How Destiny helped me cope with the worst period of my adult life

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What — you see above is the countdown, 59 seconds before Destiny’s servers go live and I was right there with my controller in my hand, a cup of tea next to me and waiting to take on the so called Second Coming of GamingĀ and it was awesome, it really was an awesome day and I think I did not put down the controller for 18 hours or so I asked my brother to buy me something for lunch and that is all it was, by nightfall most of my friend have joined me and we were taking on Fallen, Vex, Hive and Cabal together, sometimes even other players and it just felt great it felt like we weren’t just shooting digitally created fictional things it felt like we were there inside that world looking for stuff, hunting for stuff, and so much more.


we soon realized this wasn’t the game we were promised, it is super repetitive and low on content and so many restrictions and purple engrams turning blue, and a paper thin story narrated by a bored out of his mind Tyrion Lannister kinda made me feel like Destiny is another one of 2014’s disappointments, aside from my not going anywhere career and predictably unsatisfying love life, my failed business ventures and could have and should haves Destiny was indeed destined to go on that list, soon some of my friends dropped out of the game, memes started to spread about the game it became a “Cool To Hate” internet thing, which by 20th of September got me so down I was barely even playing, most of my time was spent around the Loot cave and I didn’t even shoot at it, like a jerk I sat around and collected stuff, but sometimes things has a way to surprise you.

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I started to look beyond what I usually look for in games, instead of interesting game design choices and compelling story hanging out with couple of friends who are equally into the game to run away from their troubles as well, soon I forgot my issues here in the real world, I started to focus more on what was going on there in the cosmodrome or on the moon or the Ishtar Region (I hate Mars I rarely go there!) and the things I was upset about that happened this summer became something that distracted me from what really mattered so I decided to ditch them all and get off facebook to stop looking for reasons to remind myself how much life actually sucks right now, with the war on one hand and the economy going to shit and families falling apart and people who I know that are broken and dead inside yet they put on a facebook profile picture with a smile brighter than the sun on their faces and even those who are faker than them comment on it and they like that comment and reply it and it goes on and on and on, I was so sick of most people not understanding the simplest things about business in the world being stupid enough to think that the iPhone 6 Plus actually bends and Apple is getting away with it, life got to a point where genocide is happening within miles away from my home and people add a Hash Tag to the end of their facebook postsĀ and that will make them sleep well at night, I just wanted to leave it all behind and be done with it and Destiny provided me with the best oppertunity, a world where I get to move there on and do cool things with my friends, we usually do our dailies and then head for some PvP matches, I realized recently that I like shooting other players with a shotgun right to their faces and it is a very weirdly satisfying thing, and we also like to tackle very hard content and sometimes we fail at it but that is ok there is always rewards in that, I also hang out with my cousin who is 13 years old and for for some reason he loves to annoy me and annoy other players like you see here, I also sometimes just turn off the game music and listen to other songs while I do some kind of a boring grind

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So I guess in the end I would like to thank Bungie for creating a world I would like to live in and in hopes that while they made a great shooter with Destiny they will make a great MMO with Destiny 2 in coming years, and until then I will be here trying to get another exotic armor.

thank you for reading