The 90th Academy Awards Predictions


Jimmy Kimmel will host the 90th Academy Awards tonight and like I do every year I will do my predictions for some of the categories, last year I had 7 out of 8 correct predictions but somehow this year I think I will be way off!

  • Best Picture: (Went to The Shape of Water)
    Who Will Win: Lady Bird
    Who I want to win: Dunkirk
  • Best Director: (Went to Guillermo Del Toro)
    Who Will Win: Christopher Nolan
    Who I want to Win: Christopher Nolan
  • Actor in leading role: (Called it)
    Who Will Win: Gary Oldman
    Who I want to win: Danian Day-Lewis
  • Actress in Leading Role: (Called it)
    Who will win: Frances McDormand
    Who I want to win: Frances McDormand
  • Actor in supporting role: (Called it)
    Who will win: Sam Rockwell
    Who I want to win: Woody Harrelson
  • Actress in supporting role: (Went to Allison Jenny)
    Who will win: Octavia Spencer
    Who I want to win: Octavia Spencer
  • Best Score: (Alexandre Desplat)
    Who will win: Hans Zimmer
    Who I want to win: Hans Zimmer
  • Best Cinematography:(Called it)
    Who will win: Roger Deakins
    Who I want to win: Roger Deakins

I will update this post tomorrow after the event and see how well I did this year.


Dunkirk (Review)


Dunkirk is written and directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy as well as a group of young actors. It is the story of the evacuation of the British army that was stuck on the shores of France surrounded by Nazi forces.

Before even watching the movie, you might notice that none of the posters mention any actors. This is deliberate: most of them don’t get to say more than a few words. The film is practically a silent movie and which allows Christopher Nolan to tell a story using visuals and mad directing skills. This movie might not be for everyone and a lot of people might even walk away being bored and frustrated but almost everyone that has seen this movie agrees that Nolan is the true star of the film as the masterful director. If you watch Dunkirk and didn’t know anything about the story, you will be confused and quite frankly bored because a majority of people watch a movie to understand its story and enjoy character development and you are not getting any of that here. Instead you will get a film that shows you war and how scary it is, how frightening it is to be stuck on a beach with no hope and being shot at like a fish in a barrel. You get a sense of the scale and the massive nothingness of the sea that they want to cross but can’t, Dunkirk owes a great debt to Terrance Malik movies because it does feel like there is a great deal of him in the film. Nolan takes Malik’s calm approach to storytelling and turns the volume up high with the sounds of airplanes, bombs and gunfire that effectively transport you to Dunkirk. The music and sounds of the film play a great role.

Hans Zimmer’s score elevates the tension that Nolan creates with the scale of the film. The sounds of the planes before they attack the beach will hurt your ears and that is what makes this film an experience and not just a film. The experience will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Verdict: Christopher Nolan has a vast number of haters simply because he exists and Dunkirk is not going to make them stop hating him and his work. As for the rest of us, whether you are a fan of him or just cinema in general, Dunkirk is going to be a film that will stay with you and change the way you think of how visual story telling is done. (10.0/10.0)