Top favorite 2016 releases

2016 is almost over thank the gods, while the year was filled by awful celebrity deaths and wars and destruction and Donald Trump and Brexit it also had some pretty interesting releases, the following are my favorite releases regardless of their medium and in no particular order :

  • Monster Hunter Generations
    Monster Hunter Generations was my entry to the Monster Hunter universe and I loved every moment of my my 211 hours in it, I am planning to go back to it at one point or maybe play MH4U until Monster Hunter XX comes out in west, please Capcom.
  • The Weeknd : Starboy
    The RnB star Weeknd comes back with another album that hit all the right notes for me, with tracks like Starboy, I Feel it coming, False Alarm and Sidewalks, Starboy proved itself to be the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Arrival
    if you are a sucker for a good Sci-fi that is not about humans kicking some alien ass you will love Arrival, from one of my new favorite directors Denis Villeneuve he brought a beautiful and deep and emotional sci-fi flick which I will be rewatching for years.
  • The Nice Guys
    Ryan Gosling had a really good year and even though I really loved La La Land I had to give The Nice Guys another shoutout, directed by Shane Black and co-staring Russell Crowe, The Nice Guys takes place during the 70s and it is a funny buddy movie that I haven’t seen anything like it in years, I will kill for a sequel.
  • Shadow Tactics : Blades of the Shogun
    I talked about this game a lot this year and I yet to finish it, I really enjoyed this title it is fantastic and made with so much care, I hope that this game is successful and the production team behind it can make similar games in the future.
  • Black Panther 
    Written by multiple award winning writer Ta-Nehisi Coates the 2016 Black Panther is a very different and grounded version of the character back to the Marvel line up, it has been a very well received and compelling series so far and I really hope they keep up the good work.
  • Westworld
    HBO’s new show proved its self to be an amazing Sci-Fi mystery show, from start to finish the show never had a dull moment and at the end of the 10 episode run it gave me answers and questions for the next seasons to come, truly an achievement.
  • Overwatch
    Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.54.26 PM
    Blizzard’s first new IP in more than a decade turned out to be a triumph, the addictively fun gameplay and the insanely good cast of characters and a very good community (so far) made my experience with Overwatch really enjoyable, here is to more of that.
  • Deadpool
    The first R-Rated comic book movie was this year’s best and probably one of the best superhero movies ever made, the funny and crazy brutal movie made me watch it over and over with every chance I get.
  • Pokemon Sun/Moon
    I am a big Pokemon fan and a new entry means take my money Nintendo, I am around 15 hours into the game and I really like it, the beautiful graphics and new mechanics and quality of life improvement really makes the game fun and fresh again.

I am still going to make a Favorite movies list in the coming days and also favorite episodes list soon.


Author: Aza Jabar


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