The 90th Academy Awards Predictions


Jimmy Kimmel will host the 90th Academy Awards tonight and like I do every year I will do my predictions for some of the categories, last year I had 7 out of 8 correct predictions but somehow this year I think I will be way off!

  • Best Picture: (Went to The Shape of Water)
    Who Will Win: Lady Bird
    Who I want to win: Dunkirk
  • Best Director: (Went to Guillermo Del Toro)
    Who Will Win: Christopher Nolan
    Who I want to Win: Christopher Nolan
  • Actor in leading role: (Called it)
    Who Will Win: Gary Oldman
    Who I want to win: Danian Day-Lewis
  • Actress in Leading Role: (Called it)
    Who will win: Frances McDormand
    Who I want to win: Frances McDormand
  • Actor in supporting role: (Called it)
    Who will win: Sam Rockwell
    Who I want to win: Woody Harrelson
  • Actress in supporting role: (Went to Allison Jenny)
    Who will win: Octavia Spencer
    Who I want to win: Octavia Spencer
  • Best Score: (Alexandre Desplat)
    Who will win: Hans Zimmer
    Who I want to win: Hans Zimmer
  • Best Cinematography:(Called it)
    Who will win: Roger Deakins
    Who I want to win: Roger Deakins

I will update this post tomorrow after the event and see how well I did this year.