Three games I want it to cross genres

With the booming popularity of genres like Hero Shooters, MOBA, Hunter and Online trading card games many games are crossing genres by releasing a spinoff game from the main series, some games do it exceptionally well like Heathrstone and Gwent, some games like Dark Nexus Arena fail or arrival and some others have the potential for greatness like Quake Champions, Many other games are already crossing genres like Metal Gear going Survival, Dynasty Warriors going open world beside the already released Zelda, MGS and Final Fantasy trying their luck with Open World genre, it is an interesting way to play some of the classic titles that we grew up with trying new genres and game styles.the following are three games that I would love to see cross genres.

  • Shin Megami Tensei x Monster Hunter
    SMT series are fairly popular worldwide with spin-offs like Persona being even more popular than the main series, the games have very dark and mature themes to them and they contain many demons with various inspiring designs and I think it will be a perfect setting for a Hunter game, the game could also add the social aspect of Persona and make you form bonds with quests givers and forming these relationships being the foundation for gaining more recourses from them or even in mission supply drops.
  • Destiny x Overwatch
    Bungie created a big list of great characters for their shooter each with a different set of abilities and weapons and armors, I wonder how good they would have been if they were in a game like Overwatch, you get to choose a character with a preset of powers and weapons and you will help your team to complete an objective, with Bungie’s amazing FPS gameplay design I can only see myself sinking in a 1000 hours into this game.
  • The Last of Us x DayZ
    Survival games are a genre in making, for years we have heard of Dayz and H1Z1 and none of them ever coming out all of them seems to be in a long development hell and stuck on Steam Early Access, I would like to see a game in this genre made by a studio that doesn’t fuck around like Naughty Dog and I believe their Last of Us IP is perfect for this, it could be the best Open World Survival games we have ever seen, scavenging for food and water and weapons while surviving hordes of clickers and other players who might want to do you harm.


The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild (Review)


The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is directed by Hidemaro Fujibayashi and produced by Eiji Aonuma, it was first announced in 2013 as a WiiU exclusive but later came out on March 3rd,2017 for both WiiU and Nintendo Switch. The game is one the most critically acclaimed video games in history.
I grew up with Zelda, I played Link to the Past in 1994 and this series always held a very special place in my heart, however Breath of the Wild marks the series’s foray into the the open world which in my opinion results in one of the baldest moves Nintendo has ever made with their landmark series, not only it abandoned all of the previous structures the series is known for but it adds things that is unexpected from Nintendo.
The game has a beautiful slick anime look to it that is not 100% cartoony but it doesn’t look realistic either I personally love this new style for the series and I would love it if they went with it for the future games, the attention to detail here is unparalleled by most games in the genre even after 120 hours I was still finding things to be amazed by and the game shines the most in that aspect. Nintendo doesn’t just give you the illusion of choice it actually delivers on it, you have technically the option to walk into the Hyrule castle and challenge Ganon and beat him the moment you walk out of the Great Plateau, he will kick your ass because Breath of the Wild is by no means an easy game but you have the option never the less, you can also forget the main quest for a hundred hours or so and just do whatever you feel like it, there are more than 120 shrines in this game and by beating four of them you will have the option to either increase your stamina or health bars, also there are seeds that you find around the open world to increase your inventory, you also have many many side quests to tackle and so on and so forth, but here is the thing the game never tells you any of this, you are 100% free to find what you want and do what you like however you chose to, if that sounds like a good thing to you then Breath of the Wild will blow your mind.

The Shrines are one of my favorite parts of the game because they are not easy to find, maybe the first 20 will be you can just scout them from the towers but the rest all have a puzzle or a quest to complete in order for the shrine to appear, inside some of them are a Portal like puzzle chamber you need to solve in order to get to the end of it, some of them are a test of strength and some have a lengthy quest to get inside of it as soon as you do it will reward you, these shrines also serve as a fast travel location which is very cleaver way of encouraging more exploration.


