The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Impressions (Until Level 5)


Elder Scrolls — Has for the most part being my favorite series, I mean if not my top favorite definitely goes as close as Zelda and Pokemon,  and The Elder Scrolls Online despite how much heat it’s been getting remained my most anticipated game through out 2012, 2013, and now 2014 and I have slowly I have given up on the idea of Skyrim MMO and whatever the actual dream is because lets face it I don’t think even technically Skyrim is possible to go online it is just not possible and lets leave it at that, let us enjoy the Single player Elder Scrolls games as we were meant to enjoy them and we all know that we do enjoy those games like hell alot so why not try something else? why not play as the races we love in the world that we love using similar mechanics? kinda like Final Fantasy Tactics which is not exactly Final Fantasy but it is similar and you can enjoy it like it is, so I played ESO with that mentality and with that my impression begins :


Graphics and Art direction — before I dive too deep in this aspect lets take a look back at Skyrim and Oblivion, they were not THE BEST LOOKING GAMES but the art style of those games made them so pretty to look at that alot of games these days, in my opinion the Sky of Oblivion alone is an example of how far an art style can go just take a look


it is really beautiful and makes you want to stand still and look at it for a while, not mentioning the snow effects of Skyrim and the way the music plays along it is just one of the few reasons why I can just walk around in these games and not care much what I do here is another example


it is haunting if nothing else, and Elder Scrolls Online really shines when it comes to graphics, it has one of the most beautifully crafted environments and beautiful character models and one of the most impressive art designs it is not as ARTISTIC as Guild Wars 2 because they try to remain a realistically looking game as much as possible and they have successfully did that, more over the lighting effects are phenomenal for an MMO at least they look very beautiful, overall the game is the best looking MMO in the market for sure and this is says alot.

Music and Sound — Jeremy Soule did an amazing job with the previous games tracks like this and this are still on my phone and I play it when I go for walks, just makes feel like am still in the game, and ESO is no exception the music and sound design (while a little buggy) is really top notch, and this is I think the first MMO to be fully voiced, and that is going to make you want to talk to NPCs and sit and listen to the quests and not just burn through them and all that are good perks, ESO also has a steller cast of voice actors who makes the game even more impressive, and no surprises here.

Gameplay — While I suggest that you should check out some of the video previews that you can find on this channel to get a better idea of how the game play in ESO works, basically it is %90 regular Elder Scrolls Gameplay and %10 MMO, you have the action bar which you can fill it with attacks and special moves that you unlock by leveling up and the best part of it all is the fact that you can use any item, any weapon or armor anytime you want and that is like the best thing I have ever heard because I am so sick and tired of MMOs telling me that you can’t equip a sword while being a mage or be a stealthy Tank..WHY THE FUCK NOT? well ESO allows you to do all that, the First person view is not the best the series has to offer but the 3rd person is great and very responsive.

Bugs, glitches and Server issues — it was beta so yes the hole thing was very glitchy and buggy, I tried to sell a few items and it went out of the server and sometimes the quest did not finish due to a bug and so on, these are to be expected and am also expecting some glitches after launch also, I don’t know if it was just because of the beta or the Mega Server was lagging sometimes so I am kinda worried about that and we will see what is up with that when the game comes out.

The MMO Concerns — in 2011 I realized that I don’t have MMO experience and as someone who takes gaming very seriously I don’t like to leave a genre out and never try it, so I tried couple of Free-to-Play games and I did like them at the beginning and then I tried a full MMO experience Guild Wars 2 which was amazing, after spending almost 500 hours in it I realized that MMOs are not just a game you play and leave when ever you want, MMOs are almost a part of your life style and the moment you decide to play it you have to understand you are living two lives now and you have to make sure you keep up in both worlds, as someone who is working all the time and also has a very busy social life it is hard to maintain them both and this is what drives me away from most MMOs after a while which brings me to my next thoughts regarding Elder Scrolls Online “How much time I am going to put in?” well for starters I can roll out PvP since I never liked PvP any way, which leaves PvE and Exploration and also I would like to play all the Guilds (know that The Dark Brotherhood and Mages Guild is not going to be available on launch) and also dungeons with friends and that, I would like to be able to play more than on character at least after a while and I do expect to get off the game couple of months after it launches at least for some time and resubscribe to it in the coming years, I do hope however the game will enjoy alot of success which will lead ZeniMax to put in more time and effort in adding more content like they are doing with Guild Wars 2 which I think it is fantastic.

So thus concludes my very first impressions on ESO, know that I deliberately did not talk about the monthly subscription and is it worth it because I was sold on the game long ago and I do not think 15$ a month is alot….for fuck’s sake 15$ will not buy me lunch at a decent restaurant so why is that too much?



and I wish the Oscar will go to….


