My favorite YouTube content creators #VidCon

With — VidCon being held this weekend and me being a huge Youtube watcher I thought I would tell you about my favorite YouTube content creators and channels, and it goes like this

  • Defranco Inc
    Defranco Inc is amazing, they are a part of Discovery Network which I follow most of their channels (D News, Rev3Games, Revision 3…etc) but DeFranco wasn’t always a part of them and I used to be a part of the Defranco Nation and the Source Federation long before that, infact I was one of the very early SourceFed subscribers I believe it was under 10,000 back then
    Favorite Shows : Philip Defranco Show, SourceFed News, #TableTalk, New Movie Thing Show
    Channels : Philip Defranco, Sourcefed, SourcefedNERD, ForHumanPeoples
  • Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube
    Am a real foodie and cooking enthusiast and I love my cooking shows but am not willing to sit in front of a screen for an hour to watch the making of a recipe and here what FoodTube come in. Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube is not just great because they give you great recipes and cooking methods they are great because they do it in such a way which is quick and easy and pleasant to watch, with more than 10 world class chefs all having at least a video per month you can never go wrong with Jamie Oliver
    Favorite Chefs : Jamie Oliver, Gennaro Contaldo, DJ BBQ, Antonio Carluccio
    Channels : Food Tube, Drinks Tube
  • Rhett and Link
    Awesome content come in many shapes and form and R&L do it right, they have a 10+ minute morning show called “Good Mythical Morning” and a continuation to that called “Good Mythical More” with songs and funny ads and many more under their banner Rhett and Link do present the very best on YouTube
    Favorite Shows : Good Mythical Morning, The Mythical Show
    Channels : Rhett and Link, Rhett and Link 2, Good Mythical More
  • Machinima
    if you are into gaming then Machinima is your home, with tons of trailers, reviews, news, talks and many more you can’t go wrong with them.
    Favorite shows : Inside Gaming
    Channel : Machinima

    Honorable Mention

  • Food Wishes
    Food Wishes w Spiral
    I’ve been watching this channel since 2010 and I never miss a video, it is amazing not just for the recipes but for the fact that Chef John is really funny! I suggest you check it out even if you are not into cooking

well there you have it, a good list to go with enjoy and don’t forget to like and comment down below 😉


Author: Aza Jabar


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