Daredevil Season 2 (Review)

daredevil-season-2-poster .jpg

Marvel’s Netflix universe kicked off last year with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, both started off with excellent first seasons so all eyes was on The Man Without Fear’s 2nd season to see if Marvel can keep up the quality series that they introduced last year, the answer is Yes they kept it and improved upon it, but perhaps they should have kept it a little more focused.

with its second season the show introduces The Punisher and Elektra, two iconic Marvel characters. The Punisher played by Jon Bernthal starts the season off with a quest for blood and he really nails that role, we don’t get to see much of The Punisher which was a bit of a disappointment but Bernthal gave a lot of depth and dimensions to Frank Castle it is definitely the best version of the character the we have seen on screen and really one of the best casting choices I have seen in a while. and then there is Élodie Yung’s Elektra, she brings the sexy assassin to a whole new direction and her journey is definitely one that will keep you interested and look forward to the upcoming storylines. both actors gave extremely well performances and they are a very well addition to the Marvel roaster of excellent actors.

And now I am going to spend the following paragraph talking about what I didn’t like about this season, Sadly this season had some pacing and cohesiveness issues and I can’t believe I just used that word, the season has 2 main stories one with Frank and his quest for revenge and the other with Daredevil and Elektra going against The Hand both of them are very compelling but they both suffer because of the other getting in the way, the pacing get all over the place sometimes taking you right out of the action and throw you into another scene and then back again, by the end of the season I was hopping they made a stand alone Punisher series and let Daredevil and Elektra run this season alone it would have been much more focused and would have gave all the characters the time and attention they both deserve.

Verdict : With all that I said above Daredevil is still one of the best shows on right now, it is extremely well made and paves the path for the future seasons and storyline that I am very excited about


Author: Aza Jabar


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