Updated : The Oscars Predictions


Well it is that time of the year again, Papa Chris is here to handout the most prestigious arts and science award of the year, it will be an interesting night and here is who I think who will win the big awards, plus who I wish will win the awards :

  • Best Picture (Went to Spotlight)
    Who Will Win : The Revenant
    Who I wish to Win : The Martian
    While both movies are very similar in my opinion one is clearly more superior when it comes to Oscar-Worthy and that one is The Revenant, but The Martian was much more enjoyable movie.
  • Best Director (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : Alejandro González Iñárritu
    And I wish he wins, he will be the 3rd director to win two years in a row and rightfully so.
  • Best Actor (Lead) (Called It!)
    Who Will Win : Leonardo DiCaprio
    and I wish he wins, he bleed and cried and suffered for his art this year he acted in the impossible film with very minimum dialog he should win
  • Best Actor (Supporting) (Went to Mark Rylance)
    Who Will Win : Sylvester Stallone
    I never thought this day will come but Yeah I wish he wins it is a crazy world we live in last year we wanted Batman (Michael Keaton) to win and this year I am rooting for Rambo, never thought the day will come but I am glad it did.
  • Best Actress (Lead) (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : Brie Larson
    Who I wish Will NOT win : Jennifer Lawrence
    One thing The Martian, The Revenant and Room has in comment, they are all powered by a Powerful performance and Brie Larson really did bring it this year.
  • Best Actress (Supporting) (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : Alicia Vikander
    Who I Wish to Win : Rooney Mara
    While this doesn’t make much sense because as far as I am concerned Alicia Vikander was the lead in The Danish Girl not a supporting never the less the Academy choses who the Academy choses, having said that she should have been nominated for Ex Machina as well, I want Rooney Mara to win strictly because I am in love with her Because of her beautiful performance in Carol.
  • Best Score : (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : Ennio Morricone
    And I wish he does, while Tarantino got snubbed this year from most of the major categories I wish Ennio wins the Oscar for his amazing work on The Hateful Eight.
  • Best Original Screenplay (Went to Spotlight)
    Who Will Win : Inside Out
    I don’t understand why Inside Out is not nominated for best picture because it really should, it is one of the best movies ever produced and it should win everything.
  • Best Adapted Screenplay (Called it!)
    Who Will Win : The Big Short
    Yes Adam McKay of The Other Guys and Anchor Man is going home with an Oscar in writing and rightfully so because the man really did an amazing job with The Big Short.

I will update this post tomorrow with the (I called it) stickers like I did in 2014  until then, Good luck to everyone I guess.


Deadpool (Review)


Deadpool is directed by Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller and it is a “Superhero” movie about the iconic Marvel character and his first cinematic debut, yes I refuse to recognize that god awful X-Men Origins movie.

as a R-Rated comic book adaptation movie Deadpool was a very risky movie which is why the movie didn’t have a massive superhero budget that now days is the norm and that low budget shows throughout the movie to a point even the character makes fun of it few times. if you don’t know anything about Deadpool is more of an anti-hero than a hero he has a lot of powers and he uses them as he wishes while making jokes and fun of everything he is very funny and very violent so this movie is not kid friendly, AT ALL!

One of the most iconic Deadpool treats is that he is self aware, he knows he is in a movie he talks to the audience which most of the fun part comes from he makes jokes about Batman, X-Men movies, Ryan Reynolds, FOX….basically everything. and they all tie into the movie very well. The story of Wade is not a very unique on and if you have seen the trailers you might know what it is guy gets cancer joins Weapon-X program and becomes Deadpool and he goes on a rampage to kill the people who did that to him, the movie has a very weak villain and I am very ok with it because it keeps the focus on Deadpool himself which is I and everyone in the audience really wanted, basically the story serves its purpose and nothing more.

Ryan Reynolds’s performance is key here, at this moment I don’t think I can think of any actor who can do this role he was the perfect candidate and I am really happy it happened this way, he doesn’t take the character into a bald new direction as a matter of fact he keeps it very grounded with the comics and that is really important because Deadpool is a very distinctive character and his source material is very strong so any tampering might cause more damage to the franchise than you think, if you don’t believe me just check out X-Men Origins : Wolverine’s treatment of Deadpool, or you know what don’t because it sucks! 

Verdict : Deadpool didn’t reinvent the Superhero movie genre like Batman Begin did and it is not the the ultimate action movie that Winter Soldier was, but it is an introduction to a character that the world need to know and it does that perfectly.

Steve Jobs (Review)


Steve Jobs is directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin, stars Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels and it is about the Apple co-founder’s ups and downs in the the tech industry during 1984-1998. if you look back at historical epics men conquering worlds a building empires in a way Steve Jobs is like that but instead of armies colliding and fighting for ideas and believes a man does all the fighting, with his co-workers, his friends and his own company.

Steve Jobs’s unusual three acts structure is definitely something to be admired especially the way characters evolve through those acts even though it is more of less the same group of people meeting each other before Fassbender gets on stage, the character deals with his friendship with Winslet’s character his struggles with Rogen and Daniels’s and his relationship with his daughter in a spectacular fashion and grows with each act, few times a movie can get things right like that and Steve Jobs definitely does largely thanks to Danny Boyle’s strong direction and Aaron Sorkin’s masterful writing.

