The worst people to play online games with

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The online gaming scene is crowded now days with games like Destiny, Diablo and The Division bringing people that weren’t even into the MMO games to it, each one of these games incorporate a matchmaking system the pin you with or against other players if you so choose, I met a lot of people during my days playing online games and without a doubt the following are the worst kind of gamers you can ever play with :

#5 The Noob Leech : he is the guy who played a lot of Call of Duty and Battlefield, has no clue how to build an RPG character or how to use a skill but his friend does and he is a good gamer who convinced him to play this game with him, and he depends on his friend for everything but also pretends he knows everything about the game too.

#4 The DJ : this asshole who never turns off the Youtube playlist that plays the trashiest songs in the background, most of the time he is high as hell so it is better to just stay away from this moron.

#3 The help-me guy : So this guy is a good gamer, he knows his way around but somehow he thinks the team is there to support him and not the other way around, he keep asking people to help him with things, even though he could totally do it on his own.

#2 The Jerk BFFs : you get match made with two guys and you realise they are friends, and they will never do anything for you. if you are down wait for the timer to finish off because Jerky McJerkface will not revive you, nothing they will just do whatever they want to do and probably mute you before the game begun.

#1 The instruction guy : This guy is the worst, you know those free to play city builder games you get an AI telling you how to use the menu for 10 minutes, this guy is like that he knows almost everything about the game and can’t stop giving you instructions whenever he feels like it, even if you are pinned down by two elites and can’t swap your skills to deal with them at that moment.

May you never run into one of those, ever.


Author: Aza Jabar


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