Whatsapp People? Guess what? Facebook bought Flappy Bird for 1 Gazillion dollars!

Facebook — The Giant Social network website that am sure we all use or used at one point in our lives announced that they have bought Whatsapp for 16 Billion dollars, yes you heard me correctly Facebook Bought Flappy Bird for 1 Gazillion Dollars!



According to the recent Stats and numbers that I don’t know how to read the Popular App has 450 million users with 70% of them being daily users and Facebook was like “Yeah man we gotta reach out and expand our market and reach out to those 450 million users who are not aware of facebook” and after he took another buff from his Joint he continued “We gotta reach out man”, so I think it is time for me to tell you what do I think of it, I think for most this is Bullshit because of one little reason : FACEBOOK ALREADY HAS MESSENGER WHY DO THEY NEED WHATSAPP? I mean Flappy Bird!


You see? the image above is a comparison I pulled from Google, Facebook has an App that is already being used by more users than whatsapp so why they made this move? and the worst part of all this was 2 years ago I stop using facebook regularly and moved to Instagram and Whatsapp because Facebook now is filled with Parents and old school if you need some privacy you gotta move out and now both those Apps are own by facebook, the next thing you know you get notifications about random people asking what is your number on Whatsapp seriously why this is happening, so in case you (like me) need to find a new medium to chat on without the rest of your facebook friends on I suggest either Viber or BBM they are both pretty good and quite frankly better than Whatsapp especially Viber.





Dear Kojima borrow some BALLS from Ken Levine

So we all heard the news about Irrational Games laying off %90 of their staff (if you haven’t click here) because obviously my man Kenny wants to have a smaller team with a flatter structure to create games for the Core Audience, lets talk about his from a business stand point first, BioShock Series has been one of the major AAA games this past generation, it sold over 15 million copies for all 3 games combined and that is a huge number considering this game was for the most part a Single player game with a heavy focus on narrative and story telling and that is not a recipe for 20 million titles sold in this day and age, so the thought of letting go of %90 of the team and starting from scratch takes some serious balls Kinda like these :


I think for most gamers we have alot of mixed feelings here, some of us most likely wanted to see the next Irrational BioShock from Ken himself, some of us are very excited about the next project and some people don’t really care because they are busy getting headshots like it is 2007, I personally think it is going to be great for Ken to be free from managements and structures and focus solely on creating games like he obviously love to do and I also see the examples of Peter Molyneux,Shinji Mikami,Hideki Kamiya, and Keiji Inafune who went out there and started their own thing and some of the games that they are making sounds really exciting like The Evil Within and that Megaman Successor thingy, so now lets talk about Kojima (Warning : Angry talk is coming up)


This guy was my favorite game developer growing up for couple of reasons (1- I knew his name, 2- his games were awesome) and he really was the father of cinematic storytelling in games, to this day am a sucker for Stealth games and I think it all begun with him, ever since Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation this guy has been talking about a New IP, a New IP he is going to create and write and produce just like he did with Metal Gear Solid and he will give Metal Gear Solid to the younger members of his team and if this was a show I would call the next Segment “food me one E3 shame on you, fool me all the E3s shame on me”, he hasn’t made shit outside of the Metal Gear Series ever, which makes me think maybe it is not his decision to make, maybe Konami is the real asshole here and why not lets think about it for a second Konami is not the company we used to know I mean they barely make games any more I know it is a Toy Company mostly but all they have left is Metal Gear and Castlevania and a soccer game that no one really care about, maybe Konami is pushing Kojima to keep making these MGS games and if that is the case then

Dear Kojima

why don’t you borrow some balls from Ken Levine and start from scratch

with love always

Seriously why doesn’t he? am sure what ever he makes with a smaller team will get tons of Funding and he will have a shit load of support from Fans and he will finally make something worthy of his name and legacy outside of 2 hour long game that am pretty sure the first 20 mins it is going to be a tutorial that tells you “to use an item press X” over the codex, come on man don’t shit all over your self with every new game you make and enough with the puzzles and Moby Dick Studios mind games that you are playing it is not funny anymore, am pretty sure there is not enough time Gaps between the Metal Gear games that you can fit a bunch of other prequels to it anyway so why don’t you just quit being a wuss and quit your job!?

I guess that is all I wanted to say, Cheers

The Elder Scrolls Online, and a Rant about why am In love with Bethesda games

in 2008 I moved to Malaysia to study I remember that before I go there I bought a HP Pavilion Laptop which was heavy as fuck and I was using it for everything, I lived in a tiny apartment that was located inside my collage (it wasn’t a dorm) and I did not have any housemates I was blessed with that, despite the fact that I used to go out of the house as much as I could but during my semester break most of my mates went out of the country and I was left alone so I went to a nearby game shop and bought a copy of BioShock, and a Copy of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, as someone who played Morrowind for a while I had an idea what kind of a game Oblivion was but I didn’t dive into it right away, first I played Bioshock for couple of days and finished it and It was awesome then I installed Oblivion and the first couple of hours I was so lost in it, I barely remembered anything that I played 5 years ago, but I was really bored so I kept on playing and what I remember that this track that really got me all goosebumpey and made me hold up a little and look around and realize despite the fact that I was in a tiny apartment in Bangi Malaysia I was actually living in an awesome fantasy land of Tamriel for a while, and that got me hooked, days after days I kept on playing and moving from one city to another and even after I finished all the guilds and all the main stories I created my own fun and exploring the world was just an amazing feeling that I never had before



