Avengers: Endgame (No Spoilers Review)


Avengers Endgame was directed by the Russo brothers, it is the 22nd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stars a lot of people, the movie is the conclusion for what is called The Infinity Saga and it is a direct sequel to 2018’s Avengers Infinity War.

Before I say anything please know that I have reread the review many times and I am certain there are no spoilers in it not even a hint so you don’t need to worry if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Endgame is not a standalone movie you must have seen Infinity War to understand what is going on in Endgame since the events take place right after it, the movie is split into three acts and each is very different than the other, in a way it could have been three different movies and Russos found a way to make it feel cohesive and work perfectly regardless of how they were paced, if you are going to watch it in a theater expect cheers, claps, whistles and at one point someone even screamed and they are all very justifiable because Endgame is the pinnacle of fanservice for the MCU, some people have criticized that aspect of the film but I feel like they didn’t understand the most basic idea of a film like Endgame, this is a movie to make your fans clap while watching it, it is a movie to get their blood pumping and it is a movie to make them want to come back again for those moments, and in that aspect the movie knocks it out of the park.

As the narrative comes to a close the narrative juggles a massive number of characters on the screen and it is surprising how almost every character got a little piece of screen time while the focus remained on the original Avengers and their journey to that moment, it makes you think really we first heard of this ending back in 2012’s first Avengers movie and here we are today actually watching it and it was worth the wait and the build up.

The film does one more thing right and that is paving the way for the future MCU while having a satisfying ending, at no point during the final scenes I felt like this is just there to build a franchise and that is an amazing achievement, and of course if you are not as invested in the MCU as someone like me is or not as emotionally attached you might not enjoy it and you might find issues with it but for the super fans like me tonight was glorious and I enjoyed every second of it, by the end of the movie I was sitting in between two girls who were both sobbing and I couldn’t show emotions because I am a man and I need to be strong.

Verdict: Endgame is a marvelous achievement for cinema, the Russos has put their mark down the new milestone in the modern blockbuster movies will try to top for the decades to come (10/10)


Dunkirk (Review)


Dunkirk is written and directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy as well as a group of young actors. It is the story of the evacuation of the British army that was stuck on the shores of France surrounded by Nazi forces.

Before even watching the movie, you might notice that none of the posters mention any actors. This is deliberate: most of them don’t get to say more than a few words. The film is practically a silent movie and which allows Christopher Nolan to tell a story using visuals and mad directing skills. This movie might not be for everyone and a lot of people might even walk away being bored and frustrated but almost everyone that has seen this movie agrees that Nolan is the true star of the film as the masterful director. If you watch Dunkirk and didn’t know anything about the story, you will be confused and quite frankly bored because a majority of people watch a movie to understand its story and enjoy character development and you are not getting any of that here. Instead you will get a film that shows you war and how scary it is, how frightening it is to be stuck on a beach with no hope and being shot at like a fish in a barrel. You get a sense of the scale and the massive nothingness of the sea that they want to cross but can’t, Dunkirk owes a great debt to Terrance Malik movies because it does feel like there is a great deal of him in the film. Nolan takes Malik’s calm approach to storytelling and turns the volume up high with the sounds of airplanes, bombs and gunfire that effectively transport you to Dunkirk. The music and sounds of the film play a great role.

Hans Zimmer’s score elevates the tension that Nolan creates with the scale of the film. The sounds of the planes before they attack the beach will hurt your ears and that is what makes this film an experience and not just a film. The experience will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Verdict: Christopher Nolan has a vast number of haters simply because he exists and Dunkirk is not going to make them stop hating him and his work. As for the rest of us, whether you are a fan of him or just cinema in general, Dunkirk is going to be a film that will stay with you and change the way you think of how visual story telling is done. (10.0/10.0)

Justice League Dark (Review)


Justice League Dark is directed by Jay Oliva staring Matt Ryan, Jason O’Mara, Camilla Luddington and Nicholas Turturro, it is a 2017 DC Original animation movie produced by WarnerBros. Animation studios.

The story takes place in the DC universe as people keep getting crazy and going on murdering sprees and claiming they were killing demons and monsters. the story is very conventional in the DC Universe style, there is a villain and our heroes are going to stop him but what set the previous DC animations was the heroes and villains that I cared about but most of the cast here are unremarkable and they do too little to make me care about them especially Constantine, the villain is also very unremarkable I cared very little about him or his motives little they were.

but those weren’t the only problems I had with the film, the faces look like they are made in flash and not the new versions of it, they don’t look like a product of 2017. the voice actings are nice and well done but it just doesn’t make any sense why the animations are that bad, some of the action sequences are also good it is just the faces that are near abysmal.

Verdict :  Justice League Dark does very little for me to care about it, the face animations are terrible, the story is flat and the villain is very weak it is nice to see Batman hanging out with a different group but that basically is. (3.0/10.0)

Daredevil (Review)


it — appears that Marvel can’t do anything wrong these days, with the biggest movie franchise in history the comic book giant is breaking into TV with last year’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and this year’s Agent Carter and at the same time it appears that they are not willing to give up on their less famous characters as well, last year Netflix announced 4 Marvel series and one mini series is set to come out on the streaming platform starting with Daredevil and Jessica Jones to Luke Cage and Iron Fist all leading up to The Defenders mini series, kinda like what they did with The Avengers, well here I will give you my thoughts on the first of those four series : Daredevil!

The Good — Setting
While the MCU is not very dark and gritty the good folks behind Daredevil decided to make this one every bit as brutal as the comics that it is based on, Hell’s Kitchen is a very dark and depressing place crime is at its peak and corruption is everywhere, not for the light hearted.

The Great — Cast
While the good guys do a very decent job especially Debora and Charlie the villain takes the spotlight for the best performance, he is ruthless and you see a side of him that is both gentle and sad yet at the same time broken, one of the things that really captivated me was his morning routine and the way he prepared his breakfast it was just so well done.

The Awesomeness — Direction and writing
It is always a make or break when it comes to direction, you can’t be too focused on the main story with nothing on the side but focus on the side stories too much and you will lose your audience so finding that perfect balance is really key here and Daredevil found it and took it home, with almost no drama stretches it is amazing how deep this season goes into the heroes and the villains without losing a lot of time building up to it, few shows can do that this well.

The Perfection — Fight scene
Particularly “THAT” fight scene, I don’t want to spoil anything but if you have seen the show you know what I am talking about.

Marvel’s Netflix Universe (yes I call it that) is shaping up to be one of the best we have ever seen with an awesome cast and characters and hints at a larger universe ahead the show keeps you on your toes for 13 hours, it is an amazing journey, one I really recommend you to take.