Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice (Review)


Warning : Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie please don’t continue reading this.

Batman v Super : Dawn of Justice is directed by Zack Snyder stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavil and Jesse Eisenberg and it is the 2nd movie in the DC Cinematic Universe following the 2013 Man of Steele which is supposed to kick off the DC Cinematic Universe that will rival Marvel’s, As a big DC guy I was very pumped for this movie , and while I write this I haven’t read any other review about this movie to keep my mind off other people’s opinions, with that said I really didn’t like this movie I thought it failed on so many levels, but first let me talk about the things I liked about it.

first of all it is very pretty to look at, great CGI work and masterful action sequences as it is expected from a movie this size, Ben Affleck is a great choice for Bruce Wayne/Batman he did a great job portraying the character, Henry Cavil is also a great choice for Superman I even liked him in Man of Steele, Gal Gadot is fantastic as Wonder Woman I am very excited to see Wonder Woman on screen like this I thought it was fantastic, and that is pretty much about it, the rest of this movie fails.

First of all lets talk about Batman, I understand that this is not the young idealistic Bruce Wayne who wants to be a symbol for good and intimidate evil by fear, but when did Batman became a mass murderer? when did he cross that line? most of the first part of the movie is about people asking superman to answer for killing a bunch of terrorists in a desert yet they forget to question Batman for basically gunning down henchmen, the beauty of Batman was his strong will to not break his rule but in this movie he breaks it without even thinking about it, in the comics he has done it before I know he has broken his rule but there was always reason or explanation to it, he never just gunned down people, what is the difference between him and The Punisher now? BooHoo big bad batty got his side kick killed now he wants everyone dead? if he is able to do so then I am sure the stand alone Batman movie will be very short : Joker escapes Batman nukes him down and boom end of movie.

Now to Lex Luthor and Doomsday, I thought they were both very poorly handled, especially Doomsday he was just an abomination not a creature made by on Krypton that even they couldn’t handle. Lex Luthor is supposed to be a sinister menace not a crazy nut job but here he was, I did like Eisenberg’s performance but  he really think he should have kept his character a bit more grounded and not just a nutjob, furthermore why didn’t Batman kill him in the prison? he is killing people right? why not just murder him in cold blood right there?

Honestly there are so many things that is wrong with this movie and it is really worrying to think about DC Universe in the hands of Zack Snyder because that guy is the next Michel Bay, he really is and it is scary to think that he is making the Justice League movies, Marvel showed they have made the right choices with directors and actors but DC right now is struggling and I honestly blame it all on Zack Snyder, I really wish this movie would bomb so they might take Justice League from him but I have zero hopes for that. on a much hopeful note George Miller is directing a Superman movie, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad looks interesting and hopefully good, and that Ben Affleck Batman standalone might be good too so there is hope for DC yet but personally I am not going to be hyped for anything Snyder makes, ever again.

Verdict : BvS has characters that I love, played by actors that I love in a universe that I love, yet it is an awful movie with no depth and it is worrying to think this is what DC Universe is going to be build on.


Author: Aza Jabar


One thought on “Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice (Review)”

  1. I came for this and got stuck with Now You See Me , I just remembered I didn’t read it cause it had spoilers now that I have seen the movie , all the bad points mentioned i cant agree more , also the movie just changes the plot like BOOM the fight is not between them anymore tadaaa.
    …but still let’s kill superman …what the hell?
    Also yes batman breaking his rule like if it’s nothing, the “do u bleed” scene is …idk weird? That is not batmans wayof threatening his rivals , yes he is meant to seem older and not fighting for symbols anymore but where is the dark knights soul?
    About Ben Affleck , I think for an old batman they could’ve brought Michael Kaeton back he would’ve been perfect as he did batman before and he nailed it, but ben okay he did the bruce wayne part really good but his batman part , no but can’t totally blame him , it’s the directors job to push the actor to show their all to make the role better.

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