My five E3 2018 hopes and dreams

It is that time of the year again, E3 is upon us and I am anxious and excited and weirded out to be honest because this year we had so many leaks so far, never the less the following are my most wanted E3 2018 hopes and dreams:

  • Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch coming in 2018
    it is no secret how much I love Animal Crossing, it is not secret because I talk about it all the time I fucking love Animal Crossing, I would love nothing more to have a new game on my Switch so I can play it before I go to sleep and when I wake up and during my lunch break and well you get the idea.
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy Remastered for Nintendo Switch
    I think for the past 4 years I have had Metroid related hopes and dreams for E3 every year, last year Nintendo rewarded it with Prime 4 announcement and Samus Returns which I loved, now I want the original trilogy remastered on Switch so I can play them again and again until prime 4 comes out.
  • Castlevania Collection
    There is a rumor that Konami is going to announce a Castlevania collection in the veins of Megaman Collection that is already out, if that collection contains the DS games and the GBA games and Symphony of the Night and they are done well with no input lag glitches, I will cry and I will cry hard.
  • Bethesda’s Starfield project
    I believe that Fallout 76 is not Bethesda’s big 2 titles, because they said many times that those titles are not Fallout or Elder Scrolls and with the involvement of the Bethesda Texas which was Battle Cry before and they are working on this game I believe that Fallout 76 is a game primarily made by the Texas studio using Fallout 4 assets and engine, now as of Starfield it just feels like this year we might not get an announcement, because I don’t think Bethesda will announce a game to release next Q4 2019, so I am just going to hope and wait.
  • Cyberpunk 2077
    Now I won’t like Cyberpunk 2077 is my most anticipated game for next year as of now, after Witcher 3 I am just on board for whatever CPR has in the pipeline and next week we will get our first look at the game and I am just happy, fingers crossed for a May 2019 release.

Avengers Infinity War (Review)


Avengers Infinity War is directed by the Russo brothers and stars everyone in the Marvel universe from Robert Downy Jr. to the latest addition Chadwick Boseman, everything we have seen from the past films has been leading up to this film, Inifity War is the first part of a two-part film and the 2nd one is coming May 3rd, 2019.

I walked into this movie with the “Part One” mentality in mind I knew it is not going to be a self-contained movie and I knew I will be left at the end of it wanting more and that is exactly what happens but at the same time it is amazing how the Russo brothers found a way to make it Self contained-ish if that makes any sense, even if you haven’t seen all of the MCU movies to this point yet you won’t have trouble following what is happening and soon you will start to catch up mainly because the film is very entertaining, Josh Brolin brings a very scary villain to the screen with Thanos and he is to this point the first villain that gave the Avengers and The Guardians a threat that they don’t know how to deal with, this is not a guy you punch to submission and you find that out right at the begining of the film.

I don’t really need to talk about the quality of the CG and the visual work of the film because it is to Marvel standards which is top notch, this time is a bit more bloody and violent which is always a good thing, but the best part about it is the movie actually sounds great and this is like the 2nd time in 2018 that Marvel brought a good score to their movies which were a major issue for the previous Marvel films.

I don’t want to walk into spoiler territory so I will keep this review short, Walk into the film knowing what you are in for a Part one of a Two-part film that will leave you with a bunch of questions, but at the same time it is fantastic action and funny dialogue and really emotional moments is going to leave a lasting impact on you.

Verdict: 10 years ago if you told me that a movie like Infinity War will come out and it will actually work I would have said you are crazy, this particular Marvel story is very massive in scale and it is amazing how it actually worked on screen, kudos to the Russo brothers and Marvel Studios for pulling off the impossible. (9.0/10.0)

The 90th Academy Awards Predictions


Jimmy Kimmel will host the 90th Academy Awards tonight and like I do every year I will do my predictions for some of the categories, last year I had 7 out of 8 correct predictions but somehow this year I think I will be way off!

