Suicide Squad (Review)


Suicide Squad is directed and written by David Ayer staring Will Smith, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie and it is the 3rd movie in the DC Cinematic Universe following Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice. the plot is an adaptation of the Suicide Squad comic books which is basically a group of villains are tasked with a very impossible mission in return they get reduced on their punishments. before you continue any further I would like to state that this review is not written to recommend the film it is written as a criticism of the movie so I will discuss the major plot points and if you haven’t seen the film I recommend you do that first then come back here.

Right of the bat (Tee Hee) we get introduced to the team starting with Will Smith’s Deadshot, he is the man that never misses and we get to see his human side with his daughter and I thought he was one of the best parts of the film he did a great job with his character his performance was really good like you expect from Will Smith or at least like I expect from Will Smith because I happen to like him and he is a real badass the fight scene where he single handedly kills a whole army is really cool and you do see his abilities fleshed out during the movie, then we get to Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn which brought most of the laughs of the film she is really crazy and her performance is really good, I love her looks and the make up and also she is the 2nd member of the team that we get a good look at her background and origin story, the rest of the team are all good none of them standout as much as El Diablo because he has that major fight scene and that flashback scene which was the most emotional one in the film, which brings me to my next character Jared Leto’s The Joker.

first of all I need to make this thing clear, I have been reading comics and watching comic book movies and cartoons all my life, I read both sides (Marvel and DC) and I have my opinions toward both of them but one thing I have always been clear about which is my favorite comic book character and that guy is The Joker, and I have read almost every story that he has been in it so I have a background regarding The Joker so when they hired Jared Leto and actor I personally was very excited because Leto is a very capable actor and he can bring a fresh take to the character and I was right for me The Joker was the best part of the movie but it was a very small part, I don’t think his screen time is more than five minutes in this movie but what we got was nothing short of fantastic his voice is so suited for the role and I really loved the laugh, personally I am very excited to see more of this version of the Joker in a more fleshed out role hopefully against Ben Affleck’s Batman.

Now to my issues with the film, despite the great characters that I just mentioned the main issue with this movie is the editing it is really really choppy it feels like a panic edit, I think after the reaction to Batman V Superman the executives at DC panicked and their panic resulted in this mess, they cut so many parts even from the trailers so many dialog that was available in the trailers that didn’t make it to the film which is a real shame, and I remember late last year there was talks of a love triangle between Joker and Harley and some other character we didn’t get that at all and I thought there will be way more Batman he is barely in it aside a few flashbacks over all way too much choppy cuts happened to this movie and they hurt the film a lot.

new-trailer-for-suicide-squad-shows-off-the-joker-and-batman(Enjoy this gif because that scene is not in the film which takes place after his crash and that part is completely gone)

and this also brings me to the villain of the film Enchantress and her brother, they are paper thin I didn’t know anything about them or where they came from, that villain while visually very appealing she barely had any meat to her, she was just there to be the bad guy with a plan to take over the world that is it nothing else to her and I am sure they cut those too because I doubt she was written that way, otherwise the film is well directed and has a killer sound track that I really enjoyed.

Verdict : Suicide Squad proved once again that DC is in a really bad spot, they don’t have any clue what to do about their films and they are playing catch up with Marvel instead of trying to make a good movie first, it is too bad really Suicide Squad could have been a great movie within the Batman Universe having said that it is very entertaining and does introduce the most important DC character in my opinion to the Universe which I hope they take full advantage of in the upcoming films.


Author: Aza Jabar


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