Comet (Review)


I love to watch movies that I don’t have anything bad to say about and not because of how good the movie is but mostly because how successful it is in delivering the message that it is trying to deliver and that is the case with Comet, Written and Directer by Sam Esmail (of MR. ROBOT fame) staring Justin Long and Emmy Rossum it is a movie about a relationship between the leading characters that is told through a sequence of scenes that perfectly portraits the ups and downs of star crossed lovers.

Justin Long’s character (Dell) is a very smart pessimistic person kinda like Rust Cohle from True Detective and believe it or not Long’s performance actually works as the cocky smartass while Emmy Rossum’s character is like the crazy drifter who most men don’t understand and she is blaming it on her taste in men, their relationship is told in a liner sequence of scenes that is complimented with great cinematography and  very well done performance.

without beating around the bush the movie is a talk flick, there is no action or excitement in the movie so if the script is not strong enough to carry these long conversations the viewer might get bored and I might have kinda lost interest in their current conversation once or twice but the whole thing is very well written and it will keep you engaged through its one and half hours run.

Verdict : Comet is a little movie that is well written and well acted and beautifully directed and it is something you should watch if you like movies that is powered by strong dialog.


Free-to-Play mobile games for the Gamer on the Go.

south-park-freemium-2014-11-6-01Free to Play games are dominating the market now days especially on mobile, some of these games are awful and all they do is a pathetic try to take some money of your account before you realize how awful they are (Dungeon Keeper), some games are really awful but you keep playing it because you hate yourself and over eating and self harm doesn’t do it for you anymore (Candy Crush), but some games are really good and they don’t try to extract any money from you unless if you are very addicted to them and want more options or items some of these items are only cosmetic or card packages that can also be obtained by in game currency, the following is my favorite list of favorite Free to Play mobile games that I haven’t spend a penny on and I still enjoyed the hell out of them:

  • Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft
    I’ve been playing Hearthstone since it first came out on iPad and the game never stopped to entertain me, I don’t really play it that seriously or do rank battles because I don’t think I have that competitive spirit in me, but I love how I can construct a deck from an idea that I come up with and try it on opponents, it is very accessible highly very deep rich game and I doubt a day will come that I am not playing Hearthstone.
  • Fallout Shelter
    During Bethesda’s E3 presentation in 2015 Todd Howard dropped this game on a very unsuspecting Fallout fans and people ate it up, the game is quite simple at heart and it is not trying to reinvent the wheel, you are an overseer taking care of a Vault by making sure there is enough Food, Water and Power to run the vault and it is protected and safe from invading Hostiles and you expand your shelter by building more rooms and stations and making sure everyone has a job, here is a thing I have a male character his name is Fuckface Fitzgerald who is dressed as a medieval ruler which gives him high charisma and he gets everyone in the vault pregnant, what could be better than that?
  • Magic Duel : Origins
    Magic The Gathering is one of the deepest most complicated games ever made, a lot of people will deny that because they’ve been playing it for years and they will tell you how simple the game is, but let me tell you this a lot of people pretend they like Broccoli so people are lying pertinacious assho…I am sorry I am just really frustrated with this game because I can’t wrap my head around this game yet, but it is the Perfect place for beginners like me who doesn’t even have a single friend who played this game before, a lot of people criticized this game for trying to appeal to casuals or not the super hardcore TCG gamers like Hearthstone did but I think it is doing a great job if nothing just as a education tool for new comers to either get into the game or run away.
  • Dungeon Hunter V
    Dungeon Hunter V is massive, with so many things to do from missions and stronghold, events and difficulty settings, fusing your weapons with other weapons to create better ones it is really huge, and on top of that it plays really well the gameplay is smooth and the graphics are beautiful, the only issue I have with this game and most games like it is the story and not how bad the story is but mostly the fact that the story exists, I wish it didn’t I really wish they took out the whole thing and just let me play as I want, or hide the story like Dark Souls do and make those who are interested find it for themselves but don’t force me to sit through an awful story that no one is interested in.
  • Need For Speed : No Limit
    Do you like Racing games? then do yourself a favor and play this game, it is fun it is fast and it intense easily the best mobile racing game since Real Racing 3 which was made by the same developer of No Limits so that should tell you a thing about how good this game is, it is deep it is beautiful and it plays well what more do you hope for?

there you have it, I play these games currently and I really enjoy them despite how much I thought I wouldn’t. game on.

