Westworld Season 1 (Review)


Westworld is created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and stars Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris, it just concluded its first 10 episode season on HBO. the show takes place in a distance future and it is about a park populated with robots and people come to it to take part in stories and role playing games that is written by the park’s co-creator Dr.Robert Ford played by Anthony Hopkins, the park’s aim seems to be to entertain the guests but at the same time there is another plot that is taking place behind the scenes something hidden from the viewer that only some keen eye viewers notice.

Lets start with the performances, they are masterful to say the least, Evan Rachel Wood shines as the android Dolores giving an Emmy worthy performance, Anthony Hopkins as expected is mesmerizing as the mysterious figure behind the park, Ed Harris‘s cruel Man in Black is fascinating and the show spends a good amount of time developing his character to and give his actions the motivation that it deserves, Thandie Newton was a fan favorite as Maeve and her story line was particularly interesting and her character saw a great deal of development. I don’t think there is a single actor that didn’t perform well in the show they were all masterful and delivered their strong characters amazingly.

Just like Game of Thrones looks like HBO spared no expenses when it comes to production value of the show, it has blockbuster movies level of visual effects, paired up with a haunting score from another Game of Throne veteran Ramin Djawadi, everything from attention to detail and the perfect cinematography take this show from the highest highs to something few other shows has ever gone before it.

Now lets talk about the glue the sticks all this together the story, a lot of people compared Westworld to LOST and rightfully so, the show does take some cues from LOST but it is completely different in delivering it, while LOST kept providing questions and mystery to draw audience in Westworld provided answers and compelling outcome to those questions and left the season in a good place with a solid foundation for the next season, it is a show that makes you should “What the fuck?” But it also gives you a solid answer to that question and you don’t have to follow it for 6 seasons sometimes the hardest mysteries get cleared up within the same episode. The story is very well thought out, it is wtitten masterfully and it pays off well at the end.

Verdict : Westworld is my current top pick , it is a show that I will re watch again and again in anticipation for the next season and hopefully many more to come.


Author: Aza Jabar


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