March 2nd — will mark the night the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science will handout the 86th academy awards most commonly known as the Oscars to the nominees in various categories, the event will be live on ABC and hosted by the comedian Ellen DeGeneres, and despite the fact that I don’t really care about awards it is hard to not want your favorite people to take some statues home, so here are my Wishes for the Oscars tonight, those that I wish they win and those who I think they will win in some of the categories because I have no idea about some of them, here we go

Actor in leading role : (Went to Matthew Mcconaughey Alright, Alright Alright)
Who Will Win : Chiwetel Ejiofor
this guy did a great job in one of the year’s biggest films, he does deserve the recognition that he has been given so far I just hope Jennifer Lawrence knows how to pronounce his name

Who I want to Win : Leonardo DiCaprio
he is amazing and everyone knows it, he is almost cursed with the academy and I really want to watch the internet go insane for couple of days


Actor in Supporting Role (Called it)
Who Will Win : Jared Leto
Rarely people play Cross dressers as good as he did, he was very compelling and did give a once in a life time performance

Who I want to Win : Michael Fassbender
I love this man, and I want to see him in more projects and the Oscar is just going to make sure he gets more recognized, on top of that he did an amazing job in 12 Years a Slave in my opinion he was the heart of the movie


Actress in Leading role (Called it)
Who Will Win : Cate Blanchett
Blue Jasmine is a great movie, and when an actor is the reason why this movie is so great that talent rarely will go unnoticed, and Cate really killed it this time so am guessing it is a home run for her

Who I want to win : Amy Adams
One of my die for crushes, I really like everything she does (Except in Man of Steel she looked Horny the entire movie) and she is like the Female Leo, she was nominated several times and it is about time she nabs something


Actress in Supporting Role : (Called it)
Who Will Win : Lupita Nyong’o
I think it is well deserved if she wins, I just want to hear Christoph Waltz to pronounce her name

Who I want to win : Jennifer Lawrence
it is no secret the internet LOVE Jennifer Lawrence, and she deserves all the love she is getting she is the coolest, and she just have the best personality and so much fun in interviews and the internet will be on fire if she wins 2 years in a row


Best Director : (Called it)
Who Will Win : Alfonso Cuarón
his film is nominated for 10 Oscars and I think it is all because of him, the movie is amazing and there is no denying that and this guy should take home the statue

Who I want to win : David O. Russell
This guy makes great films The fighter ,Silver linings playbook were awesome and he topped all of them with American Hustle, so I really want him to win best director this year, he totally deserves it too


Best Picture (Called it)
Who Will Win : 12 Years a Slave
it is no secret this was the most buzzed about this year, so it will not be a surprise if it win, and it does have what it takes to win

Who I want to win : American Hustle
This movie has a piece of my heart, I thought it was brilliant and it totally deserves the best picture

so this is what I think, and we shall see who will win tonight!

Root of All things One Dimensional

Kinetica — is the only game Sony Santa Monica ever produced aside from the God of War Series, the studio was hit with layoffs and rumors of a game cancellation this week and this makes me want to talk about why do I think Santa Monica is not a good studio and since am going to shit all over them lets talk about God of War a little as well, here we go!


One man, Big and strong goes on a rampage killing his former colleagues and fucks all the women in a R-Rated Blood Bath which was not directed by Quentin Tarantino because if it was that One guy was going to be a good character but in this mess of god-knows-what no one knows if Kratos is a good guy? a bad guy? a Jerk? a Nice guy? no one can ever know because he does everything….EVERYTHING!!!!! Kratos feels like a moody girl who hates mornings and the Coffee guy is hitting on her for some reason, so many Sony Fan boys are hating on the people who call Kratos One Dimension and I understand that because with 3 Prequels they have tried EVERYTHING anyone can do to add some depth to this character but he still feels like the guy who killed his wife and kids, his former boss, his brother, his father and all of his father’s friends and everyone who ever dared to call him a friend only to redeem himself by opening the Pandora’s Box and giving it back to the people, Still with me?


Never the less Santa Monica does have some good collaborations with Sony’s supporter’s small studios such as Ready At Dawn and thatgamecompany and that is a good thing, they offer technical consultancy and office space all great, but why can’t they produce a decent new IP? with under 15 million copies sold across 10 titles (including HD remasters and collections) God Of War is not THAT big of a hit why they don’t make a new IP like every other Sony Owned Studio? everybody else is doing it Naughty Dog, Guerilla Studios, Cambridge Studios, Team Ico is also making a game for the year 3000, why not Santa Monica? well the worst part is it seems that they tried to make one, but it was cancelled, apparently they made a Sci-fi adventure game directed by God of War 3’s very own Stig Asmussen and this dude did not work on God Of War Ascension so he might have been working on it for more than 2-3 years and now it is going down the dump, which is sad but never the less I hope to see good things from this studio in the near future and by good thing I really don’t want them to carry God Of War to the PlayStation 4, having said that I doubt that will happen too.