  • Best Picture: (Went to The Shape of Water)
    Who Will Win: Lady Bird
    Who I want to win: Dunkirk
  • Best Director: (Went to Guillermo Del Toro)
    Who Will Win: Christopher Nolan
    Who I want to Win: Christopher Nolan
  • Actor in leading role: (Called it)
    Who Will Win: Gary Oldman
    Who I want to win: Danian Day-Lewis
  • Actress in Leading Role: (Called it)
    Who will win: Frances McDormand
    Who I want to win: Frances McDormand
  • Actor in supporting role: (Called it)
    Who will win: Sam Rockwell
    Who I want to win: Woody Harrelson
  • Actress in supporting role: (Went to Allison Jenny)
    Who will win: Octavia Spencer
    Who I want to win: Octavia Spencer
  • Best Score: (Alexandre Desplat)
    Who will win: Hans Zimmer
    Who I want to win: Hans Zimmer
  • Best Cinematography:(Called it)
    Who will win: Roger Deakins
    Who I want to win: Roger Deakins

I will update this post tomorrow after the event and see how well I did this year.

Black Panther (Review)


Black Panther is directed by Ryan Coogler staring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and many other great actors and it is the 18th Marvel movie to date, the film was released on February 16th to universal acclaim making it another hit in the line of Marvel’s great movies.

We had our first hint of Wakanda back in Ironman 2 believe it or not but the character of Black Panther didn’t make an appearance until 2016’s Civil War which was a really good one too so for the solo movie Marvel decided to bring in the young and awesome Creed director Ryan Coogler to helm the film and I really think they nailed it with this choice, it is clear that Coogler had a lot of freedom when it comes to his choices as a director and he did an amazing job building Wakanda into a real place, the culture of that country and the reasoning behind their secrets and traditions are done so well you are instantly grabbed by it, it is not an easy job to create a fictional city and make it feel real a lot of directors fail at it but Coogler and his team did a fantastic job, part of that goes back to the top notch CG work that Marvel usually puts into their films.

Chadwick Boseman is fantastic as T’Challa he was amazing in Civil War and he is charasmatic and you believe that he is in fact a king while at the same time he is funny and light hearted when it needs to be it is really a joy to watch him embody that character, the rest of the cast do a really good job Letitia Wright as Shuri who has some really funny banters with T’Challa, but for me the standout performance goes to Micheal B. Jordan and let me finish this paragraph here because I want to dedicate a full paragraph to it.

Michael B. Jordan is a fantastic actor and there is no need to talk about that, what is really amazing is how he did Killmonger, his character is not just I am a bad guy and I am here to kill people no he is a guy with a plan and he actually is right to ask for what he wants so the film puts you in a position of would you agree with him even though he is evil or you would agree with T’Challa even though he is technically wrong? that what makes Killmonger Marvel’s very best villain to date and another amazing addition to his overly growing portfolio of characters the Michel B. Jordan has played to perfection.

Beside all that the film sounds great, the overly amazing Kendrick Lamar produced albume sores through the film and the special effect sounds and music just elevates what is already a great treat to something even better.

Verdict: I want to say something bad about this film but I honestly have nothing, it is really amazing film and this is 3 for 3 for Ryan Coogler that guy is going to have a fantastic future in this industry. (10/10)

Monster Hunter : World (Review)


Note: While I played this game for over 80 hours so far I have yet to finish the main campaign but I played it long enough to give an opinion on it and that also keep in mind I have played Monster Hunter on 3DS extensively so being a veteran also helps.

Monster Hunter World is developed by Capcom for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC and it is the series return to the consoles after years on handheld, the game was announced during E3 2017 and it came out on January 26, 2018.

Monster Hunter is about hunting monsters as the title suggests, the game doesn’t put you in a liner mission and tasks you to beat a bunch of mobs till you get to the boss it is all about the boss, some people even call it “Boss Battles The Game”, and when you finish hunting that big beast you are back to your hub and you get to make awesome gear out of the materials you collect from your hunt, in a way Monster Hunter is just like any other Monster Collection game (Pokemon, Dragon Quest Monsters, Digimon…etc) but the difference is instead of being nice to them and train them you chop them to little pieces and make a hat out of them, but the real hook of a MH game is the gameplay which is fantastic, it is like Dark Souls on steroids a hunt usually last between 10-40 minutes and it lets you pick the way you want to approach this beast, maybe you want to trap it or drag it to another monster’s territory and have them battle it out, you have many options and you don’t always have to go at it heads on, also the game gives you 14 very different weapons from the get go, learning to play each weapon is challenging and fun and mastering a weapon will take hours if not days of practice but the good news is they are all very very fun to use and each weapon will feel like you are playing a different game which is really awesome.

