Colony Season 1 (Review)


Colony is created by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal for the USA channel, Staring Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies. the show wrapped its first season in 2016 and currently airing Season 2.

The story follows Will played by Holloway and Kaite played by Callies, a married couple with three children in a dystopian future following an Alien occupation of Earth, humans now live under a strict military force which imposes a curfew and they will shoot people on sight if they break any of the rules, their laws are implemented by a group of selected humans that are collaborating with the aliens. I don’t want to talk much about the story but one thing is important to talk about, Will is an ex-FBI agent who is very good at finding people for this matter the leader of the human collaborators forces Will to accept a job at an intelligence agency to find the resistance, while Katie is working with the resistance and spying on her husband for them, this isn’t a spoiler per say because it happens during episode one.

I think the show’s best aspect is that everyone is fighting for something and no one is a pure good or bad the motives here are on full display and they are clear, while not very compelling or well written they are at least there and I did feel like every character has a good reason to do what they are doing which leads me to the worst aspect of the show, the central mystery which is a very dangerous hole some shows find themselves in they create a mystery that drives the show and that reveal of that mystery could be that thin line between a good show or a bad show, I was pleasantly surprised with shows like Man in the High Castle and Game of Thrones that handled their mystery very well so I am hopping it is the same with Colony but the thing is this show’s mystery is a bit weird, the whole thing is about the identity of the Aliens and their motives see in Colony no one has seen or spoken to the Aliens except for a selected few, they seem to be living on the Moon or in orbit and whoever opposes them they rain fire down him from above we also realize that their attack was planned for years and it didn’t just happen out of nowhere and they had a database containing information about everyone on earth, the point I am making is unless the reveal of that mystery is very well thought out from the beginning and they know where they are taking the show it could end up being a big let down at then.

Verdict : Colony is not a bad show but it isn’t great either, it has an interesting setting and does a good job to make its characters have a believable motive behind their actions but it is all relying on that one mystery which could make or break the show. (6.5/10.0)