My 10 most anticipated 2017 releases

2016 is about to come to an end, it was a good year for TV shows and movies, an okay year for games, the following is the list of upcoming releases that I am exited for. note that I didn’t include new seasons for my favorite shows like Game of Thrones and Curb your Enthusiasm in the list.

10- T2 : Trainspotting
I am a massive massive Danny Boyle fan, I love his work on films like Sunshine, Steve Jobs, 127 Hours and of course his massive cult hit Trainspotting, what makes the series so special to me is the book that is based on which I consider one of my top 10 favorite books ever, Loosely based on the sequel novel Porno T2 is set to hit the theaters February next year.

9 – Norse Mythology
Neil Gaiman is one of the best writers working today and this is his passion project, it is a novelazation of Norse Mythology and I am expecting it to be really amazing, while the story is mostly known and has been adapted to many books and movies this will be a true to form version of the Norse Mythology, and it is coming to the book shelves February  2017.

8 – Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love
Yamato  was one of my favorite animes growing up, I loved Sci-Fi and following the epic journey through space as a kid was indeed the reason I rushed home from school, well I was 8 years old back then and 22 years later not much changed, I still love Sci-Fi and the 2014 reboot/remake was a fantastic way to bring the series to new audience, Warriors of Love is an upcoming sequel that is set to come out February 2017.

7 – Ghost Recon Wildlands
Open world (Check), Stalth Action Game (Check), a setting that I am really excited about (Check) what is not to love about Wildlands? I really like UbiSoft games but I am not as excited and thrilled about every title, Ghost Recon Wildlands is very exciting and it looks like a huge game that takes ideas from fantastic games like Far Cry and MGS V: The Phantom Pain, it is coming to PS4, XBONE and PC March 2017.

6 – Red Dead Redemption 2
RockStar’s Red Dead Redemption is one of the finest gaming titles ever came out, it is really massive and impressive, I played it a bit late and really liked it but that is not why I am so excited for RDR2, GTA Online is really one of the best online experiences I have had and it evolved over the last decade from one RockStar game to  another and I expect it to be really good with Red Dead Online, coming to PS4 and XBone Fall 2017.

5 – Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
I have to admit one thing, I really hated Resident Evil’s action oriented titles, I never finished RE4, didn’t like RE5 at all and didn’t even try RE6, so I was happy that game failed and it was like a slap in the face to Capcom’s executives who wanted to compete against Call of Duty with it, RE7 seems like a return to form and a new reboot to the series, despite what most fans say about the first person view of the game I think it is going to be a scary and chilling game that will hit PS4,XBONE and PC on January 25th, 2017.

4 – Persona 5
Persona games are amazing, they are insanely addictive and very fun to get into, my first Persona game was P3 and I played P2 and P4 ever since and I love them both, Persona 5 is going to be the game that I will spend a 100 hours in during April.

3- Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild
The next evolution of Zelda is about to come, Link between worlds started something which was tackling which took out the liner style of the game and gave you more freedom, in Breath of the Wild it looks like Nintendo is taking this concept a notch by making it a complete open world and adding crafting and surviving mechanics to it, the combat looks like Dark Souls inspired, it is still unknown when it will come out  but it is coming to both Nintendo WiiU and Switch in 2017.

2- Dunkirk
Christopher Nolan’s next title is going to be a grand epic World War 2 film, while I avoided the teaser and I am planning to avoid every trailer about the film it seems to be a massive film and the director is my favorite so here you go.

1- Nintendo Switch
Nintendo’s next console is a console/handheld hybrid hitting the stores this March, there is not much known about the device so far but we will get a full on presentation this January 12th, I have a huge love for handhelds and the hybrid looks like the future that I was waiting for!



Author: Aza Jabar


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