Regarding the story and the campaign it is nothing special, it is serviceable and they have incorporated what is gameplay and the regular MH game into it nicely but I really failed to care, what is impressive here is how the echo-system works, every map has a food chain with small monsters in the bottom and bigger monsters on top and if you don’t meddle with them you can see this right in front of you and I think that is one of the best achievement in gaming this decade.

Verdict: I didn’t want to talk too much about it because there is no need for that, the game is absolutely fantastic and in my opinion just like how Nintendo in the 90s brought their flagship titles (Mario, Zelda) from 2D to 3D while maintaining what made these games so special Capcom did the same thing with Monster Hunter, making sure new players can enjoy this complex game without dumbing it down even slightly.

Favorite 2017 movies

2017 was not the best year for motion pictures but it was good, some films didn’t hit the right tones while some of them did an incredible job at keeping up with fans expectation and some of them even took it forward, the following are my top favorite films in no particular order except for the number 1.

but first couple of films that might have made the list but I have yet to see them:

  • The Disaster Artist
  • The Press
  • The Greatest Showman
  • The Phantom Thread

Baby Driver
Edgar Wright can do no wrong, the man is in my opinion one of the very best directors working today and Baby Driver is one of his finest work, it is funny and keeps you on your toes the whole time and a very amusing way to approach music in a film, some even call it a musical which is not so far from the truth.

Alien Covenant
A lot of the Alien purists dislike Scott’s new entries to the series mainly because they don’t want to know the origin of the Xenomorphs because they think that will kill the mystery of the first film which I think it is a load of rubbish, the new films are not as legendary as the original but they are really good and I love David and really want to know how far they will take him.

Thor Ragnarok
Thor Ragnarok is for my money the funniest and most action heavy Marvel movie to date, perhaps that is some of its weaknesses but I personally enjoyed it a lot, I particularly liked Hela and I am hoping she will make a come back at some point

War For the Planet of the Apes
The final film in the Ape’s reboot and its main character Cesar hit really hard last summer, while the movie wasn’t a War movie like the title suggests it was more of an emotional war between, Cesar and Woody Harelson’s fantastic villain as The Colonel.

Logan marks Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine, the film is a dark depressing look at the ending of The Mutants world and it is a testament to Jackman’s gutting performance.

Stephen King’s IT
IT terrified me as a kid when I read it and this film terrified me when I watched it, Bill Skarsgård was terrifying as Pennyworth, I am also very happy about the fact that they cut a few parts from the books which will not be appropriate for the big screen.

Spider-Man Homecoming
Spider-Man’s return to the Marvel fold is a welcome one, the game stretched out Tom Holland as the new Peter Parker and gave us the amazing Vulture which is my favorite MCU villain so far.

Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan showing off his directorial skills, the film is not story or character driven and it doesn’t have twists and turns like his previous films but what it does have is a beautiful cinematography and gorgeously shot scenes that belong in a museum

Star Wars The Last Jedi
Rian Johnson made an emotional and beautiful Star Wars film that developed the main characters of Rey and Kylo Ren and prepared the story to the conclusion in the upcoming Episode IX

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
It is not as engaging as the first one mainly because it is very focused on Quil’s father which ends up being predicatable but everything else aside from that is great, the characters are funny like the first one and it has some fantastic musical moments.


And my favorite film of the years is:

tumblr_static_26osk19e9qck84sgcwogsw88wFor Two years in a row Denis Villeneuve manages to make my favorite film of the year but with Blade Runner 2049 he took what made the original such a sic-fi classic and made it even better, the setting is fantastic and the characters are incridble, I loved every moment of it and I have seen it three times ever since with many many viewings to come.


My Most Anticipated 2018 Games!

2017 has come and gone and left us with a library of amazing games and that seems to kinda pale in comparison to what might come in 2018, one of the things I am very happy about regarding today’s gaming industry climate is companies usually announce a game with six months to its release date so the list below is games that I know they are coming in 2018 but I am guessing many many more will especially with Nintendo first party games which we don’t know much about for 2018, so these are the games that I am very exited for in 2018:

Monster Hunter World (PS4)
Aint no secret but Monster Hunter is in my top 5 series and any new titles in this series will have me very excited, Monster Hunter World seems to be a dream come true for Monster Hunter fan with amazing gameplay, perfect controlls which were always the problem for the series before and an amazing online play, I already bought my copy and I am gonna take January 26th and 27th off and play till I am physically incapable of playing.

