Moana (Review)

Moana is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker staring Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it is a story about a young girl going on a Journey to fulfill a thousand year old legend and restore the world to its natural order. The film is a Disney animation so except the natural Disney animations check list, that is not by any means a bad thing but it is the film’s weakest aspect, having said that everything else was just perfect.

Starting with the performances they are amazing, Auli’i Cravalho is really a joy to listen to and for someone who’s staring in her debut role she was amazing, The Rock embodied the demigod Maui so well I forgot that I was watching an animation movie and felt like I was watching a live action with him in the staring role, the rest of the cast has small roles so they don’t necessarily shine as much as the title characters.

Disney took their animation game to a brand new hight with Moana, the film is breath taking, the water looks like something out of a dream it is photo realistic but also artistic I have never in all my years of watching 3D animated videos seen anything like it, the colors are bright and beautiful it is mesmerizing seriously I sound like a fan girl describing a lead singer of a boy band but that is how I felt watching Moana.

The film is also very well written, filled with positive messages and witty dialogs with couple of very touching scenes which is made really great thanks to the voice actor’s amazing performances. the funny and colorful cast of characters from the dumb chicken to the coconut pirates and a giant crab that collects shiny objects there is no end to amusements and funny moments the film is providing. also the story has couple of turns and twists to it too which makes it a lot nicer especially for adults.

Now lets talk about my favorite part of the film, the songs! Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the songs for this movie and they are going to get him an Oscar, I will be surprised if her didn’t win they are amazing and so catchy and fun to listen to, I have been listening to How Far I will Go ever since I came home from the movie, that song should be the next Let it Go. and that is not it there are so many great songs in this movie if you at least a little bit into musicals or Disney you will have your fill for a while!

Verdict : Moana is a great addition to Disney’s amazing library of animation masterpieces, it is filled with joy and music and great songs and is fun for Kids and Adults of all ages.


Author: Aza Jabar


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