Borderlands 2 (Review)


The First — Borderlands game came out in 2010, I bought it day one and I was very excited for it simply because I was obsessed with the words RPG and post apocalyptic and that was the buzz around the game, the reviews for the game was pretty positive back then and that was also a good indicator that am going to enjoy Borderlands and I keep hearing on phrase over and over which was “The Diablo Shooter” and that wasn’t such a big seller for me since I didn’t play much Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 wasn’t out yet but still Borderlands had enough to keep me hooked, and when I finally got it it was even better than what I set myself up for it was a real shooter not the on-rail bullshit that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was, it was a good RPG with interesting classes and quests and loot, and it was a good game with an interesting world and characters perhaps the story could have been better but still it was very good, the game did well and Gearbox quickly begun developing the next Borderlands game and I was very excited for it, I remember when this trailer came out and I was Hooked! all I wanted was the game, but sadly due to the fact that I was half alive in 2012 I passed on it, kept telling my self I will play it soon and never did and soon the Vita version was announced last year and I told myself I will play that version and that one turned out to be crap so last week I downloaded Borderlands 2 on PS3 and jumped right in, the following is what I thought of it after 44 hours of continuous gaming


first of all the game plays very well, it looks and sounds very very well the cel shaded graphics hold till this day and the game has a good soundtrack with some very awesome voice acting, one very cool thing I noticed this time around is the writing which quickly became the highlight of the game for me for it’s humor Borderlands 2 is very funny to a point sometimes when I got a call from Jack or anyone I forgot to pay attention to the rest of the game and focus on that only it is a shame your character is silent because I would have loved for this to play more like Mass Effect and less like Skyrim but still can’t complain, more goodness from this game is the diverse amount of enemies you encounter and that also makes your stay in Pandora very memorable.


you gotta know something very well while playing Borderlands 2, the game is difficult and you will get killed a lot luckily you have an arsenal of over a million randomised guy at your disposal to tackle these hard times with, from element effect weapons (Electricity, fire, slag, explosion, and poison) to special powers based on your class and so on, it is up to you to know how you will take on these challenges and you will also run out of bullets…OFTEN! so upgrade your weapons as much as you can


in the end, I believe Borderlands 2 in a brilliant game packed with content and humor and guns to shoot people with and it looks like Gearbox is looking into expanding the Borderlands universe since the 2nd game sold so well they have 2 new games set in the world of Borderlands coming this year Tales from the Borderlands a game by Telltale and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel a prequel to Borderlands 2 and Semi-Sequel to Borderlands 1 is set to hit the shelves later this year


HearthStone and why everyone should play this game


I never — played a card game before, to be even more honest I hated everything about card games even those RPGs that use card battle style were never my type (anyone remember Metal Gear Ac!d, damn I was pissed about that game being a card game) any way, when Blizzard announced HeathStone I was very disappointed hoping for a new WarCraft game and to be answered with a Magic the Gathering like game was heart breaking and I avoided knowing anything about this game, time went by and everyone kept talking about it and I acted like I didn’t hear a thing the iPad version came out a while back I downloaded it and never even clicked on it for days until one night, one night I was in bed doing what we all do (Texting) and I had some time for my own I was done with what I was doing (With Texting) and I was about to sleep but sleep never came so I clicked HeathStone and wanted to see how the game is maybe am missing something? while I was still skeptical about it since I never liked card games I went through the tutorials and game after game the Hearth pulled me in, before I knew it I was playing at 5 am and my one and only issue was running out of charge! and this is been going on for almost two weeks all I do is play a match or two and before I know it am doing my 15th match and I am fully hooked! 


Now, let me tell you why you should play this game : simply because it is unlike anything you will ever play, while a game like Child of Light might show you a beautiful world and let you experience a coming of age story HearthStone just lets you play! simple as that Play with what you have, and the best part of it your opponent is a human being who is also playing with what he has been given so it is a fair game, you can create a deck of very awesome cards and use the most suitable class to play yet it is never about any of that, because just like you everyone else has access to all the classes and all the cards and it is just a matter of “How” you play and not what you play, and it is a very unique situation the same strategy that you used with someone and break him to pieces it might make you lose 30-0, every match is different and this is keeping me on the edge of my seat every time!


in the end for the price of zero dollars and being available on a bunch of systems (PC, Mac, iPad) I think everyone (and I mean everyone) should give HearthStone a chance and I doubt anyone will be disappointed.