What made all this better was after I sunk in over 250 hours Bethesda came out with another game called Fallout 3 at that time my Laptop couldn’t run it so I had to get a desktop and I did, I had a little money saved up and I sold my laptop and got a high end PC and the first game I played on it was Fallout 3 and I just fell in love with it, I spent over 300 hours in it and played all the DLCs and that was one of the most glorious gaming memories ever, in just under 6 months I have spent over 550 hours playing 2 games and I just can’t explain how good that was 



Few years later, on November 11th, 2011 Bethesda released a new little game called The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim you might not heard of it ;), the night that the game came out I installed it on my PC and I ran it and went to the main menu it was 1am, and everything was working fine didn’t start a new game or anything just turned off the computer and went to bed, I woke up at 6am the next day and for more than 20 days after that I played over 15 hours a day, sometimes I didn’t do any quests or anything I just walked, and looked at the place and the beautiful world that was created in front of me, that I could do anything that I want in it, I just Loved what was happening, I had the Skyrim Music tracks on my phone and even when I walked out I used to play it and felt like I was still in the game it was amazing it truly was and few times in life you feel lucky that you played a game these 3 made me feel that was, and when I read about something like “oh the animation is bad” or “the world feels empty” all I could do is to tell these people that you just don’t get it, you don’t get this game and that is ok there are millions of people who do and am not concerned about you here, which brings me to my next topic Elder Scrolls Online here is a picture


when they announced the game in 2012 I was not having the best night, I don’t remember why but It was night in May and I was not ok and I wasn’t able to sleep so I stayed in my bed reading news on my phone and it pop up on Kotaku, the Elder Scrolls Online was announced by ZeniMax Media and it was in development by ZeniMax Online Studios (not Bethesda) for over 7 years, I came out my room screaming, my housemate (a long time Bethesda hater) was sitting in the hall and of course he gave me a lecture about how it is not going to be as good as the other games because it is not made by the same developer and all I could hear was this, ever since then news after news came out telling me that he was in fact right it is not going to be AS GOOD because it is not even trying to be, this game is it’s own game, it is an MMO within the world of Elder Scrolls and I will be able to Join the Dark Brotherhood and play unlimited assassination quests, or Join the Thieves guild and steal for a living, this is not just a dream come true it is the DREAM come true, and after watching the impressions and the Hands on previous it is obvious that a Key element of Elder Scrolls is there and it needs to be taken seriously which is the Exploration and losing yourself in this world, you can’t take this game as a MMO Solely nor you can take it as an Elder Scrolls game, it is a standing point between the two and I can’t wait for it!

Few notes :
Because most of my friends are going to play it on PS4 I also have decided to join them on the PS4, I know most people would likely play this on PC but I just like to play in my bed on my huge TV and go on Dungeon raids with people I know, moreover I will mostlikely not join PvP anytime soon since I have a hole Content to explore for now and that is why I will be saying goodbye to most of my friends this summer



so I came back from work today very excited to play the Titanfall Beta, I read this morning that if you have applied for the Beta before February 15th you will get access on 17th and 18th and I really was excited for it granted I never liked Multiplayer shooters, I was always bad at it and therefor I have always avoided it them, but I thought Titanfall is going to change all that and the fact that am not going to give it that go is not because I was wrong about the game mostly because for the past 2 hours all I did was swear at EA for having the worst….for being the WORST…fuck Origin


it is obvious that Titanfall is going to be big, this up and coming franchise is going to hit Call of Duty right where it hurts, forget the first game and focus on the 2nd one the one that comes right after Battlefield 5 and it is going to be on all the systems just a week before Call of Duty Ghost 2 hits the market and the situation is gonna be sticky for the two Titans of Game publishers and am not going to take any part in all that, because quite frankly I don’t like any of that I have nothing against those who can’t wait for that but not me, and this is why I wanted to play Titanfall because it is not that game yet it is an ambitious awesome looking game that seems very fun to play and it doesn’t seem to be like super hard and you won’t get killed every 5 mins and that is what I wanted but after today’s events I don’t think I will buy Titanfall -at least not anytime soon- because after downloading 12GB, and almost like gluing the stuff together on my PC I got an error message with no answer, and this is ok because am not paying for that but I could be, I mean we are talking about EA here this is the company that hasn’t fixed Battlefield 4 yet, took them a Year to take off the Online Mode in Sim City and wants you to pay to break a wall in Dungeon Keeper, EA sucks so bad now days that I am not sure I want to play anything they make the last generation they were ok I liked Mass Effect and Dead Space and Dragon Age Alot but am not sure they can keep up now, so yea for now EA is Public Enemy Number One for most players and this is sucks I wish it wasn’t like that and I was really excited to play this stupid Beta tonight!