Watch_Dogs (Review)

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Ubisoft — ‘s huge 2012 E3 reveal went through a lot, from last year’s delay to this year’s controversial graphical dump down this game did not have the smoothest road to the shelves, but how does the final product holds together? well let me tell you in one word : it is ok! and that should be fine, Watch_Dogs does not set the world on fire, it doesn’t even tries to I think for the most part the game feels like a prototype for Watch_dogs 2 (which is definitely on the way  now we know the game sold 4 million copies the first week) the game does a lot of things from hacking, shooting, driving, mystery solving, investigating, stealth and many other things but it doesn’t do any of them exceptionally to stand out as the Hacking game, or the Stealth game and so on, however it does them well enough that you will be enjoying the blend while at the same time wishing it did it better than that


Lets talk the basics, Graphics is very good and yes not as good as they showed it the first time especially during day time, but when it rains the game looks it’s best I love the storm effects and the wind effects and the rain, Sounds very well music and sound effects are very well done, the voice actings are great except for Aiden he does sounds like batman, character designs are very well and diverse and I am deeply in love with Clara btw  she is so HOT! and Jordi is so well acted and so funny that he helps keeping things a little lighter than the rest of the cast and serious story, the story is ok it is not amazing and it is not as bad as Rev3 said it is you get to see all the ends connect together by the end of it and all the characters play a role very well.

18100_clara-lille-in-watch-dogsNow lets talk Bad side, I think the bad side of the game is the “GAME” factor, which for the most part did ruin the experience for me, the mission designs are quite bad and they are various but still quite bad, sometimes one of the enemy units call for backup and backup appear out of thin air for the most part I had to use my grenade launcher to clear out armies of enemy units while I was chasing a guy or trying to hack into a server, and the further you go into the game the worst it become and the last mission was exceptionally bad and frustrating, but the fun gameplay did make it bearable otherwise I don’t think I would have finished it by now, the game is long and that is a very good thing since it is never boring thanks to again the very fun gunplay and stealth mechanics, Multiplayer is great and enjoyable although I wish I could target a friend of mine and hack him instead of hacking random people which is not fun at all for someone like me who doesn’t enjoy competitive as much as other people


in the end, Watch_dogs is a good game filled with missions and content that could keep you busy for week and hopefully a start for UbiSoft’s next franchise


Author: Aza Jabar


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