Dragon Quest XI (Nintendo Switch)
I came in late to the Dragon Quest series and I only played 4,5,6 and 9 so far. but never the less I really like the series and the XI seems to be amazing, the best part it is coming to Nintendo Switch so I can play it like I usually enjoy JRPGs which is on handhelds.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)
Do you know who can’t do wrong? Rockstar, they have been the pioneers of open world games since the early 2000s and they keep making better games, RDR2 seems like the evolution of their brand and I am very excited to sink my teeth into it, especially with the Red Dead Online which I think it will have a lot of fun modes in it like a Battle Royale mode.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Nintendo Switch)
I played VC2 and 3 for over a hundred hours and I loved it so much, after the disappointing spinoff Revolution I am so glad Sega decided to go back to what makes the series great, I will pick up the Switch version so I might have to wait a few more months but as soon as I get it I will be leading my army to total domination!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PS4)
A Realistic RPG that looks like Elder Scrolls, one thing I am worried about is the game might not run that well due to the small team behind it but if it does I will be very happy with a deep exploration game and having big battles, I am not 100% sure about this game’s quality but I am excited and I look forward to it.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (3DS)
Late during Nintendo DS’s life cycle Atlus released Radiant Historia on the console and it was a very very unique and interesting RPG with a very good story and mechanics, it was sad that this game didn’t read a large audience so they decided to do it again by re-releasing it late on Nintendo 3DS, either way, I am excited to play it again.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (3DS)
There is no reason that I love Shin Megami Tensei series and it all begun with Strange Journey on DS, I played this game for nearly a 100 hours and I really loved it, after this I begun playing Persona series and other SMT games so when Atlus announced remaking it for 3DS I was instantly on board, very excited to good Deep again!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Nintendo Switch)
Castlevania might have died with Iga’s departure from Konami but the fact that he wants to return to the genre is very exciting, this game was a huge success on Kickstarter and it had a lot of good impressions from the media very much looking forward to it.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4)
I didn’t play the first Ni No Kuni so I am looking forward to jump into the series with the sequel, the game looks beautiful and fun, I might wait till the summer to play it but when I do I will sink my teeth into it.

Far Cry 5 (PS4)
Far Cry games are one of the best Stealth shooters available, they always put you in a strange and weird land going against a scary villain and Far Cry 5 is Ubisoft capitalizing on that concept again, set in USA Montana the game have you going against a religious cult with lots of guns and explosions, Day 1.

Days Gone (PS4)
I can’t stress this enough but I love Sony first party games, well most of them anyway, Days Gone looks like an open world game with actual ideas that could push the genre forward like the herds of the zombies having their own AI and acting on their own which leaves you to think on your feet about how to approach them, excited for this title but I don’t know if it is coming in 2018 or not.

Bayonetta 1+2 (Nintendo Switch)
Bayonetta 1 and its highly acclaimed sequel are considered one of the best hack and slash games ever created and I never got a chance to play either of them sadly, I already preordered my copy and February can’t be here sooner!

Dauntless (PC/PS4)

Dauntless is a game that I expected to show up sooner, it is a Monster Hunter clone with its own interesting mechanics but what makes it really different is the game is free to play from a western developer, which makes it the first major Monster Hunter clone from the west and I am all for that.

Shin Megami Tensei V
The fifth entry to the Shin Megami Tensei is coming from Atlus to Nintendo Switch hopefully this year, the game seems like a massive title like Persona 5 and Atlus is probably pulling a lot of weight behind it, personally I can’t wait to play this game and god I hope it is coming to the west this year!

So there you have it my most anticipated games of 2018, having said that sometimes there are rumors about games coming in 2018 which they remain rumors for now but I do want to give them a shoutout:

  • Metroid Prime Trilogy (Nintendo Switch)
  • Burnout Paradise Remake (Nintendo Switch)
  • Divinity Original Sin 1+2 (Nintendo Switch)
  • Monster Hunter Ultimate Generations (Nintendo Switch)

Well I guess they are just releases and remakes of games I really want on Nintendo Switch.