Which one of the supporting Marvel Heroes should get their own solo movie


This Friday marks the official beginning of Phase 3 of the Marvel’s Cinematic universe or the MCU as they call it with it Marvel is adding a number of new heroes and villains to the already massive roaster, most notably Black Panther and Spider-man are joining with Civil War and later this year we will get the first taste of the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange, but not all the big heroes are getting their own solo movie and some people have taken issue with that especially in case of Natasha Romanoff Aka Black Widow thinking that a stand alone solo movie for the character is a good idea and they should be doing it by now, here I will present a case why that might not be the case for every character, so the following is a list of supporting heroes of the MCU with my thoughts on why they should or shouldn’t get their own solo movie :

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Played by Scarlett Johansson she appeared on Ironman 2 and has been one of the most iconic MCU characters who appeared in four movies with Civil War making it her fifth appearance, she is a super spy with a dark past who works for S.H.E.I.L.D., she became a controversial character for not getting her stand alone movie because she was at that time the only female Marvel hero in the mix.
Do I think she should get her own movie : No, right now the scale of the MCU is a lot larger than a super spy story it is not longer grounded and her lack of super powers will not make her a candidate for a stand alone movie.

Bruce Banner/Hulk
In the first Avengers movie Hulk stole the show, while he did get a stand alone movie in Phase one but the role has since been recast and the character has grown and changed hence why I am mentioning him here now, originally was played by Edward Norton but later Mark Ruffalo was recast as Banner and made the role a lot more successful, he appeared in both Avengers movie and he is expected to star in the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie coming in 2017.
Should he get his solo movie : let me answer that by one title “Planet Hulk”, Planet Hulk is perhaps one of the best and most iconic Hulk storylines and it is amazing, but it also presents an issue in case you haven’t read the comic most of the story is about Hulk and aliens there is no Bruce in it so it will be an all animations movie like Avatar, pulling that off will be rough on the studio but I would love to see it in Phase 4, so the answer is Yes.

The Bow and Arrow sniper agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. is one of my favorites in the comics especially the 2012 run, played by Jeremy Renner he appeared in as a cameo in Thor then in both Avengers movie with an upcoming role in Civil War.
Should he get his own movie : No, same reason why black widow shouldn’t.

The Vision
First introduced in Age of Ultron and the movie plays as an origin story to him mostly, played by Paul Bettany who was the voice of JARVIS before The Vision stole the show in the 2nd movie making it easily one of the best new characters and the most exciting ones, he is set to appear in Civil War.
Should he get his own movie : No, at least not now I think he needs more depth for now and maybe couple of more appearances will change my mind about him but for ow he should stick to being a supporting role.

First appeared in Captain America : The Winter Soldier, made a cameo in Age of Ultron and set to appear in Civil War falcon is Steve Roger’s friend and he is played by Anthony Mackie.
Should he get his own movie : No, he is great but his role should remain as supporting for the same reason I thought Black Widow and Hawkeye shouldn’t get their own movies.

Scarlet Witch
Appeared first in Age of Ultron and played by Elizabeth Olson she was a bad girl turned good girl by the end of the movie she joins the new Avengers, she is set to be in the new Civil War movie.
Should She get her own movie : Yes, she is the most powerful avenger with some really cool powers and she can discover them in her own movie, I think she might have a standalone movie in Phase 4 with Vision as a supporting hero.

So there you have it, obviously I didn’t mention any of the Guardians because they are only good together even though a Rocket and Groot standalone movie will be awesome, Phase 3 will take four years to conclude by that time we will have a clear idea who will be the main players of Phase four with the likes of Ironman and Captain America might be leaving the party by that time.


Author: Aza Jabar


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