When it comes to the performance this movie shines like a diamond, everyone is the best of the best here I particularly enjoyed Fassbender and Daniels’s conversations they had great chemistry and their powerful and uncompromising performance was really beautiful, Winslet gave a raw and personal performance which compliments and elevates Fassbender’s aggressive and rather assholish portrayal of the tech icon, Seth Rogen’s role was limited and didn’t appear on screen a lot but he was great and I do think he gave a good dramatic role he has a good potential for a serious role and I think he is realizing it more and I hope he does more of these in the future, PS : his best dramatic role is 50/50 and if you haven’t seen it then you have a good movie to look forward to.

this is one of those films that you can’t say bad stuff about, not because it is perfect but simply because it is doing its subject matter perfectly, throughout the movie you see an unstable angry man evolve and change into a world leader you learn to hate him and respect him as well and that is what makes a movie good.

Verdict : Steve Jobs is yet another great work by the very amazing Danny Boyle, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would simply because I knew the story and what Steve Jobs did during those years, I hope this movie makes the world forget about the thing Ashton Kutcher did because that was awful.

30 Minute impression of The Division


When it comes to online games like The Division I believe there are three categories, First the awesome from the beginning like Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and Path of Exile, these games started great and improved overtime which is why many people still play them. The 2nd tear is starting ok and getting good like Diablo 3 and Destiny, these games started ok with some choices that didn’t make any sense but with their backing studio’s constant updates and changes they improved overtime, and the last tear is the disasters from the get go who go into limbo sometimes even before they launch games like Dust 514 and The War Z comes to mind when I think of awful MMOs. The Division seems like the 2nd tear of these games it seems like a good solid game with lots of potential I doubt they will realize all of it at launch but it doesn’t seems like a game that will fail from the beginning and that is fine it is not a big deal some people will bite the dust and end up hating the game after a while and the devs will fail to bring them back some people wont even bother playing it and hate on it every chance they get online, it is what games has been doing for the past 4-5 years.

Which brings me to my main issue with the game which is its setting, I honestly never thought I will ever complain about the realism of a game taking me out of an experience, when I first played Destiny Alpha and fought the wizard from the moon and emptied couple of magazines in her and finally killed her with a grenade I felt like I killed an Alien that needed some power to take down but how am I gonna have the same feeling when I have to put in the same amount of effort into killing a guy in a hoodie? it is not like these “Elite” enemies who are very spongey and need a lot of power to take them down have any special sheilds or anything for that matter it is just a dude in a hoodie with a gun that you need to shoot in the head 20 times to take down, the issue with that is basically a game that looks like a tactical third person shooter with RPG mechanics to a cover based shooter that looks tactical but it is really isn’t just who shoots more.

my 2nd issue with the game is the idea of loot and gear, in Diablo 3 when I get a new piece of gear that I want I know what difference it will make to my play style and also I can see it appearing on screen right in front of me, same thing in Destiny you get a new Exotic weapon or armor will make you look different and play different. in Division however a new gun will have higher damage but it is not gonna freeze enemies to death or shoot lasers it is gonna be the same looking gun that does more damage against guys in hoodies, and I am scared that will get really old really fast and by really fast I mean one week after.

These issues make the game really uninteresting, it is a game that could have made a great single player or co-op experience instead but a setting like this might not work well for an MMO, I still haven’t tried the PvP which I hear it is the best part of the Beta at least and I am definitely not skipping on the game based on these impressions but at the same time I am not as excited as I was for Destiny a month before it release.

My favorite Space Hard Sci-Fi films

Hard Science Fiction is a subgenre of Sci-fi which deals with scientifically accurate fiction which can be found through the work of Arthur C. Clark and Issac Asimov, for me it is very interesting when the author tries to explain their fictional stories as much as they can using accurate scientific terms and theories, this subgenre can be applied to a lot of other subgenres like heists such as Inception or cop drama like Robocop or detective stories like Minority report but for me they truly shine in space, the following is my favorite examples of Space Sci-fi films:

  • 2001 : A Space Odyssey 
    in 1968 Stanley Kubrick confused the hell out of a lot of people with this movie, written by him and Arthur C. Clark at the same time 2001 is about the journey of mankind from unintelligent apes who are just trying to survive to explorers of the universe and space, the brilliance of this movie is how Kubrik managed to adapt the novel without being verbal at all and used his imagery to speak for its self it is a very hard movie to understand at first but if you are anything like me you will pick up the book right after you are done with this one and continue with it.
  •  Sunshine
    Directed by Danny Boyle the 2007 sci-fi didn’t find a lot of success at the box office but it was very well received by fanatics of the genre, the film is basically about a near future where our sun is going out of juice and a manned mission is headed there to detonate a “Payload” to turn it back up again, without spoiling anything this movie will creep you out at the end and it is a fantastic film.
  • Moon
    When man kind found a way to harvest the sun’s energy on the surface of the moon they set up a station up there with Sam Rockwell, directed by Duncan Jones and staring Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey, Moon was one of the biggest sleeper hits a movie no one expected with a tiny budget to this day it is one of the few good movies that I suggest to anyone who is interested in this subgenre.
  • The Martian 
    2015’s Ridley Scott directed survival film was a big hit both critically and commercially, staring Matt Damon the movie is my favorite in 2015, it is a very good movie that offers a funny and compelling look into a man’s struggle with disco music, and survival on a remote planet that doesn’t support life.
  • Interstellar
    Directed by the always amazing Christopher Nolan Interstellar is the story of man kind leaving earth and looking for another planet to live on, at its core it is about a father and daughter’s love across time and space. I wouldn’t lie if I said I have seen this movie over 10 times and I still ask my friends to watch it with me again, I get really excited when someone watches it because I know they will have many questions and I get to answer them this is a movie that I will I will lose my memory to watch it again it is that good, but believe it or not you will most likely not like it this much if you only watched it once.