Hyrule is a very well designed and well crafted Open World it is not made to serves as a walking simulator every corner has a something to do in it, someone did the math and found out the game’s map is almost 1.5 times bigger than Skyrim’s which I think it is remarkable to jam this much content in a map this size. all of this won’t mean Jack if the game wasn’t fun to play, why would you want to climb mountains and glide off them and fight random monsters that you don’t have to and get your weapons to break if you are not enjoying everything that you are doing in the game, is it enjoyable? well the answer to that is a hard YES, Breath of the Wild is perhaps the most enjoyable open world game I have ever played, and it is quite a remarkable achievement on Nintendo’s behalf to make a game that is so much fun and also really big and immersive.

The main quest of Zelda is also a great one, it might not be for everyone but if you enjoy the Zelda myth and prophesy and story it will hit right at home with you, the side characters are all colorful and filled with personality and there is a small but very sweet romantic subplot that I really enjoyed.

Verdict :  Breath of the Wild enjoyed widespread accialm and I want to say it is all that, Nintendo doesn’t reinvent the wheel with this game neither for its open world sanbox nor to the original Zelda formula but it perfects it, the final product is what some calls it a perfect game and I think if any game is perfect Breath of the Wild is damn sure a good candidate for it. (10/10)


Three things Destiny 2 can do to make it a much better experience than Destiny 1.


Destiny 2’s announcement was yesterday, as a huge Bungie fan and a big fan of the original game I am very excited to go back to Destiny later this year and I know I will have a good time but it got me thinking what feature Bungie could add to the game that will make the game much better than its predecessor, here are three things that I thought of:

  • Ditch the loot drop and pick up crafting
    One of the reasons why most players got really frustrated with Destiny was the Loot Drop system, every week I played the Nightfall hoping for a Hawkemoon and after one whole year I still didn’t get it, that is really terrible! but imagine if Hawkemoon was a craft able gun and I could have gathered couple of components and crafted it myself, it doesn’t matter how hard it is to obtain those components but knowing that if I put in the time and effort I will get what I want is the best way to motivate the player, Monster Hunter does that perfectly and it is in my opinion one of the best systems ever.
  • PvP enabled Patrol Zones.
    I am not talking about getting rid of the Patrol from D1 but I am asking for zones where PvP are enabled by default, having bounties and specific quests in those zones to encourage players going there will make them very fun and engaging to play, or maybe they could add a feature like The Division’s Dark Zone or some kind of survival element that could make even more interesting to play.
  • For the Solo player
    The fact that D1 didn’t have anything for Solo players was really sad, I really wish they did have something beyond Bounties, this is why I think the previous point could be very fun because it will allow solo players (like me) to find things to do and also not fall so behind, The issue with D1 was the fact that it appeared that the most skilled players were those who did the Raids while they just teamed up with someone and he carried everyone, I really hope this wont be the case with D2.

there are many other things I wish it will change with Destiny like Light Levels, but I think that could be ok if other aspects of the game is better designed.

Dishonored 2 (Review)


Dishonored 2 is developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Games, it is a follow up to the 2012 game Dishonored by the same studio and it came out on PC, PS4 and XBOX One on November 11th, 2017 to a lot of praise and critical success.

The story takes place fifteen years after the first game, Emily is now the empress she is a grown woman with her father Corvo beside her ruling over the empire from her throne in Dunwall, but happiness can’t last forever and her aunt shows up and takes her off the throne and thus begins a quest to win back the throne, discover her aunt’s secrets and assassinate her allies, good times. right off the bat the story is a lot stronger than the first game because now both protagonists can talk and engage with the cast and characters which adds a lot of depth to them, this time around you are all given more choices you can go with either Corvo or Emily and you can also accept or reject the Outsider’s powers which makes your experience very different, to make up for the lack of powers you are given some tools to fight your way through the levels.

The heart and soul of the game is definitely the level design and my god they did an amazing job here, I highly suggest if you are planning to play the game to spend some time just to explore the levels it is so well designed and so creative it surprise you, every objective can be tackled in so many different ways, you can avoid killing anyone in the game or kill everyone in the game the choice is yours, the game also has multiple endings so you are encouraged to play it multiple times to get the best out of it.