Child of Light (Review)



Video — Game industry is a very strange one simply because it is changing every few years or so, now days it is filled with words like 1080p, 60fps, and Troy Baker, don’t get me wrong I think a Last of Us Remastered on Playstation 4 running a 60fps on 1080p voiced by Troy Baker is going to be awesome but how about a break from all that? a while back when I heard the director and writer of Far Cry 3 which was one of my favorite games of 2012 and it was a mind bending brutally harsh game was working on a jRPG that will use the Ubi Art Framework engine and it will be a coming of age fairy tale I was very interested and I wanted to see more of this, well trailer after trailer came out and the game sounded more interesting, and I can say without a doubt that the final game despite some few things here and there delivered on that promise and more


lets talk gameplay before everything, in a nutshell Child of Light is a Japanese style Role Playing game despite the fact that it was made in canada, outside of battle the game is a 2D side scrolling platformer which you play as Aurora and she is the Princess of Austria and she finds herself is the strange land of Lemuria, inside of battles it is turn based battle style like all the Final Fantasy games before it, you have a meter in the center of the screen with Wait and Cast on it, during wait you well wait and during cast you cast and if one of your characters got hit during Cast you get interrupted and that is the same for your enemies, the basic of all RPGs is here some enemies are vulnerable to some elements water creatures to lighting, wood creatures to fire, fire to water and so on, you have a Gem system called Oculi, which you can equip it on your weapons and armor and time to gain Elemental powers and defense and a Chance for critical attack, you gain 1 skill point at the end of every battle and you have a very simple skill tree to unlock skills on it, nothing super fancy all simple and very straight forward and I think for a 7-10 hour game they have nailed the gameplay part, the game by no means is hard but it doesn’t shy away from a challenging battle either, if you are not careful you could end up getting killed by a simple mob or if you play the Wait and Cast System right you could beat the hardest boss very easily


the game looks like a watercolor painting, every frame of Child of Light should end up in a gallery because this is what ART is, and to top that the soundtrack is so beautiful and moving and it is so emotional which makes flying around feel like a magical experience, sadly the lack of voice acting is a let down they wrote all those beautiful rhymes I wish they took the time and voice acted it too it would have made a huge difference and in my opinion that was the biggest downside of this game


in the end Child of Light was a beautiful, emotional and funny at times game that was both real and sad and happy and everything good here and there, I hope UbiSoft keep on creating new IPs using this format because I really wish someday (10-15) years from now I could let my own children play the 4K remastered voiced by Troy Baker version of Child of Light

the Best things I ever bought

I — talk a lot about video games and movies and TV shows, but I thought I would try a different approach this time, I buy alot of things and more often I love or hate something that I spent my money on, the following is a list of things that I personally love and cherish


  • Any Apple Product
    I am a proud owner of a Mac, an iPhone, two iPads (a mini and a regular) and an iPod, I freaking love them now I know for the money I spend I could buy equivalent to all that and a car too but I just enjoy using these products they are easy to navigate easy to use and more importantly always WORKS! I never have to fix any of them or hit them in the back to make them work they just do and that is for the most part awesome.
  • Playstation
    I love Video Games (Duh!) and for all of us gamers you do need something to play on so recently I decided to go with a PlayStation 4 and I love it so far, the controller is amazing and the machine is really powerful beside the PS4 I also have a PSvita which I play a lot on, I always loved handheld gaming and Vita is really good very easy to hold and very powerful too
  • Nintendo Handhelds
    I have skipped on Nintendo home consoles since the Wii, I fucking hate those and the effects of those terrible consoles is showing within the company’s 3 year annual lose but I always loved Nintendo handhelds, the DS was one of my all time favorite handhelds and I think I have put in more hours to that console than I did into anything and now the 3DS is kicking it with great games a vast array of games coming soon to it too
  • Converse shoes 
    these badboys are a must for anyone, first of all everyone thinks they look great and second of all they are cheap you might think $50+ for a pair of shoes is not cheap but think about it these things will last you a year if you wear them everyday! everyfuckingday!
  • OldSpice deodorant 
    trust me on this! the ladies will like you big time!

so here they are, a list of things that I really love and use all the time I know they were almost all gaming related but still this is a mostly gaming blog so what did you expect.