the Best things I ever bought

I — talk a lot about video games and movies and TV shows, but I thought I would try a different approach this time, I buy alot of things and more often I love or hate something that I spent my money on, the following is a list of things that I personally love and cherish


  • Any Apple Product
    I am a proud owner of a Mac, an iPhone, two iPads (a mini and a regular) and an iPod, I freaking love them now I know for the money I spend I could buy equivalent to all that and a car too but I just enjoy using these products they are easy to navigate easy to use and more importantly always WORKS! I never have to fix any of them or hit them in the back to make them work they just do and that is for the most part awesome.
  • Playstation
    I love Video Games (Duh!) and for all of us gamers you do need something to play on so recently I decided to go with a PlayStation 4 and I love it so far, the controller is amazing and the machine is really powerful beside the PS4 I also have a PSvita which I play a lot on, I always loved handheld gaming and Vita is really good very easy to hold and very powerful too
  • Nintendo Handhelds
    I have skipped on Nintendo home consoles since the Wii, I fucking hate those and the effects of those terrible consoles is showing within the company’s 3 year annual lose but I always loved Nintendo handhelds, the DS was one of my all time favorite handhelds and I think I have put in more hours to that console than I did into anything and now the 3DS is kicking it with great games a vast array of games coming soon to it too
  • Converse shoes 
    these badboys are a must for anyone, first of all everyone thinks they look great and second of all they are cheap you might think $50+ for a pair of shoes is not cheap but think about it these things will last you a year if you wear them everyday! everyfuckingday!
  • OldSpice deodorant 
    trust me on this! the ladies will like you big time!

so here they are, a list of things that I really love and use all the time I know they were almost all gaming related but still this is a mostly gaming blog so what did you expect.


Author: Aza Jabar


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