The combat in dishonored is a first person action game, your right hand is a sword which can both be used to silently kill someone from the back or chop him to pieces, your left hand however is either a ranged weapon, trap, spell or grenade. you can use whichever weapon suits your need and help you with the situation you are about to encounter, you can also buy ammo and upgrades from black markets and find benchmarks and ruins to upgrade your powers and become an OP god.

perhaps my main issue with Dishonored 2 is the same I had with the first game which is there isn’t enough of it, I wish these games gave me the whole city of Karnaca to explore and not just some missions it is a shame that Arkane crafted this amazing world and mythology and I only got to spend 10-12 hours in it, this game deserves to be more open and bigger and I really want it to be that.

Verdict : Dishonored 2 takes the first game’s great design and game play to the next level by adding a fantastic new playable character and a good story to uncover, new enemies to fight in whichever way you want to. (9.5/10.0)

Horizon : Zero Dawn (Review)


Horizon Zero Dawn is developed by Guerrilla Games published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the Playstation 4, it was developed using Guerrilla’s in house engine Decima and was released on February 28th, 2017.

The game is an open world action RPG set nearly a thousand year in the future, the humans of this world live in tribes and learned to hunt the animal like machines that roam the earth. you play as Aloy an outcast girl who is training with her mentor Rost in the wilderness, you learn to hunt and gather and survive in preparation for a trail that is called “The Proving” an attack happens during the trail and you are send out by the leaders of the tribe to investigate and find the attackers. during the course of 35 hour journey you learn some rather interesting things about the world and Civilization ceased to exist and where did those machines came from and it was a very interesting and satisfying tale that I really enjoyed however I do have some issues about the politics of the game, it is clear that Horizon is a game with a feminist message which is reflected rather greatly in its lead character Aloy but sometimes it stops being welcoming and comes off very pretentious to a point Aloy becomes a Mary Sue character that gave me very little to care about her troubled childhood and uncertain origins, it is too bad that they didn’t find a subtle way to deliver their message and instead did it in a very obvious in your face way. the game was critiqued for its early missions which involves politics and the way the world functions I personally liked it because it is an interesting world that I enjoyed quite a bit and made me care for the world and the way things are in comparison to a game like Final Fantasy XV which was another open world RPG but the world felt bland and empty and lifeless it is really not the case with Horizon.

Technically the game is landmark, now let me take you back a few steps think of every game that really advanced the technical capability of video games like Mario 64, Doom, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn is a new landmark for gaming it is currently the most beautiful show case of graphical and artistic vision in any game I have ever seen, the lighting effects are beyond gorgeous and weather effects are awe inspiring I have nothing to say more than praise for a game this big and this deep it is really amazing how much detail Guerrilla put into its world and for that they really did a remarkable job.


The gameplay is a mix of stealth and arrow shooting and it is satisfying to shoot pieces off a giant machine and break down to scrap, the Melee combat is lacking it has the slow down of Batman Arkham game’s combat with no combos which is too bad I wish they did a better job with that because the melee combat is pretty powerful and useful especially against human enemies which come up pretty often. some aspects of the game is very obviously copied from other games like Skyrim’s navigation from the 3D map to the compass and some of the icons they are carbon copies, also the game has Mass Effect’s conversation wheel and sometimes allows you to make a choice with very little effect on the story outcome, I think only once I was given the choice to kill someone or to spare them but it wasn’t a big deal and personally I was fine with those inspirations because they were done very well and they are good properties to copy from.

Verdict : Horizon is a great game with a lot to offer, it is a magnificent looking game with a fantastic fantasy setting, I didn’t enjoy the very direct feminist plot but the story of the world and the way the future of the franchise is going is something to look forward to. (9.0/10.0)

The 89th Acadedmey Awards Predictions


The Oscars or as some calls it the La La Land awards will be held this Sunday, the following are my predictions of the movies that will win big at the Academy Awards this year :

