Final Fantasy X (Reviw)

Final Fantasy X is the 10th main game in the mega blockbuster RPG series it was developed by SquareSoft (RIP) for the Playstation 2 and later came to Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PS Vita as part of the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster collection, FFX is considered one of the better entries of the series perhaps not as popular as the Playstation hits like FF7 and FF9 was but it was still very well received and mostly loved by the fans of the series for its battle system and imaginative world design.

Lets talk about the battle system first, it is a standard Turn Base Battle system like you’d expect from Final Fantasy series but the interesting part is the progression system which changes the way you battle, there is no leveling up in FFX like the other FF games instead there is a sphere grid and an AP system, whenever you battle a fiend you gain EXP that will give you AP points that you can use to move across the grid and activate spheres that will give you attributes like (HP,MP,Strength,Speed..etc) or Abilities like (Cure,Fire,Ultima,Holy…etc) and this could lead to some interesting character builds but also comes with an annoying catch if after 10 hours you realize you’ve made a mistake and missed an important ability you will need a lot of grinding to return to where you were and fix that mistake until the later parts of the game where you get spheres like Return or Friend that will allow you to change the course of your way.

The world of Final Fantasy X is a depressing one with a huge monster named Sin threatening life everywhere, a religion called Yevon offers some hope to the world by gathering all the races of Spira except for the Al Bhed under it’s traditions, they give hope to the people of Spira by sending Summoners on a pilgrimage to gain power and defeat Sin and bring on the Calm which is only for a few short years till Sin returns and the cycle repeats its self. this is not the only plot with another one taking place in the game regarding a war between Zanarkand and Bevelle that destroyed Zanarkand and our hero Tidus is from there which doesn’t exist anymore and it is just a dream, so yeah the story is a bit wacky and that is totally fine.

The game is great there is no doubt in it but I wish it had some better weapons which from the first few minutes of FFX-2 I feel like that game might be a bit better in that aspect, also it was extremely easy none of the bosses aside from Evrae offered an actual challenge since you have Yuna with you and who can stand up to her? no one can.

Verdict : Over all FFX is a great game, beautiful and imaginative world paired up with a good cast of characters and a good story on top of a very well made JRPG game from battle system to progression, it is quite hard to find something that bad with the game unless you went in with extremely high expectation which in that case you are to blame not the game.


Author: Aza Jabar


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