How com George R. R. Martin is so relaxed about the show catching up to the books?


Warning — while the following might not contain any spoilers of any kind if you don’t want to know any extra information regarding the state of the books or the HBO show you might want to avoid reading.

Season 4 was concluded on sunday with an epic episode and with it the show made a very bold and dramatic change of events. originally A Song of Ice and Fire was two trilogies the first one to be concluded with A Storm of Swords and the second one to start 5 years after that with A Dance with Dragons however, George changed his mind during writing the 4th book and made it into 7 books with the story being 2 phases, and now Phase 1 is completed with Season 4 with some chunks of phase 2 being included in and some of phase 1 being cut or possibly moved to phase 2 (Books readers know what i’m talking about). what is worrying everyone who follows the story closely is the show passing the books, and rightfully so a while back we heard that George did the two showrunners most of the events that will take place in book 6 and 7 including the ending, now bare with me! based on the events of season 4 and the number of changes that happened from the books it is quite obvious that the show is taking another route and if that is the case maybe we will also see a somewhat different ending….and george is ok with that?


this is quite troubling for some of us who are taking the books as the main story line and this will mean for us that the show will spoil the ending of the books for us, but I also see this as perhaps a different theory to what is going on, I think what is happening here is both George and HBO’s plan to keep the books and the show at a pace how you may ask? in October 2012 he told a reporter that he wrote 400 pages of it, in february 2012 they applied a portion of book 6 to the publisher in order to renew the contract and GRRM’s manager said in an interview that GRRM wrote more than those and we also keep hearing that GRRM is camping in his house removing himself from doing a cameo in the show to focus on the books and still not a word of book 6 and 7 hitting the shelves, so what is the deal here? perhaps he did wrote them both of them actually and he is just not putting them out like that. he might want to keep the books under lock until the show keeps up and then release the 6th book which based on the news is a huge volume that will take at least 2 seasons to do and when they are done with that put the last one in for another 2 seasons and after that climatic movie that is in talks to do, this is just my thought on the matter quite frankly as long as he can put out amazing stories I don’t mind him taking too long.

Long live George R. R. Martin!


Author: Aza Jabar


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