Control, you have 3 points that you need to control in an all out combat with vehicles and turrets and so on, not my kind of thing but I will try my luck one more time

so that is it, that is Destiny Alpha for you and my very positive impression, if you are not convinced about the game yet I don’t know what might convince you perhaps you should see a therapist you sick son of a bitch! and if you are convinced I will see you when the game launches dear Guardian.


Author: Aza Jabar


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