Destiny 2 Beta impressions


it is not secret that is was hyped to the moon and back for Destiny back in 2014, problems aside I did put in over 400 hours and I really liked my experience with the game despite many issues that plagued the game for almost 2 years, but sooner or later Bungie fixed some of those issues and the game grew up into a household name, with D2 coming out this year and the beta just rolled out couple of days ago I wanted to talk briefly about the game and highlight what makes it different from Destiny 1 while not feeling like a different game:

  • Technical aspect: Destiny always looked good, the game has a marvelous art style that makes it seriously stand out, with D2 Bungie took what made the first one great and amped it up with so much detail and effects and little things here and there, truly it shines as an example of Bungie’s capability and creative art vision.
  • Gameplay: if there is one thing Bungie did nail with the first game it will be the gameplay, Destiny takes what made Halo great as a shooter and makes it way better by adding skills, variety of guns and vertical movement to make it really fun to play and Destiny 2 is more of the same and that is a really good thing.
  • The Red Legion: We fought Vex, Crota’s army, Oryx’s taken and so many other cool enemies, the Cabal always felt like the left out faction from the bunch because they never got their own storyline, well things have changed and these basically Tanks who “Shoot first and Ask Questions Never” are here to kick your right in the nuts, they are scary and fearless and they will make your life a living hell!
  • Dominus Ghaul: Remember Tom Hardy’s Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, Ghaul reminds me a lot of him, from his monologue and his theatrical actions to his voice and mask he is like Bane on a ton of Venom, he is scary and intimidating and takes your world by storm.
  • PvP: The available mode in the crucible is a bit more tactical and slower paced mode which is fun and can provide some intense battles, I didn’t have any of that because you don’t get to pick your weapons in the Beta so you can’t strategize as much as you could later when the full game comes out.

While I am sure I will have an issue with the loot drop and the general end game progression of the game I am just glad that Destiny is back and I will sink in a lot of time before moving on to another game eventually.


Author: Aza Jabar


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