Now You See Me (Review)

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Now You See Me is directed by Louis Leterrier and it stars Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Rufflo, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and bunch of others and it is a story about a group of stage magicians calling themselves The Four Horsemen performing a magic trick on a global scale. if I could describe my experience with this movie with one word it will be Boredom, I was genuinely bored by this movie.

The cast do a great job portraying these characters they are, each one deliver the stale script as well as they could I think Jesse and Mark shine well among the crowed, in a way I was upset about these great actors being in this movie I wish the movie was some how better so for me this awesome ensemble is actually wasted on this film, the way I see it for the most part they are here to cash a paycheck because this movie has no payout, the whole trick is leading nowhere and the Major twist at the end makes no sense at all.

I guess the movie’s direction and aesthetics is all fine, they do the job but everything around it is very empty and shallow, the tricks don’t work on the viewer because it is just a movie and the revelation of the tricks doesn’t make them seem cleaver at all, they actually make them seem impossible to pull of and in turn makes the movie’s most attractive feature even more boring.

Verdict : Now You See Me is a shallow empty movie that drags on for two hours, it is like the longest foreplay session that ends with no climax.


Author: Aza Jabar


3 thoughts on “Now You See Me (Review)”

  1. I think they tried to make the viewer feel like watching “the prestige” agaian , tricking and twisting not showing the other side of the story till near the end , but they hugely failed

    1. Exacrly, most people were entertained by the movie I was simply bored and wanted the movie to end, I think I will hate the sequel more and skip the third movie, I tend to do that 😂

      1. All my friends are begging me to go to watch NYS2 in cinema this jazhn as we all finish our finals , and I’m like “no..nonono…we have the conjuring 2 , and bother watching NYS2? In cinema? Who does that mistake? , this movie could have been a major cinematic work if the actions were a bit more interesting, most of the scenes seem to be added just to increase the movies length

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