Captain America : Civil War (Review)


Captain America : Civil War is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo stating Chris Evans and Robert Downy Jr. and an impressive number of amazing recurring and new Marvel heroes and villains, it is the 13th movie in the ever so impressive Marvel Cinematic Universe film series, the film is the first entry into the Marvel’s Phase 3 movies and it introduces two new heroes and a new villain as well.


The plot is influenced by the comic book arc under the same name but it is not a direct adaptation, in this movie the government wants register The Avengers under a law that basically makes them employees and not superheroes who do the right thing, Ironman driven by his guilt after the events of Age of Ultron decides to sign the agreement but Captain America doesn’t which leads to a conflict between the two especially later on when Cap’s best friend needs protection the conflict rises to a war between Captain America and Ironman and their teams. the story is really impressive it shows a different side of both characters especially Ironman you could see him in pain and you understand why he is doing what he is doing and you also understand how Zemo is manipulating them all, that paired with the Russo’s amazing direction and you have one of the best action movies and perhaps Marvel’s best movie to date.


Lets talk about the new comers real quick, Black Panther and Spider-man both appear in this movie. Black Panther portrayed by Chadwick Boseman is exceptional his performance is so good, everything from the suit and the accent and the wisdom of T’Challa is all present here and I am just so blown away by Marvel’s ability to cast the perfect actors for these roles, and then there is Spider-man followed by the last three awful movies (Spider-man 3, The Amazing Spider-man, The Amazing Spider-man 2) Sony perhaps made the best choice in their history by giving Marvel creative control over the web slinger he is in this movie for one fight scene and Oh my god he steals the show he is amazing, he is funny and naive and Tom Holland’s scene with Robert Downy Jr. in his bed room was so good I just can’t say it enough we have an AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Some reviewers I noticed were kinda disappointed with Baron Zemo’s portrayal in this movie but I disagree it is a starting point for the character, this is like his origin story he is a man in pain and he is coming back for more.


Robert Downy Jr’s performance was the best in the movie, in the other MCU entries he took the light hearted role by cracking jokes and being funny throughout the worst scenarios but in Civil War he was serious and he was in pain because he was trying to do the right thing and you could see that right in his face, Chris Evans was also pretty good as Cap same goes for Bettany’s Vision and Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man who is becoming a fan favorite.

Verdict : Civil War is a turning point for the MCU, with new comers and turning point for the veterans The MCU right now is a perfect stage for Phase 3’s events to unfold we are heading toward four great years of Marvel greatness and the stepping stone is a perfect one.


Author: Aza Jabar


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