Macbeth (Review)


Macbeth is directed by Justin Kurzel staring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard and it is an adaptation of the 1606 William Shakespeare tragedy, the film came out in 2015 to positive reviews.

The story takes place in Scotland during a Civil War, Macbeth played by Fassbender is leading King Duncan’s army to the war and emerges victorious and from here a series of events play out which lands Macbeth on the throne. while the story of Macbeth is largely known since it is a Shakespeare play the film gives some more depth and difference to the characters which I thought was fitting and let the film standout on its own. also the production value in the film is very beautiful with stellar cinematography from Adam Arkapaw and amazing make up and costumes that stood out.


It is said that Macbeth is a very difficult character to play because of the way the character evolves from a war hero to ruthless tyrant and back to a broken man but I think this adaptation allowed Fassbender to create a man haunted by war and blood broken and trying to figure out where is his ambition leads in that regard the film is successful however it does sidelines Lady Macbeth to a point that she is only in the film in few scenes. her character was supposed to be a menace femme fatale, but in this adaptation she is more or less a partner in crime who shares her husband’s love for power.

I had some major issue with Macbeth, it is a problem that I think what made the film fail at the box office because it wouldn’t relate to or enjoy and that is the script, it is written in an old and extremely difficult language that is hard to figure most of it out, I had to read about the events of the movie after I finished it just to understand what exactly happened because the dialog lost me so many times while watching it, I don’t understand loyalty to source materials but I also believe in judging a film as a standalone and Macbeth failed to make me enjoy it as much as I could have if it was written is an easier to understand language, and I had to rely on the visuals to follow the story which also proved to be difficult for its rather bizarre and abstract direction.

Verdict : Overall Macbeth is a very well made adaptation of a classic tragedy, Fassbender stands out as the title character and he gives a raw performance to bring Macbeth to life however the difficult writing and the abstract direction kept me from enjoying the film as much as I would have otherwise. (7.0/10.0)


Author: Aza Jabar


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