Her (Review)


Her is directed by Spike Jonze staring Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and a very special performance from Scarlett Johansson. the movie came out in 2013 and I did watch it back then but I didn’t enjoyed it as much as I did last night when I watched it for the 2nd time.

Theodore played by Pheonix is a man who just went through a break up and going through a divorce he is working a handwritten letters writer in a futuristic society where people rely on artificial intelligence operating systems for most of their day to day work, with the introduction of OS1 a new type of intelligent operating system that evolves and grows with time Theodore finds himself bonding with her and ultimately forming a relationship with her despite her being a program.the OS named Samantha is played by Scarlett Johansson and from what I read she wasn’t originally cast as the role and only came on board later when the filming was done but she and Phoenix really give an amazing performance their relationship was very very believable, the romance didn’t feel forced or fake which kinda made the movie feel so weird, in a good way. one of my favorite characters in the film is Amy which is played by Amy Adams who is playing Theodore’s collage friend, what I loved about that character is that you could see into her life and her issues without her story taking such a big turn and changing into something forced and pushed, also Catherine played by Rooney Mara who played Theodore’s ex which also gives another window to Theodore’s life by showing his past and him growing into the character he grew into.

The film’s setting is very interesting, it is not so far into the future and the technology they are using is not Star Trek level of Sci-Fi which makes the characters and the story relateable, so the film has a complex social commentary side to it which takes on our obsession with technology, love and romance in a cleaver way and that is what makes the film so good. it is also a very well made film it is a very cheerful and interesting color palate and a very beautiful cinematography from Hoyte van Hoytema to make the two hour film very very enjoyable. Arcade Fire composed an interesting and beautiful score for the film which only adds to the quality and the polish of the final product.

Verdict : Her is a very impactful film giving us a glimpse on what the future of technology and love might look like. (9.0/10.0)


Author: Aza Jabar


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