The VVitch (Review)


The Witch is the debut directorial effort of Robert Eggers, stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Ineson and it is a story of a 17th century family who get exiled from a plantation and move to near a forest. from the title you know this movie has a Witch in it and she targets this family for her witchcraft throughout the film, I won’t spoil anything but expect some super creepy moments.

The film starts off slow but that slow start builds the world in a spectacular way, mainly how religious this family is and how worried they are about the after life, Eggers successfully captures while slowly builds the world around them with a creepy moody setting that draws the audience in, right from the bat the details in the costumes and the set and the gorgeous cinematography blew me away it is obvious they put a great deal of work into it and it pays off big time.

In this day and age Horror movies rely solely on jump scares and they are getting so boring what makes The Witch different is it doesn’t even have one, the horror however comes from a creepy setting and an unknown danger that is facing this family, their superstitions and harsh life and revealing that danger through moody and beautiful imagery. while a generic horror film will cast an old man who will explain the plot to the characters and let it play out this one does the opposite, by letting the plot unravel right in front of the eyes of the audience, aside from few short moments you are never really sure if there is something supernatural at play here it could easily be nothing just the family’s own superstitions that is turning them against each other at one point I felt like nothing was real and they were just paranoid.

Verdict : go watch The Witch but don’t expect a generic Horror film, it is however a very beautiful and creepy film and it is the best horror movie I have seen since The Babadook


Author: Aza Jabar


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