La La Land (Review)


La La Land is directed by Damien Chazelle staring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It’s a movie about two young aspiring artists, one being a Jazz Musician (Gosling) and the other an actress (Stone) and their journey to fame and realizing their childhood dreams. I saw this movie today and it was my very first press screening and I was pretty pumped about it, and to prepare for it I did watch Chazelle’s 2015 film Whiplash the night before which I reviewed and loved and I gotta say La La Land takes some of the concepts that Chazelle established in Whiplash and takes them to a fantastic new level.

One of the very first points that I noticed while watching La La Land is the love affair with LA and Hollywood. Despite how competitive and unforgiving it is there is so much magic in show biz and so much energy in LA and for someone who hasn’t been there it was nice to see the director’s love for the city. La La Land doesn’t have a very complex and deep story, on the contrary it is very simple and straightforward which was the same situation with Whiplash and I think this is where Chazelle’s direction really shines; he doesn’t focus on the story or other characters, it is just about two characters going through life and affecting each other in different ways. While Whiplash was about a mean tough instructor basically bullying and abusing a young musician, La La Land was about two talented people supporting and pushing each other through their struggling carriers, you are not getting side stories and Plot Bs in this movie and I think that was amazing.


The movie of course is a musical and just saying the word “Musical” is enough to turn some people off, but I think La La Land was a different case. The music doesn’t drag, it is actually quite magical and not all of the music in the movie are songs. Some of them are really good Jazz music that gave me shivers, it was a beautiful piece of work that played right in front of me and I loved every moment of it.


The performances in the movie are great and both actors do their parts justice, especially the dancing scenes which is nothing short of masterpieces, they are so well choreographed and probably rehearsed for months to look that amazing. One more thing that I particularly enjoyed was the lighting in the film especially at night and indoors, they were so well made it just made the already beautiful film much better looking.

Verdict : I can’t find a single bad thing about La La Land, if you love Movies or Music go watch this film, I shouldn’t be surprised if the film takes a large number of Oscars home this year. (10/10)


Author: Aza Jabar


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