HearthStone and why everyone should play this game


I never — played a card game before, to be even more honest I hated everything about card games even those RPGs that use card battle style were never my type (anyone remember Metal Gear Ac!d, damn I was pissed about that game being a card game) any way, when Blizzard announced HeathStone I was very disappointed hoping for a new WarCraft game and to be answered with a Magic the Gathering like game was heart breaking and I avoided knowing anything about this game, time went by and everyone kept talking about it and I acted like I didn’t hear a thing the iPad version came out a while back I downloaded it and never even clicked on it for days until one night, one night I was in bed doing what we all do (Texting) and I had some time for my own I was done with what I was doing (With Texting) and I was about to sleep but sleep never came so I clicked HeathStone and wanted to see how the game is maybe am missing something? while I was still skeptical about it since I never liked card games I went through the tutorials and game after game the Hearth pulled me in, before I knew it I was playing at 5 am and my one and only issue was running out of charge! and this is been going on for almost two weeks all I do is play a match or two and before I know it am doing my 15th match and I am fully hooked! 


Now, let me tell you why you should play this game : simply because it is unlike anything you will ever play, while a game like Child of Light might show you a beautiful world and let you experience a coming of age story HearthStone just lets you play! simple as that Play with what you have, and the best part of it your opponent is a human being who is also playing with what he has been given so it is a fair game, you can create a deck of very awesome cards and use the most suitable class to play yet it is never about any of that, because just like you everyone else has access to all the classes and all the cards and it is just a matter of “How” you play and not what you play, and it is a very unique situation the same strategy that you used with someone and break him to pieces it might make you lose 30-0, every match is different and this is keeping me on the edge of my seat every time!


in the end for the price of zero dollars and being available on a bunch of systems (PC, Mac, iPad) I think everyone (and I mean everyone) should give HearthStone a chance and I doubt anyone will be disappointed.


Author: Aza Jabar


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