Black Panther (Review)


Black Panther is directed by Ryan Coogler staring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan,┬áLupita Nyong’o and many other great actors and it is the 18th Marvel movie to date, the film was released on February 16th to universal acclaim making it another hit in the line of Marvel’s great movies.

We had our first hint of Wakanda back in Ironman 2 believe it or not but the character of Black Panther didn’t make an appearance until 2016’s Civil War which was a really good one too so for the solo movie Marvel decided to bring in the young and awesome Creed director Ryan Coogler to helm the film and I really think they nailed it with this choice, it is clear that Coogler had a lot of freedom when it comes to his choices as a director and he did an amazing job building Wakanda into a real place, the culture of that country and the reasoning behind their secrets and traditions are done so well you are instantly grabbed by it, it is not an easy job to create a fictional city and make it feel real a lot of directors fail at it but Coogler and his team did a fantastic job, part of that goes back to the top notch CG work that Marvel usually puts into their films.

Chadwick Boseman is fantastic as T’Challa he was amazing in Civil War and he is charasmatic and you believe that he is in fact a king while at the same time he is funny and light hearted when it needs to be it is really a joy to watch him embody that character, the rest of the cast do a really good job┬áLetitia Wright as Shuri who has some really funny banters with T’Challa, but for me the standout performance goes to Micheal B. Jordan and let me finish this paragraph here because I want to dedicate a full paragraph to it.

Michael B. Jordan is a fantastic actor and there is no need to talk about that, what is really amazing is how he did Killmonger, his character is not just I am a bad guy and I am here to kill people no he is a guy with a plan and he actually is right to ask for what he wants so the film puts you in a position of would you agree with him even though he is evil or you would agree with T’Challa even though he is technically wrong? that what makes Killmonger Marvel’s very best villain to date and another amazing addition to his overly growing portfolio of characters the Michel B. Jordan has played to perfection.

Beside all that the film sounds great, the overly amazing Kendrick Lamar produced albume sores through the film and the special effect sounds and music just elevates what is already a great treat to something even better.

Verdict: I want to say something bad about this film but I honestly have nothing, it is really amazing film and this is 3 for 3 for Ryan Coogler that guy is going to have a fantastic future in this industry. (10/10)


Monster Hunter : World (Review)


Note: While I played this game for over 80 hours so far I have yet to finish the main campaign but I played it long enough to give an opinion on it and that also keep in mind I have played Monster Hunter on 3DS extensively so being a veteran also helps.

Monster Hunter World is developed by Capcom for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC and it is the series return to the consoles after years on handheld, the game was announced during E3 2017 and it came out on January 26, 2018.

Monster Hunter is about hunting monsters as the title suggests, the game doesn’t put you in a liner mission and tasks you to beat a bunch of mobs till you get to the boss it is all about the boss, some people even call it “Boss Battles The Game”, and when you finish hunting that big beast you are back to your hub and you get to make awesome gear out of the materials you collect from your hunt, in a way Monster Hunter is just like any other Monster Collection game (Pokemon, Dragon Quest Monsters, Digimon…etc) but the difference is instead of being nice to them and train them you chop them to little pieces and make a hat out of them, but the real hook of a MH game is the gameplay which is fantastic, it is like Dark Souls on steroids a hunt usually last between 10-40 minutes and it lets you pick the way you want to approach this beast, maybe you want to trap it or drag it to another monster’s territory and have them battle it out, you have many options and you don’t always have to go at it heads on, also the game gives you 14 very different weapons from the get go, learning to play each weapon is challenging and fun and mastering a weapon will take hours if not days of practice but the good news is they are all very very fun to use and each weapon will feel like you are playing a different game which is really awesome.

Regarding the story and the campaign it is nothing special, it is serviceable and they have incorporated what is gameplay and the regular MH game into it nicely but I really failed to care, what is impressive here is how the echo-system works, every map has a food chain with small monsters in the bottom and bigger monsters on top and if you don’t meddle with them you can see this right in front of you and I think that is one of the best achievement in gaming this decade.

Verdict: I didn’t want to talk too much about it because there is no need for that, the game is absolutely fantastic and in my opinion just like how Nintendo in the 90s brought their flagship titles (Mario, Zelda) from 2D to 3D while maintaining what made these games so special Capcom did the same thing with Monster Hunter, making sure new players can enjoy this complex game without dumbing it down even slightly.