  • Male Actor in Leading role (Called it) :
    Who will win : Casey Affleck
    Who I think should win : Casey Affleck
    Casey really stole every award this year for his role on Manchester by the Sea, it was a realistic and powerful performance and I really hope he gets the recognition he deserves.
  • Female Actress in Leading Role (Called it):
    Who Will Win : Emma Stone
    Who I think should win : Emma Stone
    Emma really took her acting chops to another level with La La Land and I doubt she will walk home empty handed
  • Male Actor in Supporting role
    Who will win (Called it): Mahershala Ali
    Who I think should win : Mahershala Ali
    Moonlight is one of my favorite movies of the year and the first act of the film is highlighted by Mahershala Ali’s masterful performance, really amazing.
  • Female Actress in Supporting role
    Who will win (Called it): Viola Davis
    Who I think should win : Naomie Harris
    I haven’t seen Fences but I heard how good Viola is in that movie and I think she will take the statue home, personally I think Naomie Harris was absolutely fantastic in Moonlight.
  • Best Original Screenplay
    Who will win (Went to Manchester by The Sea) : Damian Chazelle for La La Land
    Who I think should win : Damian Chazelle for La La Land
    La La Land’s screenplay is great for few reasons, it is funny, deep, moving and emotionally packed while being an engaging story about love and chasing dreams, it doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Best Adapted Screenplay
    Who will win (Called it) : Barry Jenkins for Moonlight
    Who I think should win : Barry Jenkins for Moonlight
    Moonlight takes a simple coming of age story to another level by its amazing performance and story and it owes both of them to the amazing screenplay.
  • Best Director :
    Who will win (Called it) : Damian Chazelle for La La Land
    Who I think should win : Denis Villeneuve for Arrival
    While Damian is getting a lot of attention for his amazing musical for me Denis made one of the best movies of the year too bad Sci-Fi films don’t usually get so much love from the Academy
  • Best Picture
    Which movie will win (Called it) : Moonlight
    Which movie I think should win : Moonlight
    Moonlight deals with a very tough subject and it does it so well, it is a perfectly crafted movie that doesn’t entertain you but shows you a reality that people go through and I think that is rare.

I will update this post as soon as the Winners are announced.

Edit: So I was only off by 1 Prediction.

Five game franchises I want on the Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is only few weeks away which only means my bags are in the overhead and I am on board the hype plane, yes it is a plane now. “Game Journalists” around the internet are making lists about the games they want on Switch in the near future so I thought maybe I should do the same, the following are five franchises that are not announced to come out on Nintendo Switch as of now but would love to have them show up, Keep in mind while games like Smash Bros. hasn’t been announced yet it is very obvious that it will at some point that is why I didn’t include those in the list :

  • Advance Wars
    Advance Wars was a huge title on the Gameboy Advance back in the 2000s and it also had two great sequels on the DS but the games has been absent for almost 10 years and most of that goes back to Fire Emblem’s new found success on the 3DS hence why it has 3 titles coming this year only, while I love Fire Emblem I think it is a universal truth that we want a new Advance Wars and I really wish it came out sometime next year.
  • Metroid
    when Nintendo announced Federation Force I said this is bad both ways, if it is a successful title Nintendo will push the new formula for a decade which means bye bye Samus and if it was a failure then Nintendo will put off the series even further which means bye bye Samus, I really hope they prove me wrong and bring back the series to its roots and I think it could work really well now days, if games like Shovel Knight can find success I am sure a 2DS Metroid will too, Please Nintendo.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    Tactics Advance and its superior sequel on DS were amazing games, now I also like the PS1 game even though I only put in 30 hours and didn’t finish it but I think I liked the simpler on surface yet super deep tactics and progression systems, I really enjoyed those games and I do think the climate is very suitable for another Tactics game in the Final Fantasy universe and the Switch is perfect for it!
  • Megaman ZX
    Megaman ZX and its sequel ZX Advent came out DS and I personally think they are the evolution of Megaman Zero games in a really good way, the games has a Metroidvania or Zelda-like structure which allows you to explore the map by acquiring keys or skills which will help explore more and beat new bosses and get more powers, what shines here is the classic Megaman gameplay and universe in a post apocalyptic setting with lots of depth, I have been begging for more ZX and it is time for Capcom to hear my cries, or a Battle Network reboot.
  • Monster Hunter
    I can’t stop playing Monster Hunter, I love this series and it is obvious that Capcom is trying to make it appeal to a wider audience in the west the problem is this game does well in Japan on handheld but handheld is not doing so well in the west so it is really a tricky situation and that is why the Switch is really perfect to solve this issue, I believe that Monster Hunter and Pokemon are crucial to Switch’s success and the sooner they appear on the console the better for everyone, but mostly for me.

Ofcourse I would love to see Overwatch and Persona 5 on the console but I know that wont happen so I kept the list a bit realistic.