Alien (Review)


Alien is directed by Ridley Scott and it starts Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver and John Hurt, it came out in 1979 and it is one of the most iconic classic Sci-Fi thriller movies that defined the genre for decades, it was ranked as the seventh-best film in the science fiction genre by the American Film Institute, and as the 33rd greatest film of all time by Empire magazine, so you know what this review is going to be about from the get go.

The film opens in a space craft currently on their way back to earth when a transmission on a nearby planet made the ship automatically change its course and head there and the crew members go down to investigate the planet below and many things happen from there.

Lets talk a little bit about the direction of the film, what makes Alien such an iconic movie it is how the movie introduces the Xenomorph and the series protagonist Ellen Ripley, one of the things I really enjoy about this movie is how straight forward it plays it, it won’t give you any unnecessary subplots as an attempt to add some kind of depth to its characters or to the Alien lore in general, Alien has a very rich and deep background story which I am sure it very developed when they worked on the first film so they didn’t get much into it yet they let the audience use their imagination for it, instead of all that the movie mixes Sci-Fi elements with Horror and thriller to make one hell of a creepy claustrophobic experience that will surely leave you breathless during it is one and half hour run.

One of the main attractions of the movie is its set designs, for its time they represented what people generally thought of a spaceship, they are masterfully constructed and designed and you really feel the crew’s isolation and the weight of the space travel on them and it is what draws the viewers in and captivates them with it is suspenseful and creepy atmosphere which builds up to the 2nd act with the mystery of the creature and the 3rd act which is basically a blood bath, all very carefully crafted and beautifully executed.

Verdict : Cinema owes Alien a huge debt, it pioneered Sci-fi movies in a way no other film did before it and rarely was done as well ever since, Ridley Scott created a masterpiece that aged so well and it is very enjoyable 36 years after its launch.

Mr.Nobody (Review)


Mr.Nobody is directed by Jaco Van Dormael and stars Jared Leto and Toby Regbo it came out in 2009 and it is a fantasy/sci-fi story about a future where immortality is real and the world is watching the final mortal man take his final breath.

The movie is not just about that it is actually a very ambitious story dealing with several outcomes of choices the characters make and several lives the same characters would live depending on those choices which wasn’t possible if it wasn’t for the dedicated and brilliant performances of the actors mainly Jared Leto’s Nemo Nobody, Leto’s performance is so real each character feels like a completely different character every time I saw him I knew which character he was and it wasn’t just his hair style that gives it away he is really wears that role, the rest of the cast also did a great job from the female love interests to the child and teenager Nemo.

what makes the movie really stand out is how beautiful the cinematography and the design is, it stands out as a timeless artwork you could take screen caps of some of the landscapes and hang it on your wall because it is really brilliant and various from 1970s suburban to 1980s New York to futuristic cities and even other planets it is beautifully shot and brilliantly directed for a script that is more of a puzzle that you need to put the pieces together yourself in order to come up with the most chronological line for each life and the way the filmmaker put them together by the end of the 2 and half hour run you will have a clear idea about it and that is something rather rare for a film with this scope and size.

Now let’s talk about the soundtrack, the film has a beautiful score throughout the film it is composed by the director’s brother the late Pierre Van Dormael and his music is beautifully capturing the senses of these character’s emotions throughout the film, not only that it plays well into the decade the timeline is in and it is really interesting to have that much attention to detail for music. also the song choices were amazing tracks like Sweet Dreams, Where is My mind?, 99 Red Balloons and The Ink Spots into each life some rain must fall really brought a huge smile on my face.

Verdict : Mr.Nobody is a Sci-fi drama that will keep you captivated for 2 and half hours with its beautiful cinematography, intriguing premise and  script and brilliant performance from Jared Leto makes you want to go back to a second watch as soon as the credits roll.