Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (Review)


Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV is directed by Takeshi Nozue and staring Aaron Paul, Sean Bean and Lena Headey and it is set within the Final Fantasy XV universe and takes place parallel to the game, right off the bat you should understand if you are not going to play the game the movie wont make much sense to you, most of the story elements in the film is a set up to the events of the game so aside from some marvelous CGI work you won’t get anything else out of this film, but if you are going to play the game and interested in the Final Fantasy XV story this film is going to give you some perspective, be warned before we go any further I will talk about the various plot points within this review so if you want to go in fresh leave now.
The film with a spectacular battle between the Imperial Invaders and the Kingsglaive, they are the center of the story a group of magic welding soldiers who work as the king’s special forces, our hero Nyx voiced by Arron Paul is a hot headed strong young man who they call Hero for trying to save everyone, the main problem is none of the Kingsglaive members is interesting or deep enough for the viewer to actually care about, yeah we got some background about how they are immigrants and they feel used by the king who build a wall to keep them out and kinda made them pay for it but we don’t get much to care about any of that, sorry for the Trump rant. I think that is the main issue from the film the characters that are the center story of the film and likely won’t appear in the movie are lifeless and plain and paper thin but the game characters who will appear in the game are very interesting such as Ardyn Izunia who seems to play a key role in the game that I am very excited about.

Some critics complained about the story being convoluted and all over the place to those I say welcome to the Final Fantasy series, every story from this series is convoluted and all over the place and it is what most fans of the series love about it but the problem is while you spend 40-60 hours going through the game you get to see that world in a way a two hour movie can never make understand, no matter how much exposition and we get out of it and that is an issue with all movies that is based on video games, usually in games the directors and writers tell the story with the game play in the background you see what is happening and you interact with it which is something no movie can ever achieve hence why almost all of them end up failing critically.

Verdict : Kingsglaive feels like the pilot episode for a show like Game of Thrones if you only saw the pilot you won’t even know what is what, the film establishes some of the story elements that I believe will come into play in the later part of the game since the movie and the first half of the game takes place at the same time, with all being said it does suffer from having some characters that lack any depth to make you care about them, but the world of Final Fantasy XV looks to be very interesting and it is one I can’t wait to explore.


Author: Aza Jabar


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