Favorite E3 2017 Announcements

E3 is really the most enjoyable week for a gamer with so many announcements coming from all the developers all over the world, during this week I usually sleep less because I want to watch every live stream available and due to the different time zones they are usually on at 5:00 am or something like that, except for Nintendo. the following are my most anticipated new game announcements from the show this year

  • Metroid Prime 4: it did come at some surprise for most people when Nintendo announced the development of Metroid Prime 4 for Switch, without any gameplay showing but the thought that Metroid is making a come back is good enough
  • Metroid Samus Returns: Speaking of which this one caught me off guard and made me really happy, a traditional 2D Metroid and a remake of the GameBoy version which is a very important title in the series, I really can’t wait for this one.
  • Days Gone: Sony’s open-world zombie survival game looks great and it seems like getting even better if only we had a release date.
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins: when the annual Ubisoft series took a year off in 2016 I predicted the series will reinvent its self in some ways before making a come back and it looks that way, the not aged so well free-flowing combat is gone and replace with a Dark Souls-like combat and light RPG mechanics the games seems to be a great place to go for the series.
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: a Ubisoft developed Mario game featuring their Rabbits characters and it is an RPG with XCOM battles, I can’t believe I said that.
  • Skull and Bones: I am not trying to overly excite myself for this game but it looks amazing and it could be really fun to play it with a group of friends, sadly I don’t have many gamer friends so I might skip on it but it does look great.

My five E3 hopes and dreams

With the press conferences just about a day away I thought I would share my five hopes and dreams for this year:

  • Project Re Fantasy
    It is no surprise that a fantasy RPG from Atlus directed by Katsura Hashino is going to be on my top 5 anticipated titles and Project RE Fantasy has been on my list since the moment they announced it, while I doubt they will show it this year and I do think this game is coming in 2019 I still have my hopes to show up in some form hopefully at the Nintendo Direct event.
  • Starfield
    Starfield is what rumored to be Todd Howard’s next game, for years this man has been my top game developer and I have sunk in nearly a 1000 hours into his last 4 games, while Starfield might not be real it popped up everywhere this week and supposedly they are going with the same model they went with Fallout 4 to reveal it and release it within the same year, yes please.
  • Project Dylan
    Lets face it Bioware’s last great game was Mass Effect 2, Inquisition was ok but wasn’t great, Project Dylan is supposed to be a Destiny like Sci-Fi MMO that has been in development for 5 years or so and it is coming out next year, which is a Smart thing because going against Destiny this year is not suicide, note that Bioware did cancel another multiplayer game Shadow Realms was cancelled in 2015, I wonder if it is the same game rebooted or something.
  • Metroid 2D
    for how long must we cry for a new Metroid game? seriously it is getting sad, and I am sure when it comes out it will not sell as much as most people think it will be but I will buy it right away, here Nintendo here is my money!!
  • Next Criterion Game
    EA killed my favorite racing series Burnout and replaced it with a series of Ok-at-best Need for Speed games, and this year’s Need for Speed Payback seems like EA’s attempt at going after Fast & Furious movies which doesn’t interest me one bit, I just really wish for a new Burnout from Criterion with this year, I have been wanting that for a long time now and it is about time daddy gets his sugar!