Why No Man’s Sky is so hated?

Hello Games’ 18 quintillion planets survival game is probably one of the biggest disasters in gaming this year, the game received lukewarm reviews and followed by a staggering 90% drop of player base then an even more devastating refund notice from major stores like Amazon, Sony and Steam regardless of how much you played it. From all the reviews and player impressions one thing is very clear No Man’s Sky is not a bad game it is however a game that was falsely advertised, what most people thought of the game was an endless and wondrous journey through the universe in an Epic sci-fi with a goal to reach the centre of the galaxy end up being a recourse management game with a little survival and a bad first person shooter combat paired up with a goal toward what appears to be a loading screen and nothing more, but we all know this is not the worst combination ever in an industry filled with Free to Play games that faver who ever pays money to annual games that change nothing yet we still buy them, so why No Man’s Sky is getting so much hate? Well I am glad you asked!

  • Early announcement went wrong
    When NMS was announced the internet was shaken to its core, I remember that night everyone was talking about the undiscovered universe that we are going to explore some YouTubers ForceGaming made a video for the game right when the game was announced, but the was in 2013 obviously the game was in early development so the time that it had allowed the studio and Sony in particular to do a lot of press for the game to a point Sean Murray appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote the game nearly a year before its release, most AAA games with massive budgets don’t get that kind of press, this allowed the mainstream gaming audience to take so much note of the game and for an indie title that could be a huge problem.
  • It was an indie title lost within the mainstream audience
    Most impressive indie titles has a limited fan base few loyal fans who talk their friends into the game and the developers keep adding features to the game to bring in more fans that wasn’t the case with NMS, NMS’s audience was so big at the beginning that for years it topped the most anticipated lists on millions of fans, a game with this much anticipation and expectation cannot be built by 15 people it just can’t, 15 people can be the creative force behind it but running it and maintaining it and debugging it will need a work force of hundreds of dedicated full time professionals that Hello Games just didn’t have to keep up with the mainstream audience. every year we see massive titles get shitted on by fans such as Destiny even though Bungie and their 500 employees and Activision’s millions was behind it, we saw that this year with The Division even though UbiSoft is one of the biggest on the planet and they were making it, what chance Hello Games has to compete with them?
  • Lies.
    Ah the lies, so many lies! from the “The Mystery of No Man’s Sky is in the center of the Galaxy” which turned out to be a loading screen and start of New Game Plus, to the game’s Shared Online World feature that doesn’t exist even though they said it does to so many more lies like this and this there doesn’t seem to be an end to Sean Murray’s Procedurally generated lies this will follow Hello Games to the center of the universe gamers are not very forgiving people we still haven’t forgotten John Romero’s attempt at making us his bitch, that thing is so old I can’t even find a video of it!

that paired up with a bunch of other reasons is why No Man’s Sky is so hated, in my next post I will share some of my thoughts on how do I think No Man’s Sky can be fixed so Sean Murray stay tuned.


Author: Aza Jabar


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