Bloodborne (Review)


Playing — Bloodborne before any of the souls series is like going on a blind date with someone your closest female friend set up when you are 35 and she is 33 at the beginning you realize there are a lot of resistance and flags that this might go horribly wrong and but soon you will end up having a very good time, so good in fact you wonder why the hell I haven’t played any of the Souls series before this?

The Good — Combat
The combat is fairly straight forward if you look at it like any other third person action RPG, but the further you go into the game the more complicated the combat gets, first of all each weapon plays very differently than the others, each has two forms that varies the fighting style, usually players will pick one and stick with it and for me that was the Holy Blade.

The better — The Hidden Story
For most people Bloodborne has no story, you just walk around kill beasts and bosses and when you are done with it you are done with it, but if you read the item descriptions you will uncover a large series of events that happened before you ever set a foot in Yharnam, uncovering this story and connecting the dots is a challenging task but it is one that is worth the leg work.

The Awesome — Bosses
A boss fight in Bloodborne could take up to 10 minutes if you are very careful and don’t attack aggressively, but each fight is strategic and different from the other some requires you to lock on your prey and some you need to roll and dodge until you have an open window to attack the beast, usually the boss fights has two stages the second stage or as it is known as “The Wounded Beast Stage” starts after the beast loses %50 of it’s health, then things get fast and scary!

The Awesomeness — Yharnam
Yharnam is the name of the city that you are task to “uncover its mystery”, the atmosphere is really unmatched the sound design makes it so captivating when you walk in an alley for the first time and you hear the sounds the beasts make in the background it is just amazing, complimented by it is a level design so well thought out you will always find new alleys and shortcuts and hidden paths that makes your journey in Yharnam one that you wont forget anytime soon.

Verdict — there is a little technical issues here and there in Bloodborne that hurts the game a little but it is nothing in comparison to what the game offers unless you are one of those faint hearted easily scared gamers who don’t ever want to try something new let Bloodborne soak you in one of the best games of 2015 if not the best.


Daredevil (Review)


it — appears that Marvel can’t do anything wrong these days, with the biggest movie franchise in history the comic book giant is breaking into TV with last year’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and this year’s Agent Carter and at the same time it appears that they are not willing to give up on their less famous characters as well, last year Netflix announced 4 Marvel series and one mini series is set to come out on the streaming platform starting with Daredevil and Jessica Jones to Luke Cage and Iron Fist all leading up to The Defenders mini series, kinda like what they did with The Avengers, well here I will give you my thoughts on the first of those four series : Daredevil!

The Good — Setting
While the MCU is not very dark and gritty the good folks behind Daredevil decided to make this one every bit as brutal as the comics that it is based on, Hell’s Kitchen is a very dark and depressing place crime is at its peak and corruption is everywhere, not for the light hearted.

The Great — Cast
While the good guys do a very decent job especially Debora and Charlie the villain takes the spotlight for the best performance, he is ruthless and you see a side of him that is both gentle and sad yet at the same time broken, one of the things that really captivated me was his morning routine and the way he prepared his breakfast it was just so well done.

The Awesomeness — Direction and writing
It is always a make or break when it comes to direction, you can’t be too focused on the main story with nothing on the side but focus on the side stories too much and you will lose your audience so finding that perfect balance is really key here and Daredevil found it and took it home, with almost no drama stretches it is amazing how deep this season goes into the heroes and the villains without losing a lot of time building up to it, few shows can do that this well.

The Perfection — Fight scene
Particularly “THAT” fight scene, I don’t want to spoil anything but if you have seen the show you know what I am talking about.

Marvel’s Netflix Universe (yes I call it that) is shaping up to be one of the best we have ever seen with an awesome cast and characters and hints at a larger universe ahead the show keeps you on your toes for 13 hours, it is an amazing journey, one I really recommend you to take.