Resident Evil Village (Review)

Resident Evil Village is the 8th mainline Resident Evil game developed and published by Capcom for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, XBOX One, XBOX Series X|S and PC, The game was released on May 7th and recived positive reviews from critics and sold 3 million units during its first weekend.

The game follows Ethan Winters the protoganist from 2017’s Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and the story is a direct continuation of that story while having some nods here and there for the rest of the series and past releases, just like RE7 the game is a first person horror action adventure which tasks the player with exploring and surviving the horrors of this new setting which this time it is an eastern European village reminicing of Resident Evil 4. The village is located in a mountinous and snowly region and the habitants of the village are devout worshippers of a shadowy figure that they call “Mother Miranda”, and she comes in with a group of wacky and cartoony group of villains that you will need to deal with, Internet’s favorite Big Vampire lady being one of them.

Each one of those family memebers reign over a domain which you will have to explore and ultimately kill the ruler of that area to progress the story and the game does a fantastic job by making each area very different from the other, in one of them you will try to avoid fighting and run away from a castle while in another it almost feels like a haunted house puzzle game that kinda reminded me of Outlast games and truly the game shines in variaty of the puzzles and combat scinarios, even the bosses were all different from one and other which was very nice and fun.

Historically Resident Evil games always struggled with the 2nd half, perhaps not the original trilogy they were okay but the later games including 7 suffered with that issue and Village is no different the ending part as long as gameplay concerns it is weak and it does makes the game lose some of the momentum the strong begining and other parts have, fortunetly it doesn’t overstay its welcome and the game quickly comes to an end that basically answers a few linger questions from the series Lore in general and regarding RE7 and that was to me a nice way to contain things at least for now, but the game will also have a rippling effect throughout the series and I am not very sure I like where that is going we will need to wait and see and Capcom is making Resident Evil games a little faster than they used to now so maybe in a 3-4 years we will findout where the series is going from here.

Verdict: Resident Evil Village is great game having really awesome moments for the iconic series that does lose some of its momentum by the more action focused later part, but the beautiful graphics and amazing suspeseful autmospher makes it one hell of an expirence (8.5/10.0)

Author: Aza Jabar


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