Wait a little for : Tales from the Borderlands


Episodic — Gaming goes a while back but the new Telltale style of telling a story and choices carrying on is almost feels like the next transition of TV Series which am very fond of, I really liked The Walking Dead’s first season and the 2nd season seems even better, then telltale made The Wolf Among Us and that was really good too and at Spike Game awards they announced Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones series from Telltale so it is safe to assume the company is going to have 4 major series for the next few years with Borderlands coming first and being followed by Game of Thrones, lets not talk about Game of Thrones since we haven’t seen or heard anything from it except the fact it wont be a prequel which I wished it would be (Bummer!) lets talk about the tale of deceive and conning of Borderlands


set on the planet we all love Pandora telltale’s borderlands will have you choose between Fiona a con-artist and Rhys a Hyperion worker and the story is told from each one’s perspective or something like that! now let me elaborate here, our “Heroes” are not telling the truth about this story and you will never know how the story really happened each is telling it according to her/his best interest and that is the best you got, to me this is a very interesting way to tell a story that it rarely happened before (True Detective’s Episode 5 is kinda like that if you know what I mean, if you don’t change that watch True Detective) and I am very excited to check out what is up with these two, know that the story might be connected to Borderlands 2 since it take place after that, Tales from the Borderlands is set to come later this year to every device out there as it has been the Telltale way.


Infamous Second Son (Review)


Open — World Action Adventure games is without a doubt my 2nd most favorite genre of games after RPGs, I always loved discovering a fictional land mark and having the ability to do whatever I want in them and I had my eyes on infamous series since first I saw it, having said that I wasn’t a big fan of the fact that you only had electricity in the first game but still the game was intriguing to me but Unfortunately I never got the chance to play either of them and I used couple of Youtube videos to catch up to the story of Cole and see what was up with this series, I must admit I did like the story of the first 2 games a lot and I was pretty excited to tackle Second Son and see how this game is….and to my surprise it wasn’t what I thought it was!



First of all this game sounds and looks amazing, the graphics, shadows, lights and effects are so good that I felt like I was in Seattle, the city feels alive and the people you see the way they walk and talk to each other it just feels real and amazing, the Powers effects are even better especially Smoke it is amazing how natural it feels, more good stuff the characters and the story to a point it was good Delsin and Reggie were funny at sometimes and the other characters were a good addition to the good story that Second Son offered, but that is where am going to stop parsing this game now and get to the part of saying bad stuff about it.


first of all THE CITY while I said all that good stuff about it the city feels like it is so unnecessary and the open world game around should have been way bigger while all the missions and main quests are fun and well crafted yet they are so liner and they don’t feel like an open world at all, the powers are great but they never were fully realized and used in a good capacity and leveling them up felt so unnecessary just power up Smoke drain and Missile drain and you are good to go, and this game is a shooter at least in the beginning of the game all I did is hide behind covers and shoot at the DUP and hide behind covers recharge and shoot again, the later part of the game when I powered up the missiles all I did is shoot couple of them and done everyone is dead, and now to the weakest part THE STORY it is so weird! I still don’t know are you playing the good guy or the bad guy even though I went with all good Karma I was still a douche! was Augustine bad? she did kill people but she wanted to protect the conduits….aghhh! it is just weird! and the game only had 6 characters and that was it! the drug part was short as hell, the angel part was short as hell the bosses were overly easy and the final battle was….




Terrible! and you know why? because I spent the better part of the game leveling up my Smoke and Video yet to be forced to fight the final boss with Concrete and have to power it up during the battle and ultimately end up in a short cut way!


End of Spoilers


in the end Second Son could have been something really Special if Sucker Punch had some more time with it and too bad they didn’t, and now we are left with what we call a Good game and from what it looked like an end for the Sucker Punch’s Infamous Saga

A Weekend with friends (Warframe and Diablo 3)



Co-Op — has always been interesting to me, I don’t like PvP and competitive battling I simply don’t, what I like is coordinating with couple of friends and taking on challenges and so far none of my douche friends has ever played something I found I wanted to play until this weekend, on Thursday night me and a buddy of mine tackled down Warframe, a free to play 3rd Person action game which is available on both PC and PS4, While I played the PC version for a few weeks last summer I didn’t get hooked because I wasn’t playing with actual friends, and now am playing with a friend of mine and it is a blast, we coordinate and accomplished missions and also we ranked up, I think in order to enjoy this game to the max I would need to spend $20-$50 on weapons and suits but right now am not doing that.


Diablo 3 on the other hand was a different experience in a good way too, my friend who never played RPGs before wanted to play Diablo 3 so we downloaded the Starter edition and played the campaign in a cafe, I went with Demon hunter and he was the Barbarian, the difference now was when I played it alone it was a boring to easy game with a little reason to play it around but with a friend it was such a blast and the enemies were more and stronger even though we did not strategically plan our team and we both chose DPS we still enjoyed the hell out of it and played 4 hours with no stop, and am looking forward to buy the full game soon and get back on the game. 

In summation, I think Destiny will be an awesome game since I will be playing it with a bunch of friends and we are hyping up for it already 😀

What Marvel should do next?



Marvel — is BIG and by BIG I don’t mean “BIG” I mean “Humongous” in a short time of 6 years they have released 9 Movies to gross over 6 billion dollars and start a legacy that will expand for the next 10 years, they recently became the biggest film franchise in history and that is not all their movies are plain and simply good, but they need to make a few changes to keep audience interested like the following

Give Nick Fury the F-word
Seriously Sam Jackson is awesome as Nick Fury but sometimes I feel like he is about to say “God damn motherfucker” yet he end up saying “what!?” that is not cool!!!

Cross overs are cool yes sometimes…
it just make the movies feel unrealistic I mean the whole worlds goes down in Thor the Dark World but Iron Man is nowhere to be found, he should pop up at one point and start blasting things, and further more they don’t give a realistic explanation why he is no where to be found, and am just giving that as an example they should find a way to fill these holes.

More Black Widow

ImageThat ASS!! and she should have her own movie in Phase 3, she does feel like kind of a glue who holds these movies together and I feel like her movie is not going to be such a smash hit because she does have a band of haters (Women!!) still I think it be awesome to add more depth to her.

and Move to games!
as a self proclaimed DC comics fan (and by that I mean I love Batman) I feel like Marvel has beaten DC when it comes to movies at least for now but DC is far better in games (again Batman) so I would love for them to get more into games and make some decent games around these characters, Hawkeye game please!

the first 24 hours with PlayStation 4



PS4 — without a doubt at least currently is the leading console in the market (you never know WiiU might pick it up) so I picked it up with Infamous Second Son and after 24 hours here are my thoughts on the console :

Likes :

– DualShock 4
the first controller I have ever touched was the Atari 2600 and that was in 1992, until recently XBOX 360 controller was pretty good in my opinion and it was a favorite of my last gen but Sony did make a good effort improving the new controller, the touche pad and the new grips is really good and I personally really love the shoulder buttons they feel like they are made to shoot stuff with it 😀

– Remote Play
I just want to play Elder Scrolls Online on my PS Vita under a blanket, and it does feel like am going to be able to!

– Graphics, Sounds and all that crap
Improved…what else do you want me to say?

– PlayStation Plus
1 free game per month? here is my $50 per year!


– Dualshock 4’s light
For Jesus’s sake give me an option to turn this thing off!

that is the only thing I have a problem with, I am expecting couple of good years with this machine and I do really like it, having said that I will also pick up other consoles as well (Preferably the next Nintendo Console) and maybe a gaming PC down the line too

What is Next for Nintendo?



Big N — like it or not is a player in the gaming industry, no matter how many times you try to act like they don’t exist they will proof over and over that they do and you can’t do much about it, they found Success with NES and SNES and lost a little with N64 and GameCube, came back on top with Wii and now looks like the Big N is living it’s worse days, WiiU is a huge bust and they are losing money for the 2nd year in row, Iwata is in trouble and he might get fired this summer, the 3DS is doing “Okey” but definitely not as good as DS did and it had the best year in 2013 so no one really knows if the console will pickup any more steam in the coming months, so what now? well reports suggest a new console in works, Bandai Namco recently put out a posting for over 80+ more people to join the Super Smash Bros. team and not for the 2014 Smash Bros. but rather for the 2015 Smash Bros. game, with a code name Smash Bros 6, now we know so far there has been 3 Smash Bros. games (1, Melee, Brawl) and 2 more in works that will make them 5, so what is this new Smash Bros. 6? it is a standard Nintendo policy that they will not make more than one Smash Bros. game per console, so if the new Smash Bros. 6 does exist is it going to be for the next Nintendo Console? I really hope so, persoanally I wish they make a PS4/XBOXONE Contender and bring the Nintendo franchises back to the hardcore gamers who has been missing them since the Wii launched, most 3rd parties love to work with Nintendo especially the Japanese and if they can support an HD System they could go very well with PS4 side by side, am not saying they will win the war all am saying there doesn’t need to be a war, they could just exist and to each his own, but I really do hope the mistake they did with GameCube doesn’t happen again, being 3 years behind Sony is what killed GameCube, bring the console to the audience now the core Nintendo Audience will buy it for sure and with 3rd Party software and a little price reduction over PS4 and XBOX ONE they can bring back the Nintendo that we Love and Miss….Dearly! 



Persona 4 Golden Review



One — of the main reasons that I bought a PS Vita for was to play Persona 4, as a very active RPG player and someone who really loved Persona 2 and Persona 3 on the PSP it is natural that I have sink over a 100 hours in the excellent and some might even say best Persona title yet – and boy were they right! 

Persona 4 starts as any persona game, with you arriving to a new town and stumbling on some very weird events, in P3 those events were the Dark Hour and in P4 they are Midnight Channel and weird fog and murders, you meet a very interesting cast of characters and then you decided how to befriend them and how these actions will effect the way you fight in the game and even how the game will end for you, everything you do in this game is connected and related to the way you spend your days with these characters, I have decided from the beginning to make sure I unlock the best ending of the game which is Golden Ending and therefor my play through was a lengthy one and I also maxed all of the S.Links and so on and if you do so as well you will find Persona 4’s story a remarkable physiological journey that dares to scratch some of the most debated philosophical topics to date and it is amazing when a game tries something like this.



accompanying this beautiful tale is a deep and rewarding jRPG style battle system which puts you in a party of four and you get to chose how do you approach these battles, one thing Persona games is well known for is the Tactics Option which lets you chose how your party behave in battles and I took full advantage of that I did not want to fully control my party during every battle so I had one heal and support the party while three others went full offense and it was a very successful basic battle style, for bosses I took full command and I took a good strategic approach to them, by the end all my main party members (Chie, Yukiko, Kanji) were level 99 without grinding at all which was very pleasant, and I have discovered 87% of the personas without focusing on that aspect of the game at all, and the reason why am mumbling about this is because most people are annoyed by jRPG’s battle style and the hours of grind that it takes but here I was very comfortable with it all.



in the end I guess Persona 4 has everything good going for it Music, design, gameplay, story and Chie…I really like Chie! therefor I give Persona 4 a remarkable score and a must play for everyone who wants to enjoy a great jRPG.