Nothing beats a good Sci-fi that you can debate with your friends with, and these movies will keep the debate open for years and years and that makes them really worth it.

Are we still have fun Bungie?


Destiny is and will be a major title this generation and in a lot of ways the game is great it is fun it is easy to connect with friends and when new content arrives the game is challenging for a while, mechanically Destiny is one of the best shooters out there and it does have one of the best Sci-Fi settings in all of video games, but recently the game has been suffering from a lot of weird decisions by Bungie and lack of recourses might be the problem Bungie might have bitten more than they could chew and for a live game that is a major problem. initially a game like Destiny just like Diablo 3 or Warframe needs to keep people interested in playing on a daily or at least weekly base otherwise they might move on to another game and put your game behind which is a death sentence to the game, the following points is 5 ways Bungie could make Destiny fun again for players without developing too many new content :

  • Patrol difficulty levels : Patrols are the most unused part of Destiny they are boring and most the boredom comes from lack of challenge and reward aside from bounties rarely people play Patrol and there is a way to make this part more interesting by giving people the option to choose difficulty and choosing higher difficulty should give you better loot and rewards.
  • Seasons : I went back to Diablo 3 recently and my god I am hooked on the Seasons system, it is a simple idea you created a seasonal character and play it through the duration of the season and you get better loot for your other characters, why this is not a thing yet?
  • Dayz or The Division like PvP : We’ve all heard of The Division’s Dark Zone PvP/PvE mode and it is what makes most people excited for the game (Me included), what if Destiny had that? imagine a zone on rumored Mercury planet that had high level gear that you had to fight off other guardians and aliens to get to the drop ship like the Phobos mission in The Taken King, Wouldn’t you be interested in that?
  • Patrol PvP : I have said this on many occasions so did many other players Patrol PvP should be a thing, you should be able to choose to turn it on and off when you enter patrol and the game should pair you up with people who has the same setting on, and Iron Banner like unbalanced like setting could make you scared for your life while trying to hide behind some a hive knight in the cosmodrome.
  • Horde mode : A horde mode that doesn’t make you wait and defend a point, but instead go from one point to another capture it while fighting off hordes of aliens, just imagine the possibilities of maps like Mars and Venus can provide you with cover and ideas for tactics, make this mode 6 player and ramp up the difficulty to hard raid like with no reviving until the next point is captured, seriously why is this not a thing yet?

while these will probably never make it to the game but I really think they will make the game a lot more fun simply because people love Destiny’s gameplay and having more options like this is going to make me and many players who left the game come back to it while we wait for Destiny 2 to hit us with all it got.

The Big Short (Review)

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.56.14 AM

The Big Short is directed by Adam McKay stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt and it is a story about the 2008 house market crash, if you are unfamiliar with the event you might find yourself a bit at loss with this movie’s opening but soon it explains everything in a humorous and rather extraordinary way with Ryan Gosling’s character breaking the fourth wall,time traveling and asking celebrities to explain what was going on in an over the top extraordinary fashion.

The film received universal acclaim from many critics and it is currently nominated for five academy awards including Adam McKay’s first Oscar nom for best director and rightfully so, while he primarily works in comedy his work on The Big Short is impressive he takes a very serious subject and breaks it down with a funny narration it reminded me of 2011’s Cancer Comedy 50/50 staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen of dealing with a serious tragic subject in a way that is funny, entreating, informative and not offensive to the people who suffered this tragedy. he also makes some very cleaver and well thought out mentions of the 2005-2008 era which makes you immerse into the film even more.

in a way this movie has an all male cast, the female characters are usually none existence often on the other end of a phone call and the cast is amazing, Christian Bale passed on True Detective season 2 for this movie and now they are both out we can agree that he made the right call he plays a very very weird man with some rather unusual looks on his face and it is amazing I loved his performance but he is not the ultimate driving force to me Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling was, they delivered a really solid performance of two very different characters one angry and righteous who is trying to do the right thing and one calm and cool and just want to profit off the tragedy, Brad Pitt’s role is small but he also shines as always.

Verdict : The Big Short is an amazing movie in many ways it is funny and interesting while being informative and sympathetic to catastrophic event that almost destroyed the American economy and to this day the world’s economy is still trying to recover from it.