E3 2014 and what am looking forward to

The — Big day is June 9th, 2014 as millions will look to Los Angeles for what is still considered the biggest gaming event of the year Sony and Microsoft are going head to head with their conference and somehow the fanboys made it into a competition which no one cares about except them and a lot of new games will be announced (or at least we hope it will be) and new footage and interviews with the developers who want to show us what they have been doing for the past year, it is a wonderful time really and I am very excited to live stream it all this year, the following are a list of things that am looking forward this E3, beware some of them are still rumors and not exactly real but am looking forward to them anyway :

  • Next Level Game’s Metroid (Rumor)
    the developers behind Luigi Mansion’s excelente sequel formally announced that their next collaboration is with Nintendo, and there was a rumor last week that the title is Metroid for 3DS, for me that was enough and they made $39 at that point (unless if the game is a pinball game or something) very excited for that!
    Happy times if : a 2.5D classic metroid game for Nintendo 3DS
    Sad times if : any other take on metroid, space battle or even FPS the world needs a classic metroid game, or a Wii U game
  • No Man’s Sky
    HelloGames stole the show at VGX with their reveal of No Man’s Sky, then the small studio went through some rough time with their office being flooded, it is safe to say that No Man’s Sky will be at E3 in some form but am not expecting anything major this game is slated for Q4 2015 so the road is still long but I do wish to see more of it
    Happy times if : they showed some gameplay, talk a little about why you would want to explore this game what is the objective and also they announce it is exclusive for PS4
    Sad times if : they showed another trailer like the one above at Microsoft’s conference and announce it will be exclusive for XBOX One
  • BioWare’s New IP
    they have been very quiet recently and I don’t think they are only working on the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age Inquisition, I do believe there is a 3rd game  in works at BioWare, if they are doing the Fantasy with Dragon Age and the Sci-fi with Mass Effect I am really hoping they tackle another type of universe
    Happy Times if : Steam Punk? I don’t know really I just hope they do something
    Sad Times if : they are making the next Star Wars RPG -_-
  • Telltale’s Borderlands
    Needless to say I am excited for this game, and since it is going to debut this summer (After The Wolf Among Us am guessing) and since we won’t hear anything about Game of Thrones and therefor I won’t waste my time even thinking about it Tales from the Borderlands
    Happy Times if : a July release date on PS4
    Sad Times if : a December release date on PS4

So here are just four things am looking forward to, am sure #3 is just a figure of my imagination but a man can dream, there are also a lot more that I want like what the next Uncharted looks like, The Last Guardian (HAHA) is real?, Destiny’s Beta date and next Division details, but am sure we will get those (Except for Last Guardian)! June 9th, 2014 9:00am PT is where it all go down!




Author: Aza Jabar


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