House of Cards Season 3 (Review)


House — of Cards is one of the best currently on shows, it changed the media landscape by not airing on a cable or network television but instead running it on Netflix, it is one of the most binge watched shows and has a lot of Emmy and Golden Globe nods including Kevin Spacey winning the best actor Globe this year, the show is a very intense political drama following the democratic ruthless Frank Underwood played by Spacey and his wife Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright as they take on the US government one by one and climb to the top of the “food chain” which what made the show the hit that it was in season one and two, the show also has a little gimmick which basically makes you a part of the show Frank usually breaks the fourth wall and explains his plans to you (the viewer) and acknowledges you at times you even feel like he is trying to impress you or scare you, so lets dive a little bit into season 3 and tell you my thoughts on it, fair warning some minor spoilers ahead so read at your risk:

The Good — The performances
this show has one of the very best performances I have ever seen, Kevin Spacey in particular is doing such a great job you cannot stop loving him even though he is kind of an asshole, Robin Wright also is doing an amazing job playing the other half of Underwood, they are also accompanied by a roster of amazing cast and characters, perhaps the strongest addition to the show was Paul Sparks as Thomas Yates which was a fun character to watch because he saw through most of Underwood’s bullshit.

The Struggle — From Whip to President 
I think of the things people really loved about season 1 and 2 was how Frank manipulated other politicians and business men into doing what he wanted to in order to climb higher but in season three he failed to do so even though he was at the top of them, he was a failed president and most of what he was trying to achieve was failing him especially in the first part of the season which was kinda hard to watch

The weird — why is he not talking to me?
why Frank? why are you not talking to me anymore? in a way it felt weird sometimes episodes go by without him breaking the fourth wall and when he does he just looks away as if he is ashamed of what he is becoming it could be a build up for season four or maybe the writers felt like the fourth wall breaking is becoming a gimmick and they need to tone it down, Bring it back please!

The Bad — A Soft Underwood
In this season we witnessed a softer side of Frank and Claire and I personally did not like that take usually they don’t care about anything or anyone to get what they want but this time they considered others and that got in the way of their agenda and sometimes it was so obvious what is going to happen and it just sucked!

all in Season 3 was an entertaining watch but a weak season especially after the amazing season 1 and 2, but it could be a solid foundation for Season 4 we just have to wait and see.