Three games that should get the Souls makeover.


From Software re-invented the wheel with their 2009 PS3 hit Demon’s Souls when it comes to sword fighting in games, perhaps their new take on the combat style is the biggest update sword fighting received since Capcom’s Devil May Cry, and just like DMC a lot of games are trying to adapt the Souls like combat right now games like God of War (PS4) and Assassin’s Creed Origins are already on that path and some might argue that Breath of the Wild has a little bit of Souls like combat as well (I argue that), also other creative studios has taken that concept to other games like 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania games such as Salt and Sanctuary and Dead Cells and Death’s Gambit, some others take the concept and add it to other mediums like The Surge and Lords of the Fallen. while I think over saturating the market with souls like games is not ideal I also believe some classic games could use the make over and here are some examples of classic games that I think could use the Souls like combat to evolve and make a comeback

Onimusha was a household name on PS2 with 4 titles released in the series with a tactics game and a fighting game too, sadly the series never sold very well and Capcom discontinued it even though fans of the series has been crying for a new entry to the franchise but Capcom remains silent on the matter, I do believe a Souls like Onimusha could be the shake up that they want right now for a game like it and I also believe it will find an audience.

Vagrant Story
Vagrant Story is perhaps Square Soft’s weirdest game to release on PS1, it was released very late on the console few months before the release of PS2 and it never got a sequel, while the game takes place on Ivalice the same world of FFXII and FF Tactics it isn’t technically a Final Fantasy game, the game received amazing reviews being the only game on PS1 to receive a 40/40 from Famitsu but sadly it didn’t sell very well to justify a sequel and remains as one of  Yasumi Matsuno’s great lost games, the game’s dark setting a story is a perfect fit for Souls like makeover and we might finally get the sequel we never got!

Konami is the worst, they hold some of my favorite franchises hostage with their terrible business practices and shift in direction, they pushed great developers like Hideo Kojima and Koji Igarashi out of their offices and from their teams and their terrible policies make them look like a Yakuza Clan and not a game publisher, however I have the biggest love for Castlevania and I would love for it to come back one day and maybe with a Souls like combat, with that being said Fuck Konami.



Author: Aza Jabar


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