A Round of Beta impressions (Doom, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst,Paragon, Battleborn and Overwatch)

In the past two weeks I put a lot of hours into five game’s Beta testings, which gave me a lot of perspective on which one I would like to continue playing, which one to wait on it and which one to avoid, here are my impression of each one of these games :

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 8.17.31 PM
Battleborn is developed by Gearbox the creators of one of my all time favorite franchises Borderlands while I wish Battleborn never exited and we got a Borderlands 3 game instead I was still interested in this game, generally the game is a hero shooter with single player campaign and a quirky and funny story with a bunch of multiplayer, as someone who doesn’t play much competitive PvP I am not going to be so into the competitive side of this game but the campaign is interesting the bosses has some kind of Raid Boss feel to them the graphics are weird and genuinely not pretty to be honest which is a shame, the gameplay is very fun mixture of Shooter and Melee characters with strange and interesting abilities.
After Beta Test I decided to : Wait on it, I liked the game but I think it needs some time to mature with Updates and Added content.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.27.50 PM
Who didn’t grow up playing Doom? well, I guess everyone who wasn’t born in the 80s and didn’t grow up playing mid 90s games, ehm anyway Doom is a Reboot thingy of the classic shooter by id Software it is coming to PC, XBOX ONE and PS4 this month the multiplayer Beta was one and I got to try it, I have to say the Beta was very poorly received by the PC community which makes me believe that this game might be pretty good since PC gamers are all crazy. the gameplay is really fast Unreal-Quake style multiplayer with some interesting weapons and transferring to demon mechanics, the graphics is nice and sharp and runs pretty well on the PS4.
Having said that I think I will just Wait on this one too, if I buy this I am buying it for the single player and until I have some idea how good that is I can’t make up my mind on the multiplayer alone since that is never my main attraction to a game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.44.12 PM.png
Mirror’s Edge is one of those games that will never get done right because of two very basic thing Gameplay and Developer, first of all the gameplay is in first person which basically means you need to walk across walls in first person view then jump to a ledge and then jump to another ledge it is so frustrating you fall all the time, even at the start of the game it tells you some players experienced motion sickness from this game shouldn’t that be a hint? second the developer, DICE is great at making huge maps with hundreds of players shooting each other on it but they suck at making single player games why not hand this game to another one of EA’s studios? any other could have made a better game and I am sure they would have gone with the third person view if they did.
With all said after trying the Beta I am avoiding this game, I might change my mind somewhere down the line if the game was very positively received.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.54.26 PM.png
The first new IP from Blizzard since StarCraft, this is huge everyone is talking about and I gotta admit I see the appeal the game is really fun, it is fast and it is simple and great. what it is a multiplayer hero shooter with a fun cast of characters and cool abilities, the game is all the rage right now and if you have the chance to try it I highly suggest that you do just to see what it is about, I might not be the best FPS player but I could be the worst and it is rare to see myself actually contributing to the team and I was doing that with Overwatch so the game has me interested.
After playing the Beta I am buying the game, it is fun and I don’t mind a match or two every night, I don’t know how long I am gonna play it and it might not be long since I don’t do PvP a lot and this game is just PvP but yeah put me down for Overwatch.

I am a very Low-key MOBA player, I play LoL, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm but all of them very quietly and low key I don’t chat or make friends and I do what I can to help the team to victory, Paragon is the pretties looking MOBA and don’t get it wrong it is not a shooter the mechanics is MOBA like you need to upgrade ur skills and stats and hold lanes and all of that, the game is going to be free to play and I think they do have some work to be done especially with the upgrade system.
With all said, I am excited to play Paragon since it is a free to play game I might even play it regularly, but I will take the same approach as I did with every other MOBA because I am scared to talk to those people.


Author: Aza Jabar


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