First impression – Inu Yashiki

Warning : the following contains very little spoilers and nothing more than the first few Chapters, However I do suggest you should read them before reading any further just to go in without knowing anything about it.

Oku Hiroya returns with another series after wrapping his popular hit series “Gantz” in 2013. the main protagonist of Inu Yashiki is this old man that you see in the above photo and he is unlike any other Action Manga hero you have seen before but in a way I really relate to him because he is like a fear, a fear that one day you will end up alone in a loveless marriage with two awful kids and you will have to work your ass off to provide for them, a fear that one day nothing will taste good in your mouth because your life sucks so much already you find it hard to enjoy anything and on top of all that you are hit with even more sadness and failure as your body starts to break down right under you, see a life like that is something everyone fears as they should and that is what makes Inu Yashiki such an awesome character because of how relatable he is, his family on the other hand are jerks his wife is a little bit nice to him just because he stops his awful son and daughter from cursing him as much as they usually do, later he gets a dog and his awful kids hate that as well but he loves the dog and he keeps him in his room and one night as he takes him to a walk something happens and changes him and a teenage boy that happened to be near by him they both get a new body and a set of abilities and what they do with those powers and new body is what the series is about. but not just that it is also a social commentary on Japan and their changing culture, how materialistic the world is becoming and how hard it is for someone to find something as simple as a friend in a world like ours.

One of the things you should be looking forward to if you are going to read this series is the amazing art style, Hiroya is really one of the masters of his craft and few people draw and design as well as he does, but be warned this series is not for the faint of heart you kinda need to have the stomach for violence and a lot of dark settings.

I don’t want to go more into this because I don’t want to spoil anything, but I highly suggest that you give Inu Yashiki a read and I am sure if you like darker more mature Manga you will enjoy this.

As I write this 39 chapters of Inu Yashiki has came out with 2 chapters coming each month.