The OA (Review)


The OA is created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij staring  Brit Marling, Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Alice Krige and Jason Isaacs. it is an eight part series that was made for Netflix on December 16.

The show follows a young and blind Prairie who disappeared from her adopted parents when she turned 21 now reappeared seven years later and to everyone she gained her sight back, we follow her quest to find a group of people that she needs to do a certain thing and in order to do so we will have to sit through five episodes of exposition and flash backs, the first of those wasn’t bad we met Jason Isaacs’s character who is a doctor but soon things become so slow that at times I dozed off and stopped caring about what was happening because nothing significant was it was all a story she was telling a bunch of strangers, and sooner or later we get an out of pace glimpse into the lives of those who were there and the show did a terrible job at making me care about any of them. after the mentioned flashbacks and explaining things take a supernatural turn and it just never becomes compelling, none of it make any sense and it just seemed to be a really boring supernatural story about Angels and Parallel dimensions but that wasn’t the major problem with the show as a matter of fact the last episode had a twist which made me feel cheated and tricked which all leads to an ending that still makes no sense to me and left me wonder what the did I just watch, and not the good kind like Mr. Nobody did.

Brit Marling tries so hard to make you believe in her character but I really didn’t, it just felt like at times she didn’t believe in it either there are dialogues in this show that I honestly felt like she wanted to ask for a rewrite but the issue is she is the writer on this show so who is she going to ask? the problem is I like Brit Marling especially in Another Earth despite the movie not being so great she was great in that film I don’t know why she wasn’t in The OA it just didn’t work, Jason Isaacs is great in it because he is great in everything I loved him since Awake and will keep loving him his character was unsympathetic I hated him and that is what makes him a great actor. Scott Wilson who was one of my favorite characters on The Walking Dead did a great job here as well playing the understanding father I really liked his performance.

The show has good music and a tone that I liked, it is quite like Another Earth which is like a quite town that has people who keep to themselves and it is cold and grey, I doubt a lot of people will like that I personally do and it was one of the redeeming things about the show.

Verdict : The OA didn’t work neither as a Supernatural show nor the twist that we got at the end which still makes no sense, it is a show that I am not planning to watch the next season of unless if I heard really good things from. (5.0/10.0)


Author: Aza Jabar


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