Whiplash (Review)


Whiplash is directed by Damien Chazelle staring Miles Miller and J.K. Simmons and it is the story of a young drummer’s struggle to make it into one of Shaffer Conservatory’s top band which is run by a ruthless instructor played by Simmons. The film came out in 2014 and it was a very well received movie but for some reason I didn’t watch it when it came out but I am invited to a press screening for Damien Chazelle’s new movie La La Land tomorrow so I thought I should give Whiplash a go before I watch that to acquainted myself with the director’s style and boy I felt bad for neglecting this movie for two years this is an inspiring jaw dropping film that blew my mind.

it doesn’t matter if you are familiar with the musical instrument that is the main focus of the film it doesn’t get really technical while it also gives you an idea about how much a pro player have to practice every day in order to get somewhere in a highly competitive music school and it get violent, really fast. for a movie about music you will be surprised how much blood and violence is in it and they are not coming from knife wounds or gun shots it is from the music and their hands bleeding while they play it, quite frankly it is hard to watch sometimes and that is the strength of the film it is really powerful and well shot the camera is placed so well you basically feel like a part of the set, to top all that it is a very well edited and really well paced.

I never considered Miler Miller a great actor and I contribute that to his past roles which he mostly played the teenager who is going after girls and what not, but in this movie he really raised his caliber he was really great and embodied that struggling ambitious guy very well, Paul Reiser also appears in this movie which is nice even though he is only in it for few scenes but he was great. now lets talk about J.K. Simmons, if the others is like a good baked potato and creamed spinach his performance is a 40 day age New York steak he was so good and terrifying and commanded such presence on screen it felt like the rest of the actor were sitting next to a volcano he was really scary, if I was a drummer and he did to me what he did to Miler Miller I will just quite and be homeless it is not worth it at all, he was very well rewarded for his role he won the Oscar for it. what is interesting is he was the supporting actor but his performance really made him the center figure.

Verdict : Whiplash blew me away with its great direction and editing and it dropped my jaw on the ground with its amazing performances, it quickly claimed a spot in my all time favorite movies list. (10/10)


Author: Aza Jabar


2 thoughts on “Whiplash (Review)”

  1. I watched it back in 2015 and just like you I was amazed ! Beside the perfect cinematography every thing is well put ! To be honest i never liked Miles Teller he never got my attention as a viewer and when I first wanted to watch whiplash and read the plot i quite couldn’t imagine him in such role ! But he amazed me, and the director was really successful in choosing him, a not so tough face and shape challenging his failures, he was a good fit for it !! , I have nothing to say for Simmons he colonized the movie , he is the batman of the movie , getting all attentions even though he isn’t the central character.

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