Pros,Cons and hopes of the Nintendo Switch


Now that presentation is done with let me talk about what makes me excited and concerned about Switch :


  • Price : I thought the price is great, at $300 you will get a full console and handheld device with loads of features, I do think Nintendo might have a price cut in mind for Holiday 2017 though.
  • Launch date : March 3rd, good date for the console which I think any date will be good, the thing the console needs is some time to get mature before Holiday season and I think a solid 9 months is great.
  • Launch titles : this is a controversial topic some people think the console has no good titles at launch but I highly disagree, Zelda is a massive title for launch also the console comes with Dragon Quest 1 and 2 in one box which is great value for a title that is very well received, also a bunch of other titles that sure to keep the console going till Splatoon 2 and the other titles comes out, saturating the console with a big line up at the beginning and letting the rest of the year dry is a fatal mistake!
  • Console features : I love it all, the Switching between handheld and console, the pull apart controller it is really interesting and new for the industry.


  • Specs : while personally I don’t care about 3rd party games on Nintendo console because if I am playing Assassin’s Creed I don’t necessarily want to play it on Switch but the Specs is going to be a problem for 3rd parties to release games on, this is an issue that Nintendo consoles had since Nintendo 64 except for GameCube, hence why no one buys a Nintendo console as a main console and it is always for Japanese and Nintendo games.


  • For games like Pokemon and Monster Hunter to find the same success on Switch as they did on 3DS.
  • For Splatoon 2 to become an actual eSports game.
  • AA Japanese games to find a home on Switch, it has a niche market and so far they show up here and there on Vita and I do feel like they will move to Switch naturally.
  • For Switch to sell over 10 million in 2017.

Author: Aza Jabar


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