Wait a Little for The Evil Within


Shinji Mikami — The Father of all things Resident Evil was once one of the top of video game developers in the world certainly that strong foundation has crumbled a little bit since Resident Evil 4 by such titles like God Hand and Shadow of the DAMNED which by no means were bad but they were received poorly by fans due to bad marketing or bad release time and so on, Enter The Evil Within


Currently in development by Tango Works -Mikami’s own studio owned by ZeniMax– is set to mark the game developer’s return to the horror world and ultimately retiring him from directing games all together (or at least that what he says), based on the Game play footage the game does looks scary as hell and also looks like Stealth will play a role in it too, kinda like The Last of Us where they combined some light horror with loads of thrill and stealth except The Evil Within will have more Horror and thrills, the game is set to come out on August 28th for PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, I personally will be playing the PlayStation 4 version.

Monday Love : Dune 2000


Developed by one of the all time best Real time strategy studios Westwood in 1998 and based on the Frank Herbert’s Popular Dune universe Dune 2000 was my first Real time Strategy game, and this game really became my favorite back then not because it was ground breaking or anything and based on the the reviews I think this game wasn’t really good but it was amazing to me because it almost felt like playing with toys, build a house for these toys and tell them where to walk and what to do and who to shoot and that feeling was amazing no doubt, when we finished the main campaign it was all good and we liked it but the game really started with us when we found the Single player Skirmish mode, needless to say I wasn’t speaking any English back in those days so I couldn’t navigate the menu like I do now days but it was revelation when I found it and we end up playing that mode for a whole summer going 8 players and beating them all not just that everyone we beat we take over their land and build a secondary base and farm more money and have more forces and then attack the next one and so on, it was an amazing feeling for me and my brothers and I think it is still one of our favorite childhood memories


Back from the dead, or how some TV shows refuse to stay down for long



Cancellation — is basically the most painful word to a TV lover’s ears, imagine being invested in a show loving the characters and the story and wanting it to go for on for a long while and end with a satisfying ending and then BAM! your dreams are crushed by a bunch of studio executive meat heads who decided to cancel your favorite show because it is not making them much money, it sucks really bad, but looks like some of these shows are coming back from the dead recently which is a good thing (for the most part) and a spark of light at the end of a very dark tunnel

Imagerecently Netflix picked up one of my all time favorite shows Arrested development and it was a beautiful day, despite the fact that the show was not as good as it once was and the reasons were very obvious (change of formula, can’t put all the characters on the same episode because they had other commitments…etc) but I still loved it and I also look forward to more future Bluth family returns, Comedy Central picked up Futurama and after 3 years Re-Cancelled it and now there are rumors about the show going to Netflix too which is a great thing I really think it is suited for Netflix more, more of that today NBC announced that they will bring back Heroes for a 13 episode mini series in 2015, and despite how it did end the show was really good for a while and am glad they are giving it another go because this show had potential and I just hope this time they get it right, the shows I wish they bring back now is The 4400, My Name is Earl, and Happy Endings and please don’t cancel Community, God Please don’t! 


House of Cards Season 2 Review


Evil People — almost 9 out of 10 fictional story that’s ever been told has always been a Good Vs. Bad, the noble hero who sacrificed himself for the greater good, Love Country and Family devotion are always the recurring theme and it is getting BORING!


Enter Frank Underwood, last season he was the House Majority Whip, this season he starts of as the Vice president of the United States of America, he is ruthless he is aggressive and he will do and say everything he can do to get what he wants, and simply put what he wants is Power, through the course of 13 Episodes you see Frank overcome the obstacles in his way and use these challenges to become stronger at every turn, impeccably acted by Kevin Spacey he delivers every line and every monolog in a very entertaining way that you just can’t stop loving this character despite how EVIL he is, kinda reminds me of Walter White and Tywin Lannister they are both evil but very few of those who watch these shows every hated them for their actions, alongside Frank there is his lovely and sometimes move ruthless wife Clare, his men of action Doug and Seth who do whatever it takes to make sure he comes out of every encounter as clean as possible, and what makes the story even more impressive is those who oppose Frank, powerful politicians and businessmen who don’t mind going the extra mile to make sure he sink in the mud with their own plans and plots of equal if not greater evil and in the blend there is You! the watcher, somehow the writers of this show made you a part of the story, Frank breaks the 4th wall almost constantly and make you a part of the story, make you involved and when he overcomes a shitty situation you will feel something like a tickle, and depending on your moral compass this could make you feel both good or bad and that is an achievement in entertainment few have ever dared to even try to touch therefor I give House of Cards season 